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Bingo of Oz: Play Bingo For Cash

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Play bingo for cash today in an exciting bingo of oz game mode! Experience this enchanting bingo with a twist to win real cash prizes!

bingo of oz

Are you tired of playing the same online bingo games again and again? You start to get bored and you don't find yourself enjoying the games anymore. No worries! Our Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash apps have an ongoing game mode now that lets you play bingo with a twist. Introducing the latest game "Bingo of Oz!" This exciting new gameplay mode takes inspiration from the beloved Wizard of Oz book and offers players a chance to win more cash bonuses or ticket rewards on a magical journey. We will discuss in detail "Bingo of Oz", including how to play and where to download our Pocket7Games app and bingo for cash app.

Bingo For Cash Apps To Play Bingo of Oz

Our newest offering "Bingo of Oz" is now available in our Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash apps. The difference between these two apps is that Pocket7 is an app with varied games inside. That means it includes many casual games like card games, puzzles, and of course, bingo games online! Bingo Clash on the other hand is a bingo game app that focuses only on free bingo games with no other types of casual games included. Both of our apps are real cash app games where you can enjoy playing the newest "Bingo of Oz" game mode for a chance to win big cash and ticket rewards.

How to Play Bingo of Oz?

Get ready to join Dorothy, the Tinman, the Scarecrow, and the Lion on bingo for real cash opportunities like no other! They are the key characters of Wizard of Oz that will make you win each round of the game. Follow these simple steps to embark on your magical journey in "Bingo of Oz":

1. Scratch numbers to reveal Wizard of Oz characters

As the numbers are called, daub them on your bingo card to reveal the four beloved characters of the Wizard of Oz: Dorothy, Tinman, Scarecrow, and Lion. Each character is associated with a specific item that you'll need to discover. Sounds fun right?

2. Clear their paths to Emerald City and earn prizes

The ultimate goal is to clear a path back to the Emerald City (the center of the bingo card) for each character. You will be rewarded with a corresponding bonus cash or ticket by daubing the numbers and revealing the characters. You can also double the rewards you get for each character by revealing their corresponding item.

  • Dorothy - Silver Shoes (occupies 2 horizontal spaces on the bingo card)

  • The Scarecrow - Straw Hat (occupies 2 vertical spaces on the bingo card)

  • Tin Woodman - Axe (occupies 2 vertical spaces)

  • The Lion-Crown (occupies 2 horizontal spaces)

The more characters you successfully guide to the city, clear their path, and reveal their items, the more you can win from these bingo games for cash and tickets.

3. Automated bingo

Following every daub, the system will instantly analyze if a Bingo can be completed. If a Bingo is possible, the system will automatically activate it, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for players.

4. Time limit, results, and limitations

The online bingo game has a brief duration of only 2 minutes. At the conclusion of the game, the result page will showcase the highlighted section, revealing additional bonus cash and ticket rewards. Please take note that the "Bingo of Oz" mode can be played for both standard mode for 1v1 and multiplayer matches. However, other game modes such as Spin Mode, Speedy Skirmish, Challenger, and others are not supported.

Limited Time Only!

Bingo of Oz is not only an exciting and rewarding gameplay mode but also a limited-time opportunity! Don't miss your chance to join Dorothy and her friends on this enchanting bingo adventure and win cash prizes. Be sure to download one of the online bingo for cash apps offering the "Bingo of Oz" gameplay mode and start playing today. Download our cash game app and bingo app now! Hurry, as this magical journey won't last forever!



Jessica Murphy
Jessica Murphy
Jun 26, 2023

How do you redeem a 2X?

Kathleen Branson
Kathleen Branson
Jul 04, 2023
Replying to

All you should have to do is just tap the 2x

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