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Bingo Clash Tips you need to know

Bingo may seem like a simple game at first glance, but there is so much more to it than is visible on the surface. Bingo has evolved a lot over the years and with the newest additions of digital bingo games being available, players have a lot of choices when it comes to their online bingo. Bingo Clash offers players an unforgettable experience in that they must race against the clock as well as each other to be one of the top 3 players in a tournament, or win an exciting 1 on 1 match. But what tips can players use to ensure that they are always winning each time they play a round of bingo?

What makes Bingo Clash different from the rest?

When first logging into Bingo Clash and starting their first match, players may notice that there is a timer in the top right-hand corner. As the timer counts down, the announcer reads off numbers and the player must quickly select them on their bingo card. This happens at a very fast pace. In addition to this happening, each time a player correctly daubs their bingo card, they gain a varying amount of experience towards powerups. In addition, when a player wins a round in the top 3 or wins a 1 on 1 match, they will win real cash prizes.

Follow these tips to guarantee some real cash is earned

One of the best parts about Bingo Clash is that players are rewarded with real cash whenever they win a match. However, for those who want to increase their earning potential in game, they need to ensure that they are staying at the top of the ranks. By following the tips listed below, the scores players receive will be much higher and hence they will end up dominating the leaderboards.

Ensure accuracy at all times in Bingo Clash

One of the biggest keys to success when trying to get good at Bingo Clash is to try to be as accurate as possible when daubing the bingo card. The reason for this is twofold. For one, every time a player daubs their bingo card correctly, they receive a small amount of powerup experience. However, in addition to that, if a player makes a mistake and daubs a number that has not been called, they receive a penalty. Not only does this apply to their points, but it will subtract powerup experience as well. A few mistakes can cost a player the game, and hence accuracy is paramount over speed.

Use powerups effectively

Another key tip to reaching the top ranks in Bingo Clash is to use the powerups effectively. In Bingo Clash, there are only 2 slots that players can store powerups in. Once they are earned, they enter one of the 2 slots. For any experience gained after they have both slots filled, they do not get any more powerup experience. Therefore, it becomes very important to use the powerups effectively so as not to waste the valuable experience that would otherwise be missed. There are 3 powerups in all that can be earned, which will be discussed below.

The G powerup

One of the easiest powerups to obtain, and probably the most common is the G powerup. This unassuming letter of the alphabet can help to swing the game in the player’s favor. It works by letting the player pick from one of four different possible numbers, all of which will be located on the player’s board. When the player presses one, it will cause the bingo announcer to call that number next. With careful planning, players can ensure they always hit bingo by using this powerup.

The diamond powerup

The brilliant diamond powerup, otherwise known as the free space power, lets players pick any spot on their bingo card to daub. In Bingo Clash, with the timer counting down, waiting for the last few seconds can be a mad scramble to get the last few spaces filled in. With the diamond powerup, the player can simply place a daub right on the empty spots and call the last few bingos needed. It is recommended that players try to save at least one of these for finishing a line to generate bingos on demand.

The x2 powerup

Perhaps the most important and rarest of all powerups, the x2 powerup can easily swing a match in a player’s favor. When the player picks up one of these extremely strong powerups, they should be prepared to use it when they can make a few moves. This is because the x2 powerup multiplies any points they get by 2 times. When games can be decided by only a few hundred points, this powerup can be just what the player needs to come out on top. However, it should be cautioned that this powerup only lasts a few seconds, so it needs to be used wisely.

Practice to get the hang of things

While it may sound like common knowledge, practicing in Bingo Clash, like in any endeavor is one of the biggest tips to success. The way that Bingo Clash does skill-based matchmaking keeps players with those of their skill level. However, the more comfortable and prepared for matches that a player is can help swing victory to them. This is because they will know what to expect and exactly how to use their powerups. Players can play as many practice games as they need before jumping into the real tournaments for cash prizes.

Use these tips in Bingo Clash to win real cash prizes

Winning in a game against other players can offer much more than bragging rights. With Bingo Clash, those players who make it to the top can be awarded with cold hard cash. In fact, those who excel by using these tips in the game can quickly cash out their winnings safely and securely through a PayPal transaction. For those who want to earn money while they play their favorite games, download Bingo Clash on the App Store for iOS and the Samsung Galaxy Store on Android devices today.


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