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Does Bingo Clash Pay Real Money? (Quick Answer is Yes!)

When you think of playing Bingo, you probably don’t think of a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, mobile experience, do you? But things have changed!

The next generation of online games are played online, on your phone, and with real money!

How does Bingo work online?

Bingo is a ridiculously well-known game that has been around for over 100 years. While there is a charm to the traditional version of Bingo, a little bit of urgency gives the game new life!

Online versions of Bingo are very similar to what you might have seen before, but there are some key differences:

  • Everything happens on your phone. No extra equipment needed.

  • You can play against real people from around the world and even play in tournaments.

  • You can place bets on your games to make real money.

  • You can get more than one bingo in a single game. In fact, you should try to get as many as possible.

To sum it up, playing Bingo online is WAY more exciting. Let’s dive into an example of the best money-making online Bingo game: Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash.

What is Bingo Clash and how does it work?

Bingo Clash, by AviaGames, is a flagship online Bingo game that is part of the Pocket7Games family of skill-based social games. It takes all the best ingredients of traditional Bingo and adds awesome features that make it even more fun and addictive.

Once you have downloaded the game app and set up your account, you can start by practicing your skills in the practice environment. When you are ready to level up, you simply need to add a cursory buy-in amount. A matching algorithm will then match you with a real person from somewhere else in the US that has a similar skill level to you.

Gameplay is similar to traditional Bingo. When the game begins, you are given a bingo card grid filled with numbers. Each column of the Grid is assigned a letter of B-I-N-G-O and a color: B - Red

I - Blue

N- Purple

G -Yellow

O - Green

At the top of the screen, a new ball is shown every few seconds. The aim of the game is to quickly match the balls (called ‘daubing’) with the correct number and color on your game grid. When you have a line of matches either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you can press the Bingo button and earn points!

But it doesn’t end there. You can get multiple Bingos or even a ‘full house’ by matching every square on the grid. Each game is timed and only lasts a few minutes. The faster you match, the more points you earn. You also earn power-ups as you play, which can push up your points or make matching easier.

How to win real money on Bingo Clash

So now that you have an idea of how to play Bingo Clash, how do you become a winner who makes real money? That’s the golden question. Nothing is ever guaranteed but here are a few Bing Clash tips and tricks that could set you up for success:

1. Think fast

You need to keep track of all the elements of the game at once and act fast to win. This is especially true when matching the Bingo balls. The faster you can make a match between the ball and your grid, the more points you will earn. But beware, if you make a mistake and match a ‘false Bingo’, you will lose points! So think fast, but also carefully.

2. Use power-ups wisely

Power-ups can make or break a game. You earn power-ups by matching numbers and filling up your power-ups bar. When the bar is full, you earn a new power-up. Each power-up comes with its own benefits:

  • Diamonds allow you to match with any number on the grid,

  • X2 multiplier helps you to double the points of your matches

  • ‘G’ gives you a choice of 4 balls to match from or a random number on your board.

PRO TIP: Don’t hold on to your power-ups for too long because you can only have two at a time. If you don’t use your power-ups, you’ll miss out on the new ones you could be earning.

3. Play the corners

One of the best ways to score points is by matching multiple Bingos at once. That’s what makes the corners so valuable. Whenever you can, hold off on pushing the Bingo button until you have more than one Bingo leading from one of the corners. Diamond power-ups are especially helpful in your corners.

4. Watch that TIMER

Here’s where your nerves are put to the test. The longer you wait, the more Bingos you can cash in on at the same time. You earn way more points when you can combine your Bingos with your power-ups right before the game ends. But watch out, if you wait too long and the game ends, or your opponent gets a full house, you will be sorry you didn’t get the points when you had the chance.

5. Memorize the board

The one constant in every game is the layout of the board. Although the numbers change, the columns and their colors stay the same. The pros know what column to match in just by seeing the color of the ball. You’ll also avoid matching in the wrong column if you have the board memorized.

Is Bingo Clash a legit way to win real money?

You can start earning money with Bingo Clash at any time! You can select how much you want to play for in each game and save your winnings. You can choose to use the cash in your account to play more games or withdraw it at any time.

You can play Bingo Clash for free or for real money, but there are some restrictions:

  • You must be 18 or older to play Bingo Clash for real money in most parts of the United States.

Why don’t you practice acting fast by downloading Bingo Clash today? It’s a super legit game that’s fun and allows you to earn real money!



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