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Bubble Buzz for iOS

The iPhone and iPad are able to do so many things. From making calls, to business applications, and even gaming. Many gamers have found their calling playing skill-based games on their phone. The best part about some of these games is that they award not just bragging rights for winning, but real cash prizes. One of the best games for players who want to have fun and win real cash is Bubble Buzz. But how can players get their hands on this fantastic game and start winning cash just for playing?

How are players able to get Bubble Buzz on iOS

Bubble Buzz is available for download on almost any compatible smartphone or tablet. For iOS users, this means that they can download it from the App Store for their iPhone or iPad. The best part about Bubble Buzz, besides the ability to win real cash, is that it is completely free to download. In fact, by following only a few simple steps, players can install the app and be up and running. Fans of skill-based gaming should follow the steps below to download Bubble Buzz.

How to download Bubble Buzz on iOS devices

  • First, players should head over to the App Store on their iOS device, or visit the official Bubble Buzz website so they can download the app directly

  • Search for Bubble Buzz in the App Store

  • Tap on the Install button to begin downloading the app

  • Install the app to the device

  • Launch the app and complete the initial registration process

  • Start winning real cash prizes

How to get started in Bubble Buzz

When players launch Bubble Buzz for the first time, after setting up their account, they will need to go through a tutorial. This tutorial is very simple and will explain all of the basics of the game for players. Once they make it through the tutorial, they will then be able to compete for real cash prizes. In order to do this, players compete in real skill-based competitions. These are tournament style matches consisting of between 5 to 10 players of around a similar skill level to the player. In order to win the real cash prizes, players will need to reach the top 3 of the leaderboards.

Tips for winning matches in Bubble Buzz

Gameplay in Bubble Buzz consists of players taking bubbles at the bottom of the screen of a certain color, and launching them at bubbles of the same color at the top of the screen. When these bubbles match, they will pop. When the bubbles pop, they fall down the screen and players are awarded points for how many bubbles they cleared. In addition to getting points for clearing bubbles, they also receive points for how fast they do so.

One of the best ways for players to increase their final score is to clear out all the bubbles. Though there is a time limit, with careful shots and using some of the powerups granted to the player during a course of the match, it can be done. Those who manage to clear the board will see the largest scores at the end of a match. Aiming to be the top 3 will net them a real cash reward. But how does skill-based matchmaking work in Bubble Buzz?

Skill-based matchmaking in Bubble Buzz

One of the most important aspects of any skill-based game is the ability to deliver fair and actually skill-based matchmaking. What AviaGames has done is to ensure that players are always matched against others from across the United States who are within their same skill level. What this does for the player is to ensure that the matches are not only more fun, but more fair and balanced. This allows the player to win more often as well, since they will not be playing others who are way outside of their skill level.

No matter if a player is a beginner or a pro, Bubble Buzz has quality matchmaking that can give them a fun and challenging experience, and a way to earn real cash for popping bubbles.

Cashing out in Bubble Buzz

When a player starts winning some matches in Bubble Buzz, they will see their winnings adding up. When this happens, they will want to cash out their hard-earned money. Luckily in Bubble Buzz, this is an extremely easy process to complete. In just a few simple steps, players can be well on their way to enjoying their winnings. Follow the steps below to get started.

First, players will need to head over to the main menu of the app and find the Withdraw option. Once this option is selected, players will be taken to a screen where they need to verify their identity. This is to ensure the security of their account information. Once they have verified their information, they will be able to proceed to select an amount of cash to withdraw. After this selection is made, they can choose from any of the popular payment processors, such as PayPal, Visa, Venmo, or Apple Pay in order to get their cash.

By choosing one of the payment options listed above, players can ensure that their winnings are handled with the utmost care. All transactions are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure so that players can have quick and easy access to their winnings.

Download Bubble Buzz to win real cash prizes today

Bubble Buzz is truly the best bubble bursting skill-based game available on the market. Not only does the game have quality gameplay, graphics and infinite replayability, but it allows them to make real money from wherever they are. There’s always something to do in Bubble Buzz as well, with new daily events and special login bonuses, players are able to win real cash prizes for completely free.

Head on over to the App Store on an iOS device or visit the official Bubble Buzz website to download the game for completely free and get real cash for popping bubbles today!

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