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AviaGames Heats Up Summer Travel Time with its Hottest Mobile Gaming Titles

AviaGames and its Pocket7Games Skill-Based Social Competition Platform Provide

Challenging Mobile Entertainment for All Gamers

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 24, 2023 – One of the busiest travel weekends and, as many would call, the unofficial start of summer, is coming up fast. According to AAA more than 42 million Americans are expected to travel for Memorial Day weekend – a 7% increase from 2022. As a firm implication of what’s ahead, AviaGames and its Pocket7Games skill-based, social competition platform are perfect travel buddies to keep you entertained and help pass some extra time. Whether you are waiting for a flight or train ride, taking a cross-country road trip, or simply need a break from an intense vacation schedule, AviaGames individual titles along with the Pocket7Games all-in-one mobile gaming solution offer a range of titles to keep your brain stimulated and gaming skills activated.

“We created AviaGames and the Pocket7Games platform to provide mobile games that are easy to access and fun to play, no matter what level you want to compete at, or advance to,” said Vickie Chen, CEO and founder, AviaGames. “As an entertainment outlet and way to pass time, while challenging your brain, playing an AviaGames title or hopping from game to game in the Pocket7Games platform is a perfect addition to your summer travels.”

Need some ideas for the next mobile game to tackle during your upcoming travels? From testing out card skills to bubble or marble shooter games to reliving the days of traditional bingo, following are a few titles that are currently hot from AviaGames:

Bingo Tour: If you love traditional Bingo, then this is the game for you. You can compete against people from around the world and earn cash, or just play for fun. Become a Bingo pro by matching colors and numbers as quick as possible and match the numbers on the Bingo balls with those on the game grid to win. As a top Pocket7Games multiplayer mobile game, Bingo Tour provides a fast-paced and user-friendly gaming experience with fun tools to look out for. Make no mistakes and pay close attention to numbers called and the ticking clock to ensure time doesn’t run out before hitting the “Bingo” button.

Solitaire Clash: Are you a card shark? This game will up your digital Solitaire skills and keep you on point. Enjoy the excitement of competition against players with similar skill sets in multiplayer tournaments and have the chance to earn real money. You can even ease into it slowly with a few practice rounds before entering tournaments for cash. Play classic Solitaire games that offer different modes and extra opportunities to earn more by participating in limited-running, in-game events and mini-games within the Solitaire Clash game.

Bubble Buzz: Looking to improve your digital bubble-popping skills? Bubble Buzz is a perfect combination of classic and modern bubble popping that’s sure to keep you entertained. You can play for free using gems or play for cash in tournaments with people from around the U.S. Put your sharpshooter skills to work to create more bubble popping and pop your way to victory in no time as you race against the clock to earn the highest score. Plus, you won’t want to miss out on exciting power-ups to turn high scores into real money.

8 Ball Strike: If billiards games are your thing than 8 Ball Strike is the mobile game for you. This game offers several resources to help improve your billiard skills. With extra features, 8 Ball Strike offers all the right ingredients for fun and exciting pool ball shooting competition. Unlike other free pool games that only let you play against local friends and family; 8 Ball Strike allows you to compete against anyone in the U.S. Plus, designed to last less than three minutes, makes it easy to hop in and out of when on-the-go.

Zumania: If you crave a good quest for victory with challenges along the way, Zumania was built for you. Roll out the marbles and up your blasting skills with obstacles to conquer and game maps that change daily. Combining traditional Zuma gameplay with real cash tournaments, this thrilling game combines speed, accuracy and strategy as players blast marbles to reach the end of the track. You can also win bonuses and rewards in minigames and unlock different adventures and characters along your quest. Zumania will keep you at the edge of your seat on a journey through ever-expanding maps and enchanted settings with unique tracks.

About AviaGames, Inc.

Founded in 2017 by Vickie Chen and Ping Wang, AviaGames is a mobile, social competition gaming company and publisher of Pocket7Games, a unified gaming platform. The platform features 15+ unique, skill-based games linked to a single membership and wallet, allowing players to seamlessly switch among casino, puzzle, action, card, math and brain games. AviaGames is committed to providing an inclusive competition platform where everyone can play, make money, and have fun. To date, AviaGames has awarded more than $714 million in cash prizes to its players. Select titles are available as individual apps for download, including Bingo Clash, Bingo Tour, 21 Gold, and Match 'n Flip.

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