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Dunk Shot:
Play the Ultimate Basketball Game Online

Dunk Shot is one of the online basketball games that allows you to embrace your passion for basketball and take your ball shooting skills to new heights.

In this ball shooter game, score points by shooting the ball into the hoop and compete globally against other players. Whether you're a seasoned basketball game online pro or looking to improve, Dunk Shot is the perfect basketball game online for you. 


Play this basketball online in the pocket7games app to enjoy shooting balls anytime, anywhere!

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How to Play Dunk Shot?
 A step-by-step guide

Are you ready to be the king of the court? Follow the simple guide to playing basketball games online. In this free basketball game, you'll have three basketballs to showcase your skills within a three-minute game.

Don't miss out on the exhilarating experience of making every shot and epic dunk!

  • Bounce

Bounce your basketball by pressing the screen over and over.

  • Aim

  Don’t take a lot of time to bounce because you need to aim for the basketball hoop before the shot clocks run out.

  • Shoot/Dunk

  After aiming for the basketball hoop, release the ball. If you run out of time before the shot clock runs out on your first ball, you still have a chance to score big with two more balls.


The game ends when you finish three minutes or run out of balls. The player with the most points wins. What are you waiting for? Play basketball online now and be the king of the court!

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Level Up your Online Basketball Game and
Collect Big Prizes

Score more than just points with a win. In Dunk Shot, players can win real money while playing this basketball game online.

You can start out by playing with tickets instead of real cash until you get the hang of the game. Additionally, all Pocket7Games use fair skill-based gaming in order to place you in games against other players with the same skill sets.


Don't miss out on the big prizes that await you in every win you make.

If you have been looking for basketball games for free, then Dunk Shot is the one for you. 

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