Q1:What are the payment methods for the pocket7Games? 

A:Pocket7Games support debit card and credit card payments.  Users can make a deposit for the game currency with the price of $5, $10,$20 and $30.

Q2:Where can I check my game records?

A:You can check your game records in ‘Me’-‘Game Results’.  If your game is in the state of ‘Searching for Opponents’, you can check it in ‘View incomplete games’ at the bottom of the same page. 

Q3:What if my game ends with a draw?

A:When your game ends with a draw, you will have to rematch within 48 hours with the same opponent. The result of the rematched game will be the final result. Absence from the rematch leads to the result of a 0-point score. If both players are absent, the final result will be a draw game. The prize will be equally shared by the two players. 

Q4:How can I modify my personal information?

A:Tap your Avatar on the Homepage to enter Profile, where you can change your Nickname, Avatar, Region, Date of birth and Personalized Signature. Don’t forget to save your modification. 

Q5:What can I do if I forget my password?

A:Tap ‘Forget password?’ on the login page. Leave your registered E-mail address here and we will sent an E-mail to you to help you reset your password. 

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