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Bubble Flow: A Colorful, Fun, And Free Bubble Pop Money-Making Game

Two player’s screen showing Bubble Flow

There is something soothing about systematically clearing up a mess, or bringing order to chaos. We love to put things where they belong. To match like with like so that they’re easy to find, or not in the way. It’s this need for order that makes Bubble Pop games really appealing.

Bubble Pop games are all about pattern recognition, strategy, and speed; all the ingredients you need for a super fun, enjoyably addictive, mobile experience.

What are Bubble Pop games?

There are loads of different versions and formats of the Bubble Pop Game; just like how Solitaire has more than one way to play. But, while Bubble Pop games differ, the key ideas remain the same.

These games challenge you to place or shoot a series of colored bubbles into a mass of multi-colored bubbles. The goal is to cause clusters to pop or fall off the screen.

Bubble Pop games are a departure from word games, card games, or complex strategy games. Unlike more traditional games, Bubble Pop games are designed for the mobile experience first and involve mobile functions like swiping, tapping, and the uniquely mobile vertical orientation.

Meet Bubble Flow?

The best way to understand Bubble Pop games is through an example, and the best example is Bubble Flow by AviaGames. Bubble Flow combines a visually beautiful game display with the added benefit of being able to earn real money while playing. Here are the basics of Bubble Flow to get you started:

1. Bubble color matching

One of the core skills you need to master in Bubble Flow is the ability to quickly match the color of the bubble you are given with the cluster of bubbles on the screen. When you match a bubble with a cluster of two or more bubbles of the same color you cause them to pop and disappear. The difference between a new player and a master is the strategy they use with their shots. The more bubbles you cause to pop with one shot, the more points you earn, which is why Bubble Flow is a game of skill, not luck!

2. The game format

In Bubble Flow, the action takes place at the bottom of the screen, while the important information is displayed at the top. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the bubbles available for you to shoot as well as the shooter itself. With each new shot, a colored bubble is loaded into the shooter. If you hold down the shooter, it displays a handy laser pointer to help you place the bubble exactly where you want it.

The majority of the screen is taken up with the game space where all the clustered bubbles are displayed. Each time you burst a cluster of bubbles, space opens up to give you a better chance to burst new clusters. But beware, every few seconds the game adds a new layer of bubbles to the top of the bunch which means you have to shoot fast to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed!

At the top of the screen, you will find the game timer and your score counter. While most of your focus will be on popping bubbles, you need to keep an eye on these metrics to see that you are maximizing your round. When you play against other players it will be your time and score that dictates whether you can win real cash or not.

3. How to maximize points

Most of your points will come from simply bursting clusters of bubbles but there are ways to super-charge your points. Bubble Flow gives you ‘Props’ like Bomb, Rocket, and Rainbow Bubbles to give you an edge in the game. For example, Rainbow Bubbles allow you to match with multiple bubbles at a time so that you can burst multiple clusters with just one shot! You’ll need to come up with your own strategies for when to use these props, but they will quickly become your greatest weapon for winning.

Make money with Bubble Flow?

Bubble Flow may look like just a fun game to pass the time, and it can be, but it also offers some very real benefits. Bubble Flow is one of many money-making online games that enable you to play against real people from across the US. If you have the time, skill, and tenacity, you can absolutely make money playing Bubble Flow.

It’s a good idea to practice Bubble Flow in free games before you dive into real money-making games. You can use game tickets to play for free and earn bonuses which you can use to enter real games for free.

To win cash, you simply need to choose an entry fee to start playing against another person. At the end of the 3-minute round, the player with the most points wins the game and claims the pot. It’s as simple as that. As you progress, you can choose to play for greater amounts of money or even join tournaments with multiple players in one game.

Is Bubble Flow legit?

YES, it is. But don’t just take our word for it. Do a bit of investigation and you’ll find a few things that help you confirm that Bubble Flow is legit:

  • It has a legit user policy.

  • It uses a matching algorithm to ensure that players are matched fairly.

  • It is part of a large collection of games by AviaGames that have a track record of delivering amazing gaming experiences.

  • All payments are run through legit providers like Venmo, Apple Pay, and Visa.

  • It consistently scores above 4 stars in rating and gets great player reviews.

The best way to see if a game is legit is through experience so why not download Bubble Flow and try for yourself? You now know how it works and that you can make money in the process of having fun, so don’t waste another moment. Whether you end up playing loads of games or just a few, at least you’ll soothe your need to put those bubbles in order.


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