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Best 8Ball Pool App to Win Real Money

Pool enthusiasts can now celebrate as we unveil a remarkable app that allows you to generate income through playing 8ball pool with 8 Ball strike. Yes, you heard it right! An 8ball online application available on both iOS and Android platforms presents this exciting opportunity. Introducing real money pool game, the app that revolutionizes the way pool players can earn money. AviaGames developed 8 Ball Strike as a fun 8 pool ball game app that you can enjoy virtually. People have been playing pool game for decades and the excitement of competing against other players can never be denied. With this pool app, you can compete virtually with its multiplayer setup and earn as much as you can in every win. I know! This is not your ordinary 8-ball pool because you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, and earn money at the same time. Are you ready to experience the thrill of competing against other players in a virtual pool game? Learn more about 8 Ball Strike and start earning your cash rewards!

Why is 8 Ball Strike the best 8ball pool app?

For individuals who have a deep passion for the game of billiards will surely get a hold on their cue stick as Pocket7Games introduces the best 8 ball app that lets you win cash. 8 Ball Strike has made significant strides in conquering the realm of pool game. This 8ball app demands focus, precision, and strategic thinking. You need to know some important features of 8 Ball Strike.

1. Experience the best graphics and gameplay

Pocket7Games is known for its unique graphics for every game. Players will surely be captivated with 8 Ball Strike where the gameplay is enhanced by stunning graphics dominated by a mesmerizing blend of blue and black hues. You can also engage in thrilling matches with vibrant colored balls while personalizing your profile picture to showcase your individuality as you compete against fellow players, as 8 Ball Strike is thoughtfully crafted to foster social interactions. Furthermore, preparing for each game with precision as a suave gentleman in a suit provides detailed instructions, ensuring an exhilarating start to every match.

2. Dive into multiplayer action in different game modes

You can also immerse yourself in multiplayer tournaments, where fairness and uninterrupted gameplay reign supreme, free from intrusive advertisements. Players are paired with others of similar skill levels, ensuring equality and consistency for all participants. Not every player starts with being highly skilled, so 8 Ball Strike offers different game modes according to your skill. You can choose among the following skill levels: Rookie, Fresh Start, Master's Circle, High Stake, and Treasure Trove. The following levels include different numbers of players as you play.

3. Collect Power-Ups and Bonuses

This exceptional 8 pool ball game allows you to engage in real-time tournaments, putting your skills against opponents from around the globe. The app is also designed to give power-ups and bonuses for the players to enjoy. Talking about Power-Ups, as you play you will have the chance to pick a Triple Shot Perk. This Perk consists of Multiplier +10 wherein a random pocket gets multiplier +10 that lasts until a ball is pocketed into it, Multiplier +3 where all pockets get Multiplier +3 that lasts the entire match, or the Base +33 Points that involves trick shots that give you extra points on top of base points. There is also a huge prize pool that will make your game at its height and increase your chances of winning and earning cash prizes.

What are the tips to win an 8ball pool game?

Playing pool using your gadgets is slightly different from the actual pool setup. With the virtual pool, you must focus on your control through the screen while aiming for shots. Unlike in the actual pool where you have full control of holding the cue stick when you strike. But on the other hand, this is not a problem since most of the 8 ball pool rules can be applied in virtual pool game. Read and learn from these tips to win 8 Ball Strike.

Practice your aim

Mastering control over the cue ball is crucial in an online 8-ball pool. Practice your shot-making techniques to accurately position the cue ball for your next shot, giving you an advantage over your opponent.

Do spins in your shots

Incorporating spin into your shots is crucial to prevent pocketing the white cue ball. Mastering the timing and application of backspin, sidespin, or topspin to pocket balls and strategically positioning the white ball is a remarkable skill!

Control your strikes

The force with which you strike the ball plays a vital role in-game control. Hitting the ball excessively hard can result in excessive movement of the balls and potentially sink the white ball. Conversely, hitting too softly may lead to missed shots. Finding the right balance in your shot power is key to success.

Make use of Power Ups

Harnessing the potential of power-ups from Tripple Shot Perk to daily bonus, lucky box, and bonus cash. These features in 8 Ball Strike are essential, as they can significantly impact your performance and provide a competitive edge during gameplay. Before making your shot, carefully strategize as each pocket and ball holds a unique bonus.

Earn Points

In 8 Ball Strike, your score increases when you successfully pocket the balls. The points you earn depend on the number written on the ball multiplied by the pocket multiplier. For instance, if you pocket ball #15 and the pocket multiplier is 10, you receive 150 points. While the main objective is to pocket all your balls before your opponent, there are multiple ways to accumulate points. Each ball you pocket adds to your score and additional points are awarded when you sink the pocket multiplier, which changes after each ball is pocketed. Performing trick shots, clearing the table, having unused cue balls, and managing to finish with time remaining also contribute to your overall points.

How to earn money with this 8ball pool app?

What makes this 8ball app unique in its varied ways to earn money and secure withdrawals. Since people are always concerned about how they will be able to earn money by playing real money games together with the security of their money, Pocket7Games got your back on this. Below is the list of how to earn money in 8 Ball Strike.

  1. Utilize tickets to engage in complementary matches or join cash games for the opportunity to win actual money. By logging in and taking part in diverse in-game events, you can earn a daily bonus!

  2. Engage in tournaments featuring various match modes alongside 5-10 fellow players, where the top 3 participants secure prizes. The magnitude of your reward increases as you climb the ranks!

  3. Unlock additional rewards and actual cash prizes by engaging in our collection of classic minigames, including radiant reward, obsidian offer and piggy bank, and various other entertaining features!

  4. Experience secure withdrawals with ease when cashing out your winnings using PayPal. We prioritize your safety by collaborating with trusted partners such as Apple Pay, Visa, Venmo, and others, ensuring that the deposit and withdrawal process is smooth, secure, and free of concern.

Doubt no more! Because the best 8ball pool app is free to download from the Apple store and Galaxy Store. Elevate your 8-ball pool skills and start earning cash prizes.

Further Questions

Engage in the exciting world of billiards, where every strike not only brings joy but also presents an opportunity to earn money. Improve your skills and strategy in pool game, strategically utilize power-ups, and don't miss an exciting opportunity in winning enticing prizes. Immerse yourself in thrilling multiplayer tournaments, where you can compete against real players, and rest assured with secure withdrawals, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. If you have any inquiries regarding the terms and conditions, please feel free to visit our contact us page to gain a comprehensive understanding of the game.



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