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Derby Dash: AviaGames' Newest Horse Racing Game

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Experience a new kind of thrill with AviaGames' newest horse racing game: Derby Dash! Saddle up and reign supreme in this fun and immersive equestrian game.

derby dash- avia in app event

AviaGames brings a thrilling horse racing game experience to your screens with our latest offering – Derby Dash. This play-based event is currently available on Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash apps. Derby Dash is now open for registration to all players who have been with us for more than 30 days. If you're a new user, don't worry! You can still download the app and participate in other exciting events. Join us today and experience the thrill of Derby Dash!

As a player, you will manage your own horse farm, select, feed, and take them to the racing tracks once they mature. Navigating Derby Dash is an engaging journey that takes you from the barn to the tracks. From the moment you select your horse farm, the thrill begins. This racing horse game requires strategic thinking as you unlock horse farms, choose between ordinary and elite horses, and carefully nourish them with their favorite foods. The excitement peaks at the Derby, where you witness your nurtured horses dash towards victory. This blog walks you through the entire game flow, so buckle up for a fun-filled ride!

How To Play The Horse Racing Game

The basic game flow of the Derby Dash involves picking and feeding horses, followed by exciting horse race games – the Derby. The game consumes an item, Wheat, which provides you with bonus points or gems. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate through the game:

1. Horse Farm Selection

After entering the racehorse game, you are required to select a horse farm. Initially, you will need to unlock three farms in sequential order. Each farm requires a specific amount of wheat: 10, 30, and 80, respectively. The "Wheat" item can be obtained by participating in a cash game, making specific deposits, or watching ads. Some players might receive Wheat through random item rewards.

2. Pick a Horse & Feeding

The horse-picking process starts with you choosing a horse from a list of four random options. Each horse has a unique image and description, including its name, nationality, and favorite food. There are ordinary and elite horses, with the latter marked by a crown icon. Elite horses are naturally faster and have a higher chance of winning the Derby. Once a horse is selected, you can start feeding it. Feeding involves picking sacks, which may contain food, horse racing equipment, or Bonus/Gems. Feeding the horse its favorite food fills the food meter faster and refreshes the sacks. For convenience, there’s an AUTO PICK feature, which stops when the following conditions are triggered:

  • You manually end Auto Pick

  • Your remaining wheat is less than what's required for one pick

  • A bonus game is triggered

  • The Jackpot is filled

  • The event ends during Auto Pick.

3. Bonus Game - Derby

The highlight of the event is the horse racing video games – the Derby Bonus Game, which starts when your horse is fully fed. Five horses participate in each race. The player needs to pick a lane and hit the 'Go' button to start the race. The lanes are marked with "PTS" and a special item reward - horseshoes. The final ranking of the horse race game and the collection of horseshoes determines your bonus reward.

4. Ranking

The ranking of the race can be influenced by several factors:

  • Acceleration: Players can click the [GIDDY UP] button to speed up their horses.

  • Type of Horse: Elite horses have a higher winning rate compared to ordinary horses.

  • Strength of the Horse: The stronger your horse is, the higher its winning rate. A horse becomes stronger when it eats more of its favorite food.

In case of game disconnection, if the app process is killed, the player will directly enter the result page upon reconnection. If the app is switched to the background, the game will pause and can be resumed after returning.


Derby Dash is a captivating horse racing game that encapsulates all the excitement of the tracks right on your screen. Whether it’s picking and nurturing horses or participating in heart-racing Derbies, the game promises endless entertainment. With a blend of strategy and luck, every player gets a fair shot at emerging as the racehorse champion. Get ready to dive into this immersive gaming experience – Saddle up with Derby Dash today available on your favorite free solitaire app and bingo app!


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