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How Puzzle Games Can Benefit Your Mental Health

When the world starts getting too fast-paced for your liking, it’s normal to look for new avenues to de-stress and take a short break. What’s the best way to do that? Playing games – more specifically, puzzle games. Whether you’re looking to build your brain power or simply pass the time, you can reap many benefits by just playing that puzzle on your mobile phone.

What Is a Puzzle Game?

Puzzle games are games that are designed to challenge a player to solve problems. This type of game tests different skills like solving sequences, recognizing patterns, and logic. While others may consider puzzles as old-fashioned, the popularity of puzzle games proves that it can stand the test of time. In fact, it’s presently one of the top mobile gaming trends. These puzzles come in different forms: word puzzles, memory games, logic puzzles, and so much more!

Top Puzzle Game: Word Clash

One of the top puzzle games right now is Word Clash, a fun word puzzle game where you can solve word puzzles to earn real money! Battle it out with other players from all over the world, play crossword puzzles, and see who comes out on top on the leaderboard. Whether it’s a classic or fast-paced crossword game you’re looking for, Word Clash has got it for you. Even better, you can play for as long as you want – without any of those annoying ads!

How Can Puzzle Games Benefit Your Mental Health?

Games aren’t just for kids – it’s for grown-ups, too. And In case you didn’t know yet, playing puzzle games does so many wonders to your mental health. It improves your mood, helps with stress management, and even increases productivity. But here’s the best part – there’s so much more. For all the puzzle beginners and puzzle experts out there, read on to find out how these puzzle games can help benefit your mental health.

Stronger Relationships With Family and Friends


No man is an island – especially when you feel like you’ve been stuck in that same puzzle for ages. The best way to solve a puzzle? Ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with calling a friend for help to figure out a challenging puzzle. In fact, collaborating with others can further solidify your relationships with them. If that’s not your thing, you can even engage in a friendly puzzle competition with your family. One thing’s for sure – spending quality time with your loved ones is an excellent way to stay mentally healthy.

Mood Improvement

Did you know solving puzzles can also help improve your mood? This is due to the release of dopamine. The effects of this neurotransmitter include improved memory, concentration, and motivation. Not only that, it helps with mood improvement, too! This brain chemical is released after successfully completing a puzzle. Even getting that one small piece of the puzzle correctly gives you that release of dopamine. It helps you stay challenged so you can work on the puzzle until you get it right.

Stress Management

Although it may sound ironic that a difficult puzzle can keep your stress levels at bay – it’s true. Solving puzzles has proven to be a great way to manage your stress. We live in a fast-paced world where everything constantly demands our attention. By simply focusing on a single task – like solving puzzles – your mind is shifted to a meditation-like state. A state that gives you feelings of tranquility. This shift leads to different benefits including managed stress, improved mood, and increased self-confidence.

Short-Term Memory Improvement

Have you ever found yourself to be increasingly forgetful with time? Playing puzzle games might actually just help improve your memory. Here’s how it works. When a puzzle gets too tough to solve, your brain establishes new connections between brain cells – also called neurons. With these established relationships, your thought processes become much quicker. This is great for improving your short-term memory. It’s a type of memory that helps with recalling information and looking at the puzzle with a broader view by determining how the smaller pieces fit together.

Increase In Productivity

When your mood is improved and stress levels are low, what do you get? Increased concentration. If you’re finding it difficult to complete that task at work, consider taking a short break by playing a puzzle. This helps reset your brain to refocus, so you can get the task done quickly. In fact, it’s so effective at increasing productivity that many offices are now including puzzle games in their break rooms! Keeping employees occupied with puzzles during short breaks helps them come back to doing their task with a refreshed state of mind.

Lowered Risk of Developing Dementia

One way to prevent the development of degenerative mental conditions, like dementia, is to keep your brain active. It comes as no surprise that playing puzzles keeps your brain at work. Multiple studies have shown that solving puzzles regularly can prevent the damage of neurons to the extent of damage found in dementia patients. It also generates new brain cells and strengthens the connections between them. It wouldn’t hurt to incorporate puzzle-solving in your daily routine in order to delay the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Final Words

The mental health benefits of playing puzzle games almost seem endless. You can improve your mood, manage your stress, and increase your productivity – among many other advantages. All you need is to find the perfect puzzle game for you. For example, you can download Word Clash and play to earn real cash. It’s perfect for people who are looking for an addictive puzzle game while earning some extra income on the side.

Now that you’re aware of all the advantages of playing puzzle games, don’t forget to play these on the regular to make the most out of the mental health benefits. When you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the stressors of daily life, one round of this game might just be what you need. If you haven’t gotten into the fun world of puzzles yet, there’s definitely no better time to get into it than now.

Download Word Clash today一enjoy its benefits and the cash you can potentially earn!

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