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AviaGames Mother’s Day Survey

Updated: Jul 8

AviaGames Mother’s Day Survey of 33,000 Moms Reveals Impact of Gaming on Entertainment, Family Connection, and Stress Relief

mother's day survey

With Mother’s Day around the corner and as the number of women playing games continues to surge, AviaGames conducted an informal survey with over 33,000 U.S. female players who have children and are currently active on the Pocket7Games social competition gaming platform.

With a goal to gain more insight on how moms feel about gaming, how mobile gaming impacts their daily lives and more about their gaming perspectives, the recent Mother’s Day Survey highlights the needs and habits of AviaGames users.

Following are top findings:

Mobile Gaming Moms are Serious About Game Time

According to the research, nearly 33% of players who are moms consider themselves serious or hardcore mobile gamers, with 60% of respondents using it as an ongoing form of entertainment and 40% using it as an avenue to help relieve stress. In addition, the research also suggests that moms turn to gaming just about anytime they want, with nearly 70% of respondents enjoying playing games any time of day or during breaks throughout the day.

About 65% of moms surveyed reported spending upwards of 4 hours in one day playing mobile games.

The Longest Period of Time That I’ve Spent on Mobile Gaming in One Day…

Mobile Gaming Moms are Serious About Game Time

Mobile Gaming Moms Take Multitasking to New Levels

The survey data underscores the power of multitasking moms who prefer to watch TV or listen to music while mobile gaming. Additionally, moms preferred the family room or bedroom over other locations for gaming.

Additionally, nearly 70% of the multitasking moms who participated in the survey are working full time or part time, showing women can work hard and play hard, too.

Are you a Working Mom?

Mobile Gaming Moms Take Multitasking to New Levels

Moms Would Rather Mobile Game Than Sleep and Shop

The numbers don’t lie. Data showed that almost half of the moms surveyed prefer playing mobile games instead of spending time with their partner – in the bedroom. Adding onto this, nearly a quarter surveyed would turn down extra ‘shut eye’ to get in a few more hours of mobile competition. Survey data also showed more than 40 percent would rather earn cash while mobile gaming than be out spending it on shopping sprees.

Sometimes I Prefer Playing Mobile Games More Than…

Moms Would Rather Mobile Game Than Sleep and Shop

What Mom Gamers Tell Us About The Future

The data reinforces a growing community of gamers -- women are playing a greater number and a greater range of mobile games -- as the activity becomes an important part of their everyday routines. From entertainment to stress relief to relating to their children playing games and getting a break every once in a while, more and more moms are turning to mobile gaming.


The SurveyMonkey Audience survey was conducted in early April 2022 targeting female Pocket7Games players between the ages of 18 - 55 with children in the United States. The survey includes responses from over 33,000 players.



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