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8 Ball Strike: Free 8 Ball Pool With Real Money Prizes

Is there an online version of EVERY game? It certainly feels like it! It’s easy to imagine how traditional games like solitaire, bingo, or word games can translate to the digital world, but pool?

You might think that pool is too complex and physical to be made into a fun, fast-paced, social game that you can play on your phone and, yet, that’s exactly what’s happened! Not only can you play the next generation of online 8 ball pool on your phone, but you can win real cash in the process.

How does online 8 ball pool work?

People have been sinking pool balls for literally hundreds of years, so any online version has to stay true to the fundamental elements that make the game what it is. On the other hand, there are things you can do online that you just can replicate in real life. So let’s take a look at some of the ways that online pool takes traditional pool to the next level:

​Traditional pool

Online pool

  • Multiplayer

  • A pool table with 6 pockets

  • Cue sticks to shoot with

  • Striped and solid balls to split the teams

  • A black 8 ball and a white cue ball

Same as traditional plus…

  • Game timer

  • Points multiplier

  • Tournaments

  • Players from all over the US

But if you think about it, there are two elements that really make the game: choosing your angle and the power of your shot. These factors are what make pool a game of skill, not just luck. Any self-respecting online pool game has to make you feel like you’re in control.

What are the rules of online 8 ball pool?

The gameplay of online pool is surprisingly similar to the version you know and love, with a few fun quirks. Here’s a basic breakdown of what you can expect from online 8 ball pool:

1. The setup

At the beginning of the game, you and your opponent(s) will be introduced to a table (check out the awesome themes!) with the pool balls already set up. You or your opponent will place the cue ball on or behind the start line. Where you place the ball and how hard you hit it really matters when you make the break. A major difference is that in online pool games, like 8 Ball Strike, the type of balls (striped or solids) doesn’t matter so much as how fast you can sink them and where.

2. The players

There are two ways to play online pool, either one-on-one or in a tournament against multiple players. If you’re keen to see how these games work, check out the Pocket7Games app for one-on-one pool games or the standalone 8 Ball Strike game app for tournaments. Either way, the game will match you with players from across the US with similar skill levels to you. Each player takes their turn in sequence during the game but watch out一your turn has a time limit so you need to think fast!

3. Shooting

When it’s your turn, you have a few things to consider. Where am I going to aim the white ball? How much power should I hit with? Should I put spin on the white ball?

The way you answer these questions is often down to your personal strategy and experience level. The game functionality allows you to make these choices with pinpoint accuracy. Mastering these skills requires practice and being willing to make a few mistakes along the way.

4. Earning points

As always, the aim of the game is to sink all your balls before your opponent, but there are lots of ways to earn points. You earn points for every ball you sink and extra points when you sink in the pocket multiplier that shifts clockwise after each ball that is sunk. You can also rack up points with trick shots, by clearing the table, with unused cue balls, and by having time left over.

5. Fouls

Fouls are penalties for breaking the rules or making a mistake. They bring down even the best players. It’s deceptively easy to foul and they cost you 10 whole seconds of game time! WHen you foul, you lose 1 of 3 white ball "lives" and also lose your current bonus count. You will be fouled if:

  • You sink the white ball

  • If your shot misses all the balls

Don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes during a game, but try to make sure it’s your opponent doing the fouling, not you!

Which online 8 ball pool game should I play?

If you’re ready to put your pool skills to the test, you have to try 8 Ball Strike by AviaGames. You already know how it works, now you just have to hone your skills and start winning money.

You can play 8 Ball Strike either in one-on-one games using the Pocket7Games app or using the standalone 8 Ball Strike app to play tournaments against multiple players at the same time. With each game you simply choose your entry fee and play against other pool enthusiasts from across the US. 8 Ball Strike uses a unique matching algorithm to pit you against opponents with similar skills and experience so that you have the fairest chance of winning. Once you’ve racked up a few wins, you can withdraw your cash at any time or use it to unlock special features and game power-ups.

You can breathe easy knowing that 8 Ball Strike is super legit. AviaGames has developed loads of games that are just like 8 Ball Strike and has put in place a user policy and anti-cheating measures that keep their games all about the fun.

Time to start winning with 8 Ball Strike

Are you ready to take your pool skills from the table to your phone? Try online 8 ball pool for yourself by downloading 8 Ball Strike now. In a skill-based game like 8 Ball Strike, nothing beats experience so don’t wait a minute longer to play against other mobile gamers just like you.



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