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Up to $15 in bonus cash

for each new player you invite

Apply to become an #AviaAffiliate for any or all of the games you enjoy from AviaGames and you can get rewarded for simply inviting people to join!

  • Have a social media account such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or others.

  • Use #AviaAffiliate on any related post so we know it’s official

  • Be sure to use the provided affiliate link(s) so your friends and family can join on the fun while also helping you get rewards.

  • Keep it clean, safe, and fun!

  • Remain in communication with us; we want to make sure you’re there when we provide your well-earned rewards!

  • How do I apply to the program?

    • Simply use the APPLY button above to start the application process!

  • What are the minimum requirements?

    • Just have a social media page with at least 500 followers/subscribers where you can share images or videos of your favorite AviaGames apps using #AviaAffiliate! Make sure these pages aren’t private or else we can’t confirm the posts. There is also a minimum requirement of 5 posts per month in any social media form (video, text, photo, story, etc…)

  • How will I be compensated?

    • For every new player that joins via the invite link you will receive, you will earn $10 bonus cash in the corresponding app! There is no limit to how many rewards you can earn.*

  • How much does this cost?

    • Like all of our apps from AviaGames, it’s completely free!


* There is no limit to the amount of bonus cash that can be earned via installs from the invitation links provided per affiliate. Affiliates who reach over 1,000 installs via their invitation link in one calendar year will be able to receive an additional $5 in-app bonus cash per install for a total of $15 bonus cash per install. This bonus resets each year.

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