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Dice Cruise: Your Newest Dice Game in Town!

Roll the dice and test your luck on Dice Tour, a captivating dice game to win bonus prizes!

dice cruise

Welcome to Dice Cruise, the newest sensation in the realm of dice games! Be prepared to embark on a journey that will test your luck. As the dice tumble, it fuels your excitement about what prize you will get, making every moment captivating. Win lots of prizes in this limited-time mini game. Play Dice Cruise from the Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash apps. Download now if you still don't have these game apps on your phone yet!

This delightful bonus game combines elements of Monopoly and the chance to offer an engaging and rewarding experience. Roll the dice, progress through the board, and unlock amazing prizes along the way. Read more on how to play this game of dice.

How to play this dice game?

Discovering how to play Dice Cruiseis a breeze! In this section, we will delve into the rules and mechanics of this captivating bonus game. Get ready to roll the dice, test your luck, and unlock big prizes from this exciting game!

  1. Open either Bingo Tour or Solitaire Clash apps (Dice Cruise is only available on these apps).

  2. Click on the Dice Cruise mini game. Play by either depositing or playing cash games to earn gas.

  3. You can choose from 4 colorful maps: Popsicle Shop, Juice Shop, Cookie Shop, and Gummy Shop. They have the same overall theme of sweets and candies, but core gameplay and mechanics remain the same for all maps.

  4. Spend gas to roll the dice. The number shown on the final drop of the dice will determine the number of places you can jump.

  5. Prizes include gems and bonus cash. You can also land on a bonus game such as "Iceberg Miner" in which you can mine random cash prizes.

  6. You will never lose in this game! You can always earn either gems or bonus cash!

  7. Lucky you if you land on a spot with a question mark. It will generate a random prize for you. It usually gives higher value prizes.

  8. Running out of gas Don't worry! You can watch ads to gain more gas and play more!

Limited Time Only!

Dice Tour is available for a limited time only, from May 17th to May 24th. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience this exciting game and chase riches with every roll. Invite your friends and family to try this casual dice game. May the dice be in your favor and win you some great cash bonuses! Download the Bingo Tour and Solitaire Clash apps now to play Dice this game of dice!



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