Pocket7Games is the leading mobile eSports platform published by AviaGames Inc.

In Pocket7Games, you can compete with other mobile game players via different casual skill-based games worldwide. 

Bubble Gold 


The gameplay is similar to the classic Puzzle Bobble arcade game yet more challenging and fun as it is made for players to compete with other real players instead of with a computer. 



A classic solitaire game. The goal is to successfully stack four decks based on the suit and in an ascending order, from Ace to King, on the upper left corner. 

Block Puzzle Gold


A classic match-three type of puzzle game. The gameplay is simple yet full of strategies. It’s very easy to play and everyone can play.

Tetris Puzzle


The classic block game. You can move or rotate blocks to adjust target position in their falling. A solid line of blocks dissolves when it is made from edge to edge.

Catch 21


Speed through the deck in our tournaments version of a Black Jack game.


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