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Bubble Buzz: An Awesome Bubble Shooter Game That Pays Real Money

If you take a peek into the world of online money-making games, you’ll see that there are a lot of familiar favorites, like Bingo, Black Jack, or Solitaire, for example. But online games also make space for new and imaginative games that you can play on your phone at any time while earning money in the process. An example is the Bubble Buzz game - Let’s dive in!

Is Bubble Buzz Legit?

Here’s a game that is practically designed for those with a laser focus and a knack for seeing patterns. Bubble Buzz is an online, money-making game that you can play against real people from around the world.

You can tell that Bubble Buzz is legit because it forms part of AviaGames’ suite of games and benefits from all the same safety and fairness standards. Want to check it out for yourself? Here are a few things to look out for when assessing legit online money-making games.

Legit games have:

  • A rigorous user policy

  • Lots of good user reviews

  • Loads of downloads

  • Anti-cheating mechanisms

  • High app store ratings

  • A legit game provider

  • An age restriction

You’ll be happy to know that the Bubble Buzz game checks all the boxes. You can add and withdraw money from your account at any time with partners like Apple Pay, Visa, Paypal, and Venmo.

How do you play Bubble Buzz?

The premise of the game is that you must shoot colored bubbles onto the game board to cause clusters of colored bubbles to fall. Sounds simple, but some great features make the gameplay challenging and fun.

How it starts

Each game has a time limit of three minutes and the on-screen timer starts as soon as the game begins. The majority of the screen is taken up by the game board which gives you a jumbled collection of colored bubbles that you need to make fall. At the bottom of the screen are your shooter, the randomized bubble loader, and the bubble tracker.

How to earn points

The aim of the game is to eliminate clusters of the same color bubbles by shooting them with the colored bubbles provided to you. The more of the same color bubbles in a cluster, the more points you earn when they fall. This means that you can strategically build up clusters before you shoot them.

Game features

The shooter has a laser line to help you plan where your shot will land. It even changes color so that you know which color you will be shooting with next. The walls on the side of the game also allow you to bounce your shot (called banking) so that you can work different angles into your aim.

Your opponent

There are two ways to play Bubble Buzz, either for free in ticket games or for real cash. Both versions match you with real players from across the U.S. It’s a good idea to start with free ticket games so that you can get the hang of the game and work out your own strategies. You can then choose to play money-making games when you’re ready.

Can you win real money playing Bubble Buzz?

Absolutely! Bubble Buzz is designed to be a social and skill-based game that can be played with every level of skill and experience. Players earn money and prizes by winning games.

When you’re ready to play Bubble Buzz for money, a matching algorithm will select another player of a similar skill and experience level for you to compete against. Each player will put in a cursory buy-in amount and the winner of the game takes the prize money. You can win money playing one-on-one against other gamers just like you, or by entering game tournaments that host multiple players in a series of games. The overall winner of the tournament takes home the grand prize, which is generally worth more than a one-on-one cash prize.

You can also win in-game prizes and diamonds that you can use to improve your game or even turn into cash.

5 tips to win at Bubble Buzz

1. Props

As you play you can acquire ‘props’ like “Bomb”, “Rocket”, “Rainbow Bubbles”, and more. Props are like powerups that help you to cause more bubbles to fall. You earn props by scoring points and causing clusters to fall. Learn your props and use them wisely because they are literal game chargers.

2. Work your bubbles

Keep an eye on your bubble loader. It will give you an option of two bubbles that you can shoot and they are usually different colors. You need to use the bubble that will drop the biggest cluster or that will get you the most points later in the game. It’s easy to get into the habit of using the first bubble every time, but you could be missing out on some points!

3. Clear the board quick

The faster you clear the whole board, the more bonus points you will earn. You need to try to clear all the bubbles as fast as you can; especially when you are playing against a real opponent. Get your strategy set and focus on clearing and you’ll take home the winnings.

4. Attack a color

There are six different colors for you to clear. Newbies to the game will shoot different colors across the board as they see them. More experienced players will prioritize clearing an entire color. Clearing a color early limits the colors that you are given which makes it easier and easier to match clusters.

4. Combos baby!

Now, this is the real challenge. The more clusters you shoot in a row, the more bonus points you get! It’s tricky to create combos but if you plan it right it can be well worth the effort.

Are you ready to start making money playing Bubble Buzz? Getting started is SO easy:

  • Download the Bubble Buzz game

  • Create your profile

  • Choose your preferred game or games

  • Practice against the computer

  • Add money to your account

  • Get matched with other players of similar skill

  • Start playing for real money!

You’re all set to start using these winnings tips to earn real cash. Pretty soon, you’ll have a handful of your own strategies that will put you into a league of your own!

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