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Earn Shares of The Prize Pool from P7 Ruins Runner Leaderboard

Updated: Oct 31

Dive into the P7 Ruins Runner Leaderboard guide and discover how to win a share of the prize pool. A must-read for every gamer looking to win big!

prize pool

Attention gamers! There's an exciting game update that is happening: the P7 Ruins Runner Leaderboard. This isn't just a simple leaderboard – it's your chance to show off your skills, compete with players everywhere, and get a shot at winning some great prizes in our cash game app. Whether you're already an expert or you're just getting started, this update will give you the chance to reap a share of the Ruins Runner prize pool. And the best part? You can see your progress in real-time and aim for the top spots. Ready to find out more? Let's jump in and see how you can join the fun and win.

What is the P7 Ruins Runner Leaderboard?

Pocket7Games' Ruins Runner leaderboard is a game update where players are given the chance to earn a share of the winning prize. Players who will play the mini game "Halloween Ruins Runner" on the P7 app will get the chance to join the rankings on a leaderboard limited to 500 players. The prize money promises both Bonus Cash and Tickets, the total of which is determined by the collective item consumption of all leaderboard players. That means the more you play, the more cash and tickets you can win!


Reward Content




Dynamic Accumulations










Please note that the Halloween Ruins Runner game will be available from October 30 to November 5. Therefore, you can only view the leaderboard on these dates. This is a great game feature to level up your competitive gameplay and aim for the top spot to earn higher-value prizes. Read more to know how to win your share of this amazing opportunity!

How To Win Share of the Prize Pool?

Ready to claim your slice of the prize? Here's your step-by-step guide on how to rise in the ranks and boost your chances to win big in the P7 Ruins Runner game leaderboard!

Leaderboard Details

During the Ruins Runner period, an interactive leaderboard will go live. Keen to check your stats? Simply click on the leaderboard icon, which will usher you to the details page. Here's what you can expect:

  • Current Prize Money: See the total prize amount up for grabs.

  • Ranking List: Discover your competition and where you stand.

  • Player's Ranking: Your current position in the leaderboard.

  • Consumed Items & Expected Rewards: Gauge your game progression and potential winnings.

Note: The player's profile cannot be viewed when clicking on the avatar. Each player's leaderboard is tailored to their skill level and game history, ensuring fair competition. Moreover, each leaderboard caps at 500 players. If you’ve made the cut, your "Current Ranking" will be displayed prominently.

Ranking Rules

Wondering how the leaderboard works? Let's break it down:

  • Item Consumption: Players are ranked from the highest to the lowest based on the number of items they've consumed.

  • Tie Breakers: Consumed the same number of items as someone else? Rankings will then be decided by who consumed them first.

  • Real-Time Updates: Your position on the leaderboard isn't static! Game rankings are updated in real time throughout the event. Your final position will be based on where you stand at the event's conclusion.

Reward Rules

Players will get a corresponding amount of rewards depending on where they place on the game's leaderboard. You can also see the rewards to be expected when the Ruin Runner game goes live.

  • Prize Formation: The total items consumed by players are proportionally exchanged for Bonus Cash and Tickets to create the prizes.

  • Expected Rewards: Curious about your potential winnings? Once you're on the leaderboard, you can see your expected rewards based on your current rank. Remember, these values will update in real-time.

  • Reward Distribution: Your final rewards are based on your position at the end of the event. The equivalent rewards for each rank range are as follows:

Once the event wraps up, rewards will be seamlessly transferred to your Account Balance—no pop-ups, no hassle.


The P7 Ruins Runner game leaderboard is more than just a competition—it's a journey of strategy and skill to climb up the game rankings. The satisfaction of earning cash bonuses and tickets after your effort to rank up is surely worth it in the end. What are you waiting for? Download our cash game app now and start playing our real cash game. So, dive in, enjoy every moment, and claim your share of the prize pool.

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