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How do you play Bubble Buzz?

Skill-based gaming is one of the most fun things that players can do on their smartphones and tablets. In fact, it can also be one of the most rewarding things they can do as well. This is because there are certain games available that can reward players with real cash prizes. One of the best games out on the market right now for skill-based gaming is Bubble Buzz. This is a fantastic and fun bubble popping game that allows players to test their skills against others in an effort to see who is the best - and which player can win real cash. But how do you play Bubble Buzz? Read on to find out.

What is Bubble Buzz?

Before getting started with Bubble Buzz, players will need to understand exactly what Bubble Buzz is. As a skill-based game, Bubble Buzz is a fun and fast-paced bubble popping game that pits groups of between 5 to 10 players against one another in skill-based competitions to win prizes. The game is available for players to download on iOS devices, and can be gotten for completely free. This means that no matter what device a player is using, they can win real cash from the comfort of their home. Simply follow the steps below to download Bubble Buzz and start playing and winning today!

How players can download Bubble Buzz on an iOS device

  • First, players will want to head to the App Store on iOS devices or visit the official Bubble Buzz website, where they can download the app directly

  • Once in the App Store, players should search for Bubble Buzz

  • Tap on the Install button to begin downloading the app

  • Install the app to the chosen device

  • Launch the app and complete the easy registration process

  • Start winning real cash prizes

How to play Bubble Buzz

As a skill-based bubble popping game, Bubble Buzz is easy to learn but can be difficult to master. Because of this, one of the first things a player is going to want to learn is how the flow of the game works. Because when players understand the basics, they can do much better. When the game starts, players will notice a timer ticking in the top right hand corner. In Bubble Buzz, players must race against the clock as well as other players to earn the best score possible.

First, players will take a bubble of a certain color on the bottom of the screen, and launch it towards rows of other colored bubbles on the top of the screen. When bubbles of the same color hit each other, they will stick together. When the player stacks 3 or more bubbles in a row, they will pop. When the bubbles pop, the other bubbles attached to them will fall down. The main objective of Bubble Buzz is to clear all of the rows of bubbles within the time limit. Players are awarded with a higher score for careful accuracy and popping, but they can also earn power ups as well to help them out.

Tips for winning the most cash in Bubble Buzz

While most of the reason players win cash in Bubble Buzz is due to their skill, there are a few ways that they can increase their winnings in game. The first of course, is to enter into matches that have the most number of players. Tournament play in Bubble Buzz can range from between 5 to 10 players. When a player selects a match that has a higher number of players, the prize pool will be much larger. While the competition may be fiercer in a match with more players, the payout makes it worth it.

There are also a number of free mini-games that players can participate in during their time in the app. One of the first ones they will notice is a prize wheel. Players can spin the prize wheel once per day, and will receive free prizes ranging from diamonds to real cash, simply for spinning the wheel. In addition to playing these fantastic minigames, simply logging into Bubble Buzz each day can reward players in exciting ways as well.

There is always something exciting going on in Bubble Buzz

One of the best things about logging into Bubble Buzz is that there is always an exciting event or daily task that players can complete. Not only can players earn free rewards, such as the in-game currency of diamonds for completing these events, but they can also earn real cash. By simply logging on to Bubble Buzz each day, players can earn enough diamonds to enter into the special events, including real cash tournaments for completely free. When players win these matches, they can earn real money as well! This can make logging into Bubble Buzz the most rewarding part of a player’s day.

Skill-based matchmaking can help players succeed in Bubble Buzz

In Bubble Buzz, players will only be paired up with others of a similar skill level. This means that whether a player is just starting out, or has been playing bubble popping games for years, they can rest assured that the competition will be fair in Bubble Buzz. In fact, AviaGames, the developer of Bubble Buzz, has designed a special matchmaking system that only lets players of a similar skill level play together. The reason for this is that AviaGames aims to provide a fair and fun environment for competition with Bubble Buzz. This not only means more wins for the player, but can put more money in their pocket as well, when they can win more often.

Download Bubble Buzz to start winning cash today

For players who want to be able to earn real money from their smartphone or tablet, Bubble Buzz is the best app they can have. With exciting gameplay, fun daily events, and the ability to win real money, players should download Bubble Buzz from the official website and give it a try today!



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