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5 Legit Games That Pay Real Money Instantly

Updated: May 20

Discover the top 5 legit games that pay real money instantly! Start playing Avia today and unlock your potential for earning while enjoying yourself.

5 legit games that pay real money instantly

The gaming world has evolved from mere entertainment to becoming an avenue to make a profit for earning real money. It seems like a dream to earn while enjoying and playing the games you like. While fraudulent or scammy apps are scattered on the internet, there are still legit games that pay real money instantly. If you are casual, chill, or even competitive in the gaming scene, you might want to read more about the gaming apps where you can play on your phone easily and at the same time have fun and earn money. This is how you can get an instant payout from these 5 free games that pay real money instantly into your PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Venmo.

Top 5 Legit Games that Pay Real Money Instantly

Too good to be true right? But hold your horses. There are real cash games that pay real money while you spend your precious time enjoying the game as a casual gamer or as a competitive player. It is important to know which games you like to be more competitive in money tournaments so that you might have the upper hand to win real money prizes.

solitaire clash

If you are into the world of solitaire, this game is for you. Solitaire Clash is the best multiplayer card game that offers both free classic solitaire games and cash tournaments in just one app. This is where you can compete against players of similar skill levels and even have the opportunity to win real money. Experience the fun and play games to earn real prizes from the comfort of your home. To learn more about the gameplay of Solitaire Clash, you can watch this video about solitaire tips for this game app.

bingo bliss

Bingo Bliss offers free classic bingo gameplay made for players to win money prize. Dive into the fun and swim in an ocean of winnings as you flow through match after match of thrilling gameplay! So if you are into the bingo game craze or you want to experience and learn playing bingo as a newbie, then you might want to check this out!

 To learn more about the gameplay of Bingo Bliss, you can watch this how to to play bingo game video.

8 ball strike

If you are a fan of the classical 8 ball game, then this game is basically for you! Take your skills to the global stage with this 8 ball pool game and compete in cash tournaments against players worldwide without geographical boundaries. So if you are up for a game that is played within less than 3 minutes, jump right straight into it and have fun playing this sports game to win cash prizes.

To learn more about the gameplay of 8 Ball Strike, you can watch this 8 ball game tutorial.

bubble buzz

Like color and bubbles popping up? Then this game might be a good fit for you. This bubble game is a mix of classic and modern popping bubble game that aim to target two or more of the same colored bubbles. Compete with this bubble pop game as fast as you can to unlock power-ups and turn your high scores into real money. Discover and explore the world of fun in Bubble Buzz now!

 To learn more about the gameplay of Bubble Buzz, you can watch this bubble pop tutorial.

match n flip

If you are looking for a particular uno card game, then Match n Flip is the best fit for you. It's one of the card games like Uno, which gives you the option to participate in 1v1 games or engage in multiplayer competition. Battle against the clock while accumulating as many points as you can. You may have the option to play this game for money or just for fun. Invite your friends and family to let them know about this awesome opportunity to earn money while having fun!

 To learn more about the gameplay of Match n Flip, you can watch this matching card games tutorial.

Is It Real That I Can Win Real Cash Prizes and Earn Money?

These legit games that we have in Avia can truly pay real money instantly by just playing online and joining multiplayer tournaments. Whether you are a casual and competitive player who loves to play games. Try these fast-paced cash games and get ready to enjoy the awesome games that pay real money. Our apps and websites in Avia offer cash rewards for playing games that may require skill or knowledge. So if you have what it takes and the guts to compete with other people, then Avia apps might be the best way for you to have fun and earn more money!

Deposit money and withdraw real cash prizes guide

Looking for an easy step and guide on how to deposit and withdraw money? Don't worry, we got you! In this section, we will give you a quick insight and simple steps that you can follow.

Step-by-step guide on how to deposit money

step by step secure deposit methods

Currently, gamers have a range of safe and secure deposit methods for bank account to use within the Pocket7Games platform including, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Venmo. First, a player should go to the main menu of the app and find the Deposit option. Upon selecting this option, players will need to verify their identity in the app. This will help to ensure the security of the player’s earnings. Once the player's identity is accepted and verified, the next step is to choose how much the amount of money that players wish to withdraw from the games that pay prizes. After selecting the amount, players can then choose the distribution method.

Also, there are specific requirements implemented by Paypal to help prevent fraudulent activities, which may include:

  • Non-U.S. PayPal accounts cannot be topped up

  • Players must use the same PayPal account for both top-ups and withdrawals for their prizes

  • Only per player account can be signed to the same PayPal account

  • If a player has used Braintree PayPal to top up, subsequent withdrawals will be sent to the Braintree PayPal account

  • If the player has not used PayPal to top up previously, the player cannot withdraw to the PayPal account for their prizes

Step-by-step guide on how to withdraw prizes

When you are ready to withdraw money from the Avia platform to your account, there are two options. If you want to learn more about this, check out these Avia terms of service.

  1. a direct withdrawal of the amount of money that you have deposited for playing, and

  2. a subsequent withdrawal which is the amount of funds that they have won while playing games on the platform. When a player withdraws cash prizes to their bank account, the Pocket7Games platform prioritizes a direct withdrawal in order to meet the player's withdrawal needs. However, if the player has completed a direct withdrawal to their account for the money previously deposited, the subsequent withdrawal will be paid out through the following channels:

  • PayPal account

  • Visa, Mastercard or debit card

  • Electronic check

  1. After the player starts the withdrawal process, there is a 72-hour case review to protect against fraudulent activities. After review approval is completed. It takes 7 banking days for the process and transaction times across banks. There are real money costs associated with transactions that are covered with service fees depending on the amount of withdrawal from the games that pay real money:

  • For amounts that are less than $10, there is a service charge of $1 per withdrawal

  • For amounts that are over $10, a 15% withdrawal tax is the fee

  • The service fee is waived when 50% of the amount of cash deposited into your account is used as entry fees to games across the Avia apps. To give you a much better example, with a $100 deposit, when joining matches, the amount of $50 in fees (one $50 entry or 10 $5 entry matches) will waive the service fee from the games that pay real money.


In the modern era of playing online games and technological advancement right now, casual gamers and competitive players might have the chance to enjoy while giving them the option to earn money and win real prizes. By playing these 5 legit games that pay real money instantly, a player will have the chance to win money prizes. More than just earnings, we also encourage players to have a fun time, stepping out of their usual day-to-day routine in which they might also share their positive experiences with their friends while joining multiplayer tournaments. What are you waiting for? Try these free app that pay real money instantly now!


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