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Top 8 PayPal Games That Pay Real Money in 2023

Updated: 13 hours ago

Looking to win real cash prizes while playing online games? Discover the top 8 PayPal games that pay real money this 2023 and maximize your earnings!

The rise of online gaming has brought about a new wave of opportunities for gamers to earn money while indulging in their favorite pastime. With PayPal becoming a widely accepted mode of payment, it has become easier than ever for gamers to receive payments from gaming platforms. As such, players can now make some extra cash from playing PayPal games that pay real money. PayPal is a popular payment platform that offers a safe and secure way to receive payments online. It has become an ideal choice for gaming platforms to use as a payment method for players. Players can now earn real money from games that pay instantly to PayPal, and enjoy a hassle-free experience thanks to its ease of use. Whether you're looking to make a little extra cash or earn a full-time income from online gaming, PayPal offers a reliable way to receive payments. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best PayPal games in 2023 and how you can receive payments from gaming platforms through PayPal. So, let's dive in and see how you can start earning money from online gaming today.

8 Best PayPal Games That Pay Real Money

If you're an avid gamer looking to make some extra cash, you'll be happy to know that there are several PayPal games you can play to earn some extra cash. These games offer players the chance to win prizes while enjoying their favorite classic games online. Below are the top 8 best PayPal cash games in 2023. So, let's dive in and see which games you should be playing to earn some extra cash.

#1 - Zumania

The famous marble game Zumania is based on the classic zuma game. This game offers a distinctive spin on the classic zuma video game by including actual cash rewards. Players take control and shoot marbles to make matches of three or more identical balls and clean the screen before reaching the end of the line. Zumania is a fantastic pick for fans of marble games due to its vibrant graphics and quick-paced gameplay.

#2 - Bingo Tour

This free bingo game is just very similar to other online bingo games. Mark off the square on your bingo card that corresponds to the letter or number that is called out when it appears on your card. When you have finished an entire row across, up or down columns or diagonals, click "Bingo." You will receive points for each successful daub, and the points increase when you earn a bingo. You will surely have a well-spent time playing this game while earning money with its vibrant colors and graphics!

#3 - Bubble Buzz

Bubble Buzz is also just like other bubble shooter games online. It applies the same concept of popping bubbles by shooting them using bubbles of the same color. You should clear them before the timer runs out. You should also avoid getting the bubbles level down below the margin or else the bubble game will be over. Players can also win exciting cash prizes and bonuses based on the combos and total equivalent points gained from popping the bubbles.

#4 - Bubble Venture

Play Bubble Venture if you'd prefer more action-packed bubble pop games. While still extremely similar to Bubble Buzz, this game adds entertaining twists and adventures to popular bubble shooter games. Famous global locations can be explored, and secret treasure chests can be found with amazing rewards and real money! You can take an exciting trip with Bubble Venture to locations like Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York, and many more. Explore well-known locations, pop bubbles, uncover hidden artifacts, and have fun on your adventures.

#5 - 8 Ball Strike

This game is definitely considered one of the best free pool games out there in the market today. The concept is pretty much similar to online pool games but this time around, you can win exciting prizes that you can withdraw straight from your bank or Paypal account. The 8 Ball Strike game gives you points for all the balls you shoot and sink. Not just that. You also earn more points from bonuses, combos, and multipliers. Additionally, extra points are given for trick shots, clearing the table before the timer expires, and avoiding sinking the cue ball.

#6 - Solitaire Clash

Solitaire Clash is a popular classic solitaire game that offers players the opportunity to win real money through PayPal. The game is similar to the classic solitaire card game, but with a multiplayer twist. Players compete against each other in real time, with the goal of being the first to clear their deck of cards. Players can earn cash prizes for winning matches. With its addictive gameplay and quick pacing, Solitaire Clash is an excellent choice for players looking to make some extra money through online games.

#7 - Match N Flip

Match N Flip is a tricky game that takes effort to master. You have to match cards depending on color or number, just as in other matching games. Match N Flip's objective is to remove every card from your screen before the 2-minute timer expires. The player who gets the highest score in a 1v1 or multiplayer match wins this card matching game!

#8 - Blockolot

Blockolot is a fun and challenging puzzle game that also offers players the chance to win real money through PayPal. The game involves moving blocks around a grid to create a specific pattern or shape. The game starts easy but becomes more challenging as players progress through the levels. Blockolot offers a variety of cash tournaments for players to enter, ranging from daily to weekly competitions. The game also features a leaderboard, where players can track their progress and see how they rank against other players. With its engaging gameplay and the opportunity to win real money, Blockolot is a fantastic option for block puzzle game lovers looking to make some extra cash.

How to receive money on PayPal from games?

Receiving money from games that pay instantly to PayPal should be a straightforward process as long as you have your Paypal account ready. However, if you don't have one, creating an account is also a very easy and fast process. Follow these steps below to receive money on Paypal from your games:

  1. Create your PayPal account. You'll need to provide your personal information and bank account details to set up your account.

  2. Link your PayPal account to the gaming platform where you've earned the money. Most gaming platforms have the option to link your PayPal account.

  3. Once you've linked your PayPal account to the gaming platform, you can request a payout. The payout process may vary depending on the platform, but most platforms offer the option to request a payout through PayPal.

  4. Once you've requested a payout, the money will be transferred to your PayPal account. You can then withdraw the money from your bank account or use it for online purchases.


To sum up, online gaming has become a popular way for players to earn extra cash, and PayPal is one of the safest and most convenient payment methods for receiving payments from gaming platforms. There are several PayPal games that pay real money in 2023, including games like Bingo, Solitaire, marble shooter games, bubble pop games, online pool games, matching card games, and block puzzle games. Receiving money on PayPal from games is a straightforward process that involves linking your PayPal account to the gaming platform and requesting a payout. It's important to note that each platform has its own payment threshold and processing time, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before playing. With these tips and the right strategies, you can start making money from online gaming in 2023 and potentially turn it into a viable source of income.