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Avia Scores Big in 2024 NYX Game Awards: Season One

Updated: May 20

Avia wins prestigious NYX Game Awards for three industry-leading titles that you're sure to love!

Avia win 2024 NYX Game Awards

Bubble Buzz, 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash, and Bingo Clash Win Esteemed Industry Game Awards

Avia is thrilled to announce that three of our games have won a prestigious NYX Game Award! We're proud to add Bubble Buzz, 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash and Bingo Clash to our list of award-winning apps, which includes Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash! This year, Avia had an excellent showing at the game awards, with Bubble Buzz winning gold in the "Mobile Game—Casual" category and 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash winning gold in the "Mobile Game—Sports" category, while Bingo clash received silver in the "Mobile Game—Multiplayer" category.

On receiving these game awards, Ping Wang, vice president of marketing at Avia, commented, "Avia strives to provide inclusive and fulfilling entertainment that everyone can enjoy regardless of experience. Our philosophy is to create mobile games with an array of uses, whether it be to relax, compete, or earn prizes. Avia is thrilled to have earned three NYX Game Awards in 2024. This accomplishment is incredibly motivating to our team to continue innovating and expanding our offerings to promote fun and happiness for all gamers.”

In partnership with the International Awards Association, the Nyx Game Rewards honor the hard work of those who envision, design, and develop games that become fan favorites, working to recognize innovation and contributions to the gaming industry.

About the Winners

Learn more about the NYX game awards 2024, and how you can win real money by playing today!

  • Bubble Buzz:  A fresh spin on a classic arcade game, Bubble Buzz tests your bubble-popping skills while enabling you to win real cash! Go head-to-head against other players for each match, shoot bubbles with your bubble cannon, use awesome power-ups, and clear all bubbles for bonus points! Bubble Buzz provides a great relaxation outlet for players of any game level, while also providing opportunities to win real cash!

Bubble Buzz 2024 NYX Game Award
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  • 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash: A simple take on the classic game, which dates back to the 15th century, 8 Ball Strike is an action-packed billiards game that enables players to win real cash! In 8 Ball Strike, you can earn awesome power-ups by going on pocketing streaks! And with an awesome variety of custom cues to collect, you can flaunt your 8 ball prowess and become the envy of the online pool hall!

8 Ball Strike 2024 NYX Game Award
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  • Bingo Clash:  Bingo Clash's 4.4-star rating and 91,000 player reviews on the app store prove that it's a gaming phenomenon that has everyone's attention. Use awesome power-ups to win Bingo matches! Practice for free in ticket matches, then enter tournaments to walk away with real cash!

bingo clash 2024 NYX Game Award
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Try Our Games Today!

There were hundreds of excellent submissions to the NYX Game Awards 2024 this year from all over the world, and we at Avia are honored that our games were able to receive the recognition they deserve! With our cash app review transactions and trustworthy partners like Paypal and Visa, withdrawing your winnings has never been easier. If you haven't tried our games yet, download them now and experience them for yourself!



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