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9 Legit Cash Games That Pay Real Money Instantly

Turn your gaming passion into profit! Explore our curated list of 9 legit games that pay real money instantly. Big real money rewards await!

9 legit cash games that pay real money instantly

Are you the type of person who brings out your phone while waiting in line at the grocery store? Someone who plays a game or two before bed, or during breaks at work? What if we tell you that you can earn a quick buck (or two, or three) while you are at it?

Mobile gaming is a fun way to pass the time, but who says you can’t turn it into a money-making opportunity? Your gaming time can also turn into money-making time, thanks to legit games that pay real money instantly or simply cash games.

What are cash games?

Cash games let you play games that can earn you real money by competing against a single player or multiple players. You match wits, skills, or reaction speed against them and compete for cash or gift prizes. Different cash app games have their own combinations of games and rewards, but they all give you the same opportunity to instantly win money, fair and square. Your chances are real, and so are the payouts.

By playing these games, everyone is given the opportunity to earn, regardless of age and experience. Now, instead of just killing time with your mobile phone, you’re having fun and earning money at the same time.

Are cash games legit?

You betcha! Legit cash games are made to be safe, regulated, and entertaining for you to make the most out of your gaming time. The difference between cash games and scams is that scams make a lot of false promises and outright lies to trick you into giving money that you’ll never get back.

Cash games go out of their way to make sure you’re protected against hacking and cheating software. There are also strict user policies to discourage players from ruining your experience by cheating.

Moreover, cash games are also different from casino apps. Legit money making game apps prioritize skill over luck while casino apps are purely based on luck. You can definitely win based on your skill. Big thanks also to the skill-matching algorithms that make sure that you’re always fairly matched against an equivalent opponent.

How do cash games work?

In cash games, you pay a small entry fee, similar to a contest fee, to join competitions against other players and compete for cash prizes or their equivalents.

Some games that pay real money, like Pocket7Games allow you to practice without paying a fee or depositing cash. In these cases, players that win a contest or achieve a high score either get nothing in return or receive tickets that they can use to join the cash tournaments.

Withdrawing your winnings in legitimate cash games is also simple. You have two options:

  1. Direct withdrawal of the money that you deposited for playing

  2. Subsequent withdrawal for collecting your prize money

The subsequent withdrawal is typically done through:

  • PayPal

  • Visa, Mastercard, or debit

  • Electronic check

9 Legit Games That Pay Real Money Instantly

Now that you already know what cash games are and how they work, let's get to know the 9 best picks for app games that pay real money. We will discuss each of them to see what game is best suited to your skill and interest.

1. Bingo Clash

Play the best free bingo games online with Bingo Clash. If you love playing the traditional bingo, then this game is for you. Experience the thrill of playing in 1v1 or multiplayer matches. It has the same rules as the classic bingo but has just transformed into a mobile phone experience. With a user-friendly interface and vibrant graphics, Bingo Clash offers a profitable gaming time that combines the fun of playing bingo with the chance to win instant cash prizes.

2. Solitaire Clash

Put a new spin on your favorite online solitaire games with Solitaire Clash, where you can compete in multiplayer tournaments to clear your card deck before your opponents. Whether you're a solitaire enthusiast or seeking to earn cash through gaming, this free solitaire app offers a fast-paced and captivating experience. Your solitaire skills can now translate into real money rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to this beloved game.

3. Cash Pool

Step into Cash Pool, AviaGames' latest pool game online, offering real cash prizes in 8-ball tournaments. With a user-friendly interface, impressive graphics, and fair matchmaking based on skill levels, Cash Pool ensures a lifelike gaming experience. Join tournaments named after U.S. cities and states, each with its entry fee and prize. As you advance and secure victories, earn special items and rewards, making this free-to-download game a thrilling opportunity for pool game enthusiasts.

4. Bubble Miracle

Embark on an adventurous journey with Bubble Miracle, an engaging bubble shooter app that offers real cash rewards. Unlock maps, revive mystical kingdoms, and earn cash prizes by eliminating bubbles using power-ups. Download for free and enjoy a range of enjoyable bubble games with multiplayer functionality, enhancing your chances for amazing prizes based on your ranking. Dive into this immersive bubble-popping experience and turn your gaming skills into real money rewards.

5. Blockolot

Blockolot is a block puzzle game that will test players' strategic abilities in maneuvering blocks to form patterns. With progressively challenging levels, the game ensures ongoing engagement and entertainment. What distinguishes Blockolot is its intriguing feature of providing real money rewards. Participate in cash tournaments and showcase your puzzle-solving prowess to win monetary prizes. If you enjoy block puzzle games, this game is the ideal way to stimulate your mind and potentially earn money.

6. Pocket7Games

Explore a diverse array of real money games with the Pocket7Games app, offering a user-friendly interface and an intuitive design for players of all skill levels. Engage in multiplayer battles across various game options, from classic card games, and puzzle games to online bingo. Whether you're seeking casual enjoyment or intense competition, Pocket7Games delivers the added excitement of amazing cash prizes.

7. 8 Ball Strike

Search no more for high-quality free pool games that stand out in today's market. While it follows the concept of other online pool games, this specific game elevates the experience by providing the chance to win attractive prizes that can be withdrawn directly from your bank. In the 8 Ball Strike game, you gain points for each successful shot and sunk ball. Yet, that's not the end of it. Additional points can be earned through bonuses, combos, and multipliers.

8. Bubble Buzz

Dive into the captivating world of Bubble Buzz, a thrilling bubble pop game that adds an extra layer of excitement with the opportunity to win attractive cash prizes and bonuses. Shoot bubbles of the same color, clear the board within the time limit, and unlock rewards through combos and high scores. Engage in strategic gameplay, target those high scores, and optimize your chances for big winnings in this fast-paced and rewarding bubble shooter experience.

9. Match N Flip

Mastering Match N Flip requires strategic effort, as you aim to match cards based on number or color to clear piles and secure victory, just like other matching games. The goal in Match N Flip is to eliminate every card from your screen before the 2-minute timer runs out. The player with the highest score in either a 1v1 or multiplayer match emerges as the winner of this challenging matching card game!


Legit money making games prioritize skill over luck, ensuring fair competition through skill-matching algorithms. Unlike scams, these highlighted games offer a genuine opportunity to earn money while gaming. The process involves paying a small entry fee or using free tickets to compete for cash prizes, with secure withdrawal options like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or electronic check.

Some of the handpicked legit games that pay real money instantly are Bingo Clash, Solitaire Clash, Cash Pool, Bubble Miracle, Blockolot, Pocket7Games, 8 Ball Strike, Bubble Buzz, and Match N Flip. These games provide immersive experiences, combining entertainment with the potential to earn. It makes them an attractive choice for those seeking to turn gaming into a profitable hobby.


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