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Make Gas Cheap Again

The event has ended. Thank you for your active participation. Please keep an eye on future events.


From April 11th to April 24th, we are giving out thousands of gallons of gas every day! Here's your chance to become a Gasillionaire!

New users who download and register from April 7th to April 24th can head into Bingo Clash to play in the Gazillionaire event; a free-to-enter event happening two times each day starting from April 11th.

Each 12-hour event allows players to play three games. The highest score of the three games will be submitted as official score for the current event.

Once the event ends, the top scorers will be rewarded gas gift-cards with the grand prize each day being a $500 gas giftcard!

As soon as the event ends, the next event will automatically open so you have multiple chances to win every day!

If that isn't enough, we're also allowing players to participate in an event-special Spinning Wheel. With this spinning wheel, you have a chance to win a $50 or $500 gas giftcard, along with many other prizes, for even more chances to become a gasillionaire!

Winners of giftcards will receive a message in-app so keep an eye out! The in-app message will provide details on how to receive your gas giftcard. Please remember, we will never contact you outside of the app.

Don't miss out on this kick-gas event! With multiple chances to win and all completely free, here's your chance to become a gasillionaire and make gas cheap again!

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