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4 Exciting Halloween Games Online In Pocket7Games

Enjoy 4 thrilling Halloween games online on Pocket7Games. Immerse yourself in spooky adventures, win exclusive rewards, and elevate your gaming experience this Halloween season!

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Halloween is around the corner, and for those gaming enthusiasts, there's nothing better than combining the spookiness of Halloween with the excitement of online games. As a treat for our avid gamers, we bring you Halloween updates to all of our money making games. From October 2nd to November 5th, all game icons, game gear, and overall game UI are customized to fit the Halloween theme. You can now feel the spooky atmosphere in our games as we are approaching the Trick or Treat season! In addition to these awesome graphic updates, we are also adding 4 thrilling Halloween games online in Pocket7Games that promise not just fun but also some attractive rewards! Read below to get to know more about each of the bonus games.

4 Halloween Games Online To Play:

It's exciting when we can see that our favorite games have updates that fit our favorite holidays. AviaGames is no exception to this rule! To make the players' experience better, we have updated the pocket7 app to add Halloween-themed games as our holiday games online this month to give you as many bonus rewards as you need this whole month of Halloween celebration.

Halloween Ruins Runner

Embark on a spooky adventure with "Halloween Ruins Runner," a limited-time game set in haunting ancient ruins. Players roll dice to guide their Explorer, avoiding pitfalls like snakes while utilizing boosts like ladders and compasses, earned through tasks, ads, or deposit offers. As explorers navigate the ruins, they can land on spaces to win tickets and bonus cash, uncover treasure chests and prize wheels for bigger rewards, and aim for jackpot prizes at each stage, including gadgets like iPads, iPhones, and Macbooks. Dive into this eerie expedition and stand a chance to walk away with both an amazing experience and big prizes this Halloween! The game event is now available on the Pocket7Games app and will be visible on the following dates October 2-November 5.

Halloween Dice Tour

Dice Tour is back with a ghostly twist! The same rules apply where players spend sparkles to roll the dice and jump places where they can potentially land on bonus cash and gems and win it. The question marks on the dice spaces make the game more exciting by generating a random prize. If luck is on your side, you might just win bigger prizes in this Halloween dice game.

Hallow-Win Bash

Hallow-Win Bash is a simple spin and win game where players use an in-game item "Pumpkin" to spin on a board and potentially win tickets, bonus cash, in-game items, and the grand jackpot. You can earn these pumpkins by playing real cash games on all our apps and web browser games or through deposits. In the game dashboard, you can see the "Spooky Win" section where you spin and win the prizes. The "Haunted Hunt", on the other hand, will show you the rewards from the accumulated deposit progress. This game is rather simple, yet will definitely give you multiple chances to land a big jackpot prize. Patience is just the key! The game will be available from October 23 to October 31. Players who have registered for more than 7 days can only play this game.

Halloween Trivia

Eager to test your Halloween knowledge? Every time players log into the game for the first time each day, they are greeted with "Halloween trivia questions" pop-up for a daily Q&A. Answer correctly and receive random ticket amounts ranging from 200K to 1M! Got it wrong? No worries. Play a cash game, and you'll be presented with another question to answer. If the second attempt is also incorrect, the pop-up encourages players to try again the next day. Players can view their records under the 'Balance' section. It will be available from October 23 to October 31. Players who have registered for more than 7 days can only play this game.

Other In-App Updates

In addition to these 4 online Halloween games, all Avia game apps have exciting updates as well, like Season Pass and Challenger Match:

  • Season Pass - This pass will grant players extra rewards by completing specific game-related tasks daily and weekly. Players who are registered for more than 30 days are eligible to access the pass. It will be available from October 4 to November 2.

  • Challenger Match - Challenger matches have doubled their prize pool from $1000 to $2000. I we double the challenger matches, the more chances to win rewards!


AviaGames never ceases to amaze with its line-up of Halloween games online, especially during the festive holiday season. Whether you're looking to run through haunted ruins, play dice in a ghostly setting, participate in the Hallow-Win Bash, or test your Halloween knowledge, our real cash games will definitely give you a bounty of cash prizes during this month-long celebration. Remember, it's not just about fun; there are rewards to be won! So, mark the dates and get ready to have fun with our spooky virtual Halloween games.

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