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Blockolot: An Awesome Sudoku-Type Legit Game with Prize Money

Every great game in the world should include two things; an element of chance and the necessity of skill to win. These are non-negotiable, but there is one more element that adds depth to games: smarts.

It’s one thing to hack away at a game to beat the clock or win against an opponent, but something else entirely when your brain is your greatest advantage. That is why a game like Blockolot is so popular, but more on that later.

Why do people love block puzzle games?

Though games like Sudoku, Chess, Scrabble, Tetris, and even Snake (throw back to the original mobile game of choice) seem very different, they actually have a lot in common. Games that use the combination of a grid format and blocks or tiles as the playing device seem to capture people’s imaginations.

The simple truth is that humans are built to see patterns and solve problems. Not only are we good at it, but we seem to enjoy the process too if it’s in the right format. Whether it’s words or numbers that you play with, block puzzle games get players into a flow state that is both fun and beneficial for their brains. On top of these obvious benefits, some game providers have made it easy to earn money just for playing the games you love. People also love block puzzle games because they are so easy to play, even if you’re a complete beginner. Games like Solitaire, Black Jack, and Dominoes are awesome, but you have to spend time learning the rules and tricks to get ahead.

So if block puzzle games like sudoku are so great, which one is the best and how does it work? Good question! Read on for the answers.

Meet Blockolot

If you’re into skill-based games like Sudoku that require you to use your brain, you should try Blockolot by AviaGames. If you can imagine what it would be like to combine Sudoku and Tetris, you’ll start to get an idea of Blockolot’s potential.

Blockolot is one of the many games offered by AviaGames, which means that it benefits from all the same fantastic features and quality control measures. Some things you can look forward to when you play Blockolot:

  • No intrusive ads (for real!).

  • A matching algorithm that fairly pits you against opponents of a similar skill and experience level.

  • You get to play against real people from across the US in tournaments.

  • You can win real cash just by winning your Blockolot games against other players.

  • You can play anywhere, anytime on your smartphone.

  • You can earn power-ups during the game to help you score more points or play future games for free.

How do you play Blockolot?

Time to get into the game mechanics for a second. Even though Blockolot is a thinker’s game, its gameplay is deceptively simple.

The layout

When you enter a tournament, the game board will display on your screen. The board is made up of a number of elements. At the top of the screen, you will see the game timer and your points counter. In most cases, you will be playing against other players so the timer tells players when the game is over and the number of points determines the winner. The main board area is taken up by the grid that shows you where you need to fill in blocks. Underneath the grid, you’ll see your block options. You will use the blocks and shapes in this area to fill the spaces in the grid.

How to score points

As you fill spaces in the grid you will also free up new spaces to fill. Every time you fill a space and create new spaces, you earn points. The game will end when the timer stops or when you have run out of spaces to fill. That’s where the strategy comes in; while you fill in the obvious spaces in the grid, you need to make sure you’re also creating new spaces so that you don’t get blocked out!


The secret to winning Blockolot is filling spaces in high-scoring sequences. This is because you gain ‘energy’ when you match in sequences. When your ‘energy’ peaks you cause ‘Frenzy Multiples’ which basically clears a lot of space all at once and earns you crazy points. You can also earn Diamonds just by logging into Blockolot every day and being consistent. You can then use your Diamonds to get free entry into money-making Blockolot Tournaments.

How to get paid to play Blockolot

Blockolot is known for its awesome tournaments that enable you to play against multiple opponents at the same time. It’s in these tournaments that you make real cash just for being smart.

The first thing you need to do to start playing for real cash is download Blockolot and create an account. It’s totally free! When you’re ready to start a tournament, you will select the buy-in amount that you want to enter with and the game will put you into a round with players with a similar level of skill and experience. You will then play Blockolot as described above to race your opponents and see who can get the most points. The top three players will win the pot. Another handy tip is that you earn tickets as you play Blockolot which allows you to play games for free.

Once you’ve made yourself some healthy winnings, you can draw out your cash. You can draw from your account at any time with Blockolot’s partners Paypal, Apple Pay, Visa, or Venmo. It’s super secure and super legit. In fact, AviaGames has awarded more than $714 million in cash prizes to its players to date.

Get started with Blockolot

By now your love for block puzzle games like Sudoku should be awakened. There’s nothing left for you to do but try the most legit block puzzle game out there: Blockolot. Download Blockolot on iOS, Android, or Samsung today and start the fun!

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