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Step into the World of Zumania

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Looking for a zuma game with a twist? Try Zumania, where your skills can earn you real-world rewards! Start playing today.

Are you a fan of the classic zuma video game? The classic marble shooting game is where a frog shoots out marbles from its mouth to eliminate marbles of the same color. Have you ever wished you could earn real cash prizes just for playing? If so, you'll love Zumania, the exciting new twist on the classic marble game that rewards your skills with incredible prizes. Read on to learn more about this addictive zuma game and download it now so you can start playing today.

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What is Zumania?

Zumania is a new take on the classic zuma frog game. This version of our favorite marble shooter games can be played using your phone to shoot colored balls at a moving chain of balls. Your goal is to match three or more balls of the same color to make them disappear before the chain reaches the end of the level. The marbles game gets progressively harder as you go, with new colors and faster-moving chains to keep you on your toes. What sets Zumania apart from other zuma games is the real-world prizes you can win by playing. As you play, you'll earn tickets that you can use to enter multi-player tournaments. The more tickets you have, the higher the chance of competing in real cash prize tournaments. However, you can cut short the process of competing for real money rewards by depositing funds into your game account and then buying tickets.

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How to play Zumania?

To play and win this zuma game, you'll need to be quick, accurate, and strategic. Here are a few tips to help you get started in this thrilling marble shooting game:

#1: Shoot quickly and accurately

Zumania is a fast-paced marble game, so you'll need to be quick and accurate with your shots. Take a moment to line up your shots, but don't hesitate too long or the chain will move too far ahead.

#2: Aim for the gaps

When you're shooting balls at the chain, aim for the gaps between balls instead of trying to hit the balls themselves. This will give you more time to make matches and clear the level.

#3: Get as many combos and chains

The more balls you clear in a row, the higher your score will be. Look for opportunities to create combos and chains by making matches quickly and efficiently.

#4: Use power-ups

Just like other marble shooter games, Zumania has several power-ups to help you clear levels more easily. For example, the "Bomb" power-up will destroy a large section of the chain, while the "Slow" power-up will slow down the movement of the chain.

#5: Plan ahead

As the game gets harder, you'll need to start planning your shots in advance. Look for opportunities to set up chain reactions and clear multiple balls at once.

#6: Study maps closely to perfect your strategy

Each level in Zumania has a unique layout and chain movement pattern. Take the time to study the maps closely and figure out the best strategy for each level.

#4: Play regularly

The more you play, the more tickets you'll gain. These tickets are completely free and you can use them to compete in cash prize tournaments. Make Zumania a part of your daily routine to maximize your chances of winning big.


Zumania is an addictive, fun, and rewarding twist on the classic zuma video game. With real cash prizes up for grabs, this marbles game will surely keep you coming back for more. With a little practice and some strategic thinking, you could be on your way to winning amazing prizes in no time. Download this zuma game for free and get ready to compete in multiplayer tournaments. Start winning cash rewards and other bonus prizes. We're dedicated to offering a safe gaming environment built on friendly social competition to make sure that all our players get the best zuma games experience.


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