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8 Ball Strike: Strike It Big With This New Fun Web Game

A man shooting the cue ball on a pool table

All of the games in the Pocket7Games suite are social, but can a game get any more social than pool? Even when you play around a physical pool table, there’s at least your opponent, if not a crowd of happy onlookers.

Now you can get the full pool hall experience with 8 Ball Strike, one of the best online pool games out there, and the pool that lets you earn real cash while showing off your cue shooting skills. Plus, there’s the added benefit that 8 Ball Strike is available directly through your mobile phone browser.

8 Ball Strike launches a fun Single Page Application version

8 Ball Strike has been available on the Pocket7Games app for a while now and gamers from all over the world have loved it. Now players have the choice to play their favorite online pool game either on the game app or directly in their mobile browser!

Why does this matter?

This may not sound like a big deal to Pocket7Games fans who’ve been using the app for years, but this opens up a whole new world for new players. With the single page application, players no longer have to download an app to play. It also means that the game will work on almost any smartphone. This is an awesome development for Pocket7Games because it brings greater convenience to players new and old.

What about my player data?

Another cool feature of single page apps is that exactly the same player data is shared between the two platforms. This fact makes it easy for players to transition from app to browser, or simply flip between the two, without losing any important information.

How to play the 8 Ball Strike web game

Playing 8 Ball Strike is a lot like playing traditional 8 ball pool games. The ingredients are the same but there are a few key differences. Here’s a quick comparison:

​Traditional 8 ball pool games

​8 Ball Strike

  • Play against one opponent

  • Play one-on-one or in tournaments against multiple players

  • Play on one table

  • Explore a collection of themed tables

  • ​Sink either stripes or solids

  • Sink any ball except the white ball to score points

  • Sinking the black ball will lose you the game

  • The black ball is just another ball that will earn you points

  • The first player to finish is the winner

  • The person with the most points at the end of the game wins

In both versions of the game, sinking the white cue ball will cause a foul, so think carefully about where you’re aiming and where the white ball will go after your shot.

How to win 8 Ball Strike

8 Ball Strike gives you the option to play against people from across the US either in one-on-one games or tournaments against multiple opponents. You can hone your skills by playing against one person and then level up to tournaments where the real money is made. The top three finishing players in a tournament will take home the winnings. The more players in a tournament, the more you can win.

The key to winning 8 Ball Strike is having a strategy that incorporates combos and the pocket multiplier.

Combos: You get combos when you sink balls with each consecutive shot. The more times you can sink in a row, the more your combo will be worth.

Pocket multiplier: The pocket multiplier is a unique game feature that shifts clockwise around the table. It pays to try and sink balls in the pocket where the pocket multiplier is because you earn way more points.

Aside from the tips and tricks, the best thing you can do is master your strength, spin, and aim. These are the three elements that make up the skills of an 8 Ball Strike master.

Make money playing this pool web game

8 Ball Strike is a legit money-making game that pays real money. It uses a fair matching algorithm to ensure that you play against opponents with similar skill and experience levels.

Start playing this epic 8 ball pool game in the dedicated game app or directly in your mobile browser. You can build your winnings as you go and withdraw your hard-earned cash whenever you want with PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, or Venmo.

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