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Money Back Guarantee is Now Possible Through Pocket7Games' Cash Guard

Pocket7Games' Cash Guard Money Back Guarantee: Your Safety Net in Gaming

cash guard in app event

If you're an avid mobile gamer of real cash app games, you've probably heard of depositing money to play their games. Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash are just two examples of these apps that you can play and win amazing cash rewards. These popular apps from AviaGames offer a range of casual games that are both fun and rewarding. But what if you could enjoy the thrill of real money gaming without worrying about losing money? That's where Bingo Clash and Pocket7Games' latest in-app event, Cash Guard, come in. Cash Guard is a new feature that allows players to get back part of their money or "entry fee." This "money back guarantee" feature will serve as a cash protection event. Bonuses will be rewarded for wins while protection will be given in case of losses. Here's everything you need to know about it.

What is Cash Guard?

Cash Guard is a new event offered by Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash apps that allow players to get back a percentage of their entry fee in case of losses. Note that it only applies to games that you actually have to deposit real money to play. In other words, it's a money-back guarantee. This is a fantastic feature for players who want to play money rounds on these apps without worrying about losing all their money. With Cash Guard, you can rest assured that you will still get part of your fee if the odds are not in your favor.

How to avail money back guarantee on Cash Guard?

To avail of the money-back guarantee, you need to open your Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash apps. At the moment, this new feature is only available on these two game apps that pay you real money. Here are some of the important things to know when you avail the "Cash Guard" event.

  1. On the apps' game interface, click on "Cash Guard" to apply the feature while playing real money rounds.

  2. Matches under the "Cash Guard" event will be marked with a sword or shield icon (or both).

  3. Once you confirm that you have applied for the Cash Guard event, you can start playing the game.

  4. If you win, you'll receive the regular prize money, plus a bonus. If you lose, Pocket7Games will return a percentage of your entry fee, depending on the specific tournament you played.

  5. The amount offered as a bonus or returned from the entry fee will be accumulated during the event until the Cash Guard period ends.

  6. At the end of the Cash Guard event, players can deposit and upgrade their Cash Guard to boost the prizes awarded. These prizes are given via Bonus Cash.

  7. You can use back the returned money to participate in other events or withdraw it to your bank account.


Overall, Cash Guard event is an excellent addition to Pocket7Games and Bingo Clash real cash app games. This money back guarantee feature provides players with an added layer of protection, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of real money gaming without worrying about losing all their money. Plus, the bonuses for winning are an added incentive to participate in these events. If you're a Pocket7Games player, be sure to check out the Cash Guard events and start playing with confidence. If you need any help, please contact our team by clicking here to submit a request.



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