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Word Search:
The Ultimate Word Search Puzzles

Word Search is a beloved word search puzzles game, perfect for puzzle lovers who crave fun and engagement.


Word Search is a social game that you will match with other players. Get ready to put your skills to the test! In Word Search, the fastest player earns more points and win the prizes!  

If you are looking for enjoyable brain games, this free word search puzzles game is the ideal choice for you!  Experience the excitement of Word Search, a captivating game available on Pocket7Games app. Download now and play word puzzle game online

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Word Search

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How to Play Word Search Game:
Step by Step guide

In this free word search game, you will explore a grid packed with seemingly random letters and uncover hidden words. Your challenge is to find the word puzzles as requested before time runs out. Can you solve them all? Start playing now and put your word-finding skills to the test!

  • Finding Words 

Carefully scan the game board grid to locate the hidden word puzzles from the provided word list. Words can be found horizontally, vertically, and even in different directions. 

  • Highlighting Words 

When you find a word, scratch it off the list. Be careful, though! Incorrectly scratching off words will result in point deductions.

  • Clearing Clouds 

Some areas of the game board might be covered by "clouds". As you find more words, you will unlock special tools. By clicking on the clouds, they will be cleared, revealing additional letters on the game board. 

  • Win the Game

Get ready for a thrilling challenge! Your task is to find as many words as possible within a time limit of 2 minutes.  Remember, the faster you find words, the more points you'll earn. Good luck and happy word hunting! 

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