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Bubble Buzz: 10 Reasons You’ll Get Hooked on this Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble Buzz Pop The Bubbles

Some people like complex, mind-scratching games that require deep strategy and an expert understanding of the game's rules. Then there are others, someone like you, who just wants to play a quick, simple game that is ridiculously fun and just the right amount of challenging. Luckily, Bubble Buzz was created for those in the second group of people. Let’s find out why Bubble Buzz is the most addictive bubble shooter game in all the right ways.

1. It takes seconds to understand

There is nothing complicated about playing bubble games online, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It just means that it’s a game that puts the focus on gameplay rather than on remembering loads of rules and tricky strategies. As soon as you open the Bubble Buzz game you’ll see what you need to do. Shoot the randomized colored bubbles at clusters of similarly colored bubbles to make them fall. The smarter you are about where you shoot your bubbles, the more points you earn. That’s it!

2. The mechanics are intuitive

Free online bubble shooter games are made to be played on the fly, on your phone, so game developers have to make extra effort to make the mechanics of the game as easy as possible. In Bubble Buzz, the important info is at the top of the screen (like the time limit and score), most of the screen is filled with the bubbles you need to shoot, and the bottom of the screen has your shooter with its laser pointer. No need to press all over the screen on tiny buttons, you just have to press and hold the shooter to aim and then release to shoot.

3. Your way is the right way

The only measure of success in fun bubble games is how many points you earn, but how you get them doesn’t matter! Every player will have their own tips and tricks that work for them. Some people focus on clearing the groups that they can see, while others create groups by shooting similar colors together, and then there are props that help you earn even more points, but more on that later. Find a style of playing that works for you and use them against your opponents.

4. Games are speedy

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. Free online bubble shooter games are the kind that you can play in the coffee line, grocery shopping or in a taxi. Bubble Buzz is a game that fits into your life, not one that you have to plan your life around. A round of Bubble Buzz lasts only three minutes which means you can either play one quick game between things or a series of games when you have more time.

5. You can earn real money

Now, this is the show-stopper. It’s great to have a fun game to play in your spare time, but Bubbles Buzz can become a mini side hustle if you want it to. You can turn gaming time into productive time by winning games and taking home real cash. To play for cash you simply have to select an entry fee that will allow you to play against other gamers just like you. The winner of the game takes the pot.

6. It’s social

As mentioned in the previous point, Bubble Buzz enables you to play against real opponents from across the US. Bubble Buzz is made by AviaGames which is a game company that specializes in providing social games that connect people. Bubble Buzz and other games like it, prioritize creating a human experience that puts your skills to the test.

7. It looks good

Okay, so how the game looks may not be the most important thing for all players, but there is something to be said about a game that looks beautiful. The Bubble Buzz interface is clear, colorful, and pleasing to the eye, which actually makes it more enjoyable to play. Kudos to the designers behind the game!

8. It’s fair

No one wants to play a game that is rigged or that leaves space for scammers and trolls. Any skill-based cash games needs to ensure that games are fair and well-regulated. Bubbles Buzz uses a matching algorithm to ensure you are matched with players with a similar skill and experience level to you. They also have a great User Policy that governs how people can engage with the game and the players on it.

9. You get ‘props’!

What’s a ‘prop’ you ask? It’s basically like a power-up that you can use to improve your game and earn points. You earn props as you shoot. The more points you accumulate, the more props you get. Props like “Bomb”, “Rocket”, “Rainbow Bubbles”

add a whole other dimension to the game because they help you to eliminate WAY more bubbles and therefore earn buckets more points. Use them wisely and props will be your favorite feature in the game.

10. It’s skill-based

No, Bubble Buzz is not just about luck. As with any great game, there is an element of chance because you never know what you’re going to get next, but being a winner takes a little skill and practice. Masters of the game can see patterns whereas newbies can only see chaos. If you want to beat your opponents and take home the cash, you’ll need to develop a laser focus and finetune your shooting skills.

Bonus benefits

The primary benefit of playing bubble shooter games is always sheer fun, but there are a few fringe benefits to consider too. It seems like two features of life are stress and mental burnout, but mobile games like Bubble Buzz can actually help you take a break.

Besides the fact that Bubble Buzz helps you to take a moment to breathe and take your mind off of stressors, some studies have shown that online games can improve focus and memory.

So if you’re ready to put your skills to the test, then download Bubble Buzz from the Apple App Store now. It’s the best fun starter and destresser that you could ever get hooked on!


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