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Game On: Online Solitaire! Web Game (No Download Needed!)

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Solitaire is just too well-known and timeless to be left in the past. Online gamers know that Solitaire is no longer just a solo game you play when you need to waste some time. Gone is the ratty deck of cards and playing without a purpose. Online Solitaire games like Solitaire! have given new life to your favorite game and now you can play Solitaire! online一no app needed.

Whether you’re new to playing Solitaire! online or have played it before on the Pocket7Games app, you’re going to love the all-new mobile web version.

What is Solitaire!?

Solitaire! is one of the flagship games brought to you by AviaGames. It’s a social game that enables you to play Solitaire against people from across the US. That’s right, you play actual people, not bots, and can win sweet cash in the process.

Solitaire! is based on the classic Klondike version of the original game but adds a few exciting features. Here are some of the features of Solitaire!:

  • Not only do you play against another player from across the US, but you’ll need to race the timer to get as many points as you can before the end of the round.

  • You can play anywhere, anytime because Solitaire! is available on your phone 24/7.

  • You can earn money just for winning.

  • Solitaire! is a skills-based game so the more you play, the better you will get

  • Solitaire! is made by AviaGames so you know it’s legit!

For the last few years, Solitaire! has been available exclusively on the Pocket7Games mobile app, but things have changed. You can now play Solitaire! online, in your mobile browser, too!

Solitaire! goes online

Until now, Solitaire! has been available exclusively as a mobile app, both on Apple iPhones and android smartphones. Recently, however, AviaGames has made Solitaire! is available in your mobile browser so there’s no need to download an app to have fun. The two platforms are 100% linked which means that all your up-to-date game data is shared between the two platforms.

Should you play Solitaire! on the app or in the mobile browser?

The answer to this question comes down to personal preference. Because your profile and user data are the same on both, you could choose to switch between platforms. On the other hand, there are subtle pros and cons to both depending on how you like to play. Let’s compare:

Mobile app

Mobile Web games

App only available on certain phones

Available on all mobile browsers

Download the app

Play directly on the mobile browser

User experience designed for app

User experience designed for online

Requires phone memory and processing power

No additional memory or processing power than web browser

Both options provide a seamless, and epic game experience so pick what works for you.

How to play Solitaire!

Let’s clear up some words that you will come across in any free Solitaire game:

The Stock: This is the pile of cards that are left over when the game is dealt. You use the stock to reveal new cards to add to your game.

The Tableau: This is where the majority of the game is played. The tableau consists of 7 rows of cards each with its last card showing upward.

The Foundation: This is the target table consisting of 4 rows. You will use the foundation to build each of the 4 suits starting from the ace.

With those definitions in place, you’re ready to play Solitaire!.

How it works

In Solitaire!, the aim of the game is to earn more points than your opponent before the game clock runs out. Of course, completing the game before your opponent is also a major win.

Other than the timer and the points, it’s pretty much the same as any free Solitaire game. You have to move face-up cards from one column in the tableau to another so that you can create sequences in suits. You can only move a card/s to a new column if it is the next card in the sequence in descending order. For example, you can move a four of diamonds onto a five of diamonds in another column. Keep in mind that all the cards attached to the card you move go with it to the new column. So, if you have a sequence of four, three, and two of diamonds in your column, all three cards will move when you place the four of diamonds onto the five of diamonds in the new column.

You can place an ace into the foundation at any time. When an ace is in place, you can start to put cards in sequence on top (i.e. ace, two, three, etc.). You will finish the game when all four foundations are complete from ace to king of each suit. But remember, placing cards into the foundation too soon can cut out options in the tableau, so be strategic.

Making money playing Solitaire!

Whether you play Solitaire! online or through the app, making money is SO simple. You earn as you win.

When the game starts, you will select the buy-in amount that you want to play for. Once selected, the game will pit you against an opponent with a similar level of skill and experience using its matching algorithm. Both players will try to earn as many points throughout the round as possible. When either a player completes the deck or the time runs out, the game will reveal the winner. The winner takes the cash.

You can withdraw your cash from your account at any time with multiple options. Solitaire! partners with Visa, Venmo, Mastercard, and PayPal so you can choose how you get your cash.

Are you ready to try Solitaire! online? Choose the platform that works best for you and then start winning! Not only will you see Solitaire! in a whole new light, but you’ll get to make cash in the process.