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Introducing Pocket7Games Web Games: Free Money-Making Online Web-Based Games

Pocket7Games Web Games platform view

We live in an age of choice. You get to choose what you do with your time, how you spend your money, and what you want to do for fun. Almost every aspect of life is a choice. The more options you have to choose from, the more you are able to spend your time on the things you actually WANT to do..

Perhaps you’ve already chosen to be a gamer and picked some games that work for you. Or maybe you’re new to online games and are looking for options? Either way, your choices just got a whole lot better. AviaGames, makers of Pocket7Games, has released Pocket7Games for the web! Now you can choose between an app or a browser experience depending on your needs.

Let’s explore what that means for gamers just like you.

What is Pocket7Games web games?

To bring you up to speed, AviaGames has been providing best-in-class online, money-making games via their Pocket7Games app for over 6 years. The game app features all your familiar favorites like Bingo, Solitaire, BlackJack, and many more. The Pocket7Games app is super legit and has seen massive growth both in terms of user numbers and game titles. There are so many games to choose from and all of them allow you to make money as you play.

Here’s the groundbreaking news: Pocket7Games has grown so now you can access all your favorite games directly through your mobile browser, no app needed! Don’t misunderstand, the app is as awesome as ever, you just now have more choices. Some people are app people and others are browser people; it comes down to personal preference and convenience.

This is also good news because the two platforms are completely linked. All your user data, game history, and accounts will have exactly the same information on both platforms so you can pick up where you left off wherever you want to play.

3 reasons why you should play Pocket7Games online

1. If you’ve just got too many apps!

Most gamers spend a lot of time switching between different apps and software and it can be exhausting. Being able to play directly in your mobile browser means you have one less app cluttering up your collection. Not to mention that you’ll be lightening the load for your already hard-working phone. You’ll be able to dial back on the memory required for a new app and save on battery because there will be no app running in the background.

2. If your phone isn’t suitable for game apps

Not everyone has the latest iPhone or an Android with all the right specs. Sometimes you can be limited by your phone, or would simply like to separate gaming from your mobile experience. Web-based games take the need for a particular type of phone out of the picture. For example, some games may only be available on the Apple iStore and not on Google Play or vice versa.

3. If you want it all

The fact that the Pocket7Games app and web platform are completely linked, means that you don’t have to choose if you don’t want to. You can use both interchangeably depending on your lifestyle and needs. The app is great for when you’re on the go and want access to games while you’re out in the world. On the other hand, the desktop version could be your go-to when you’re at home and want extra screen space.

Is Pocket7Games Web Games just as legit?

The short answer is: you bet! The key thing to remember is that the Pocket7Games app and online platform act in exactly the same ways and contain all the same features. So, if both versions work in the same way, let’s recap the benefits that are now available to you in the web experience.

Make money by playing Pocket7Games online

Pocket7Games has always helped you make sweet cash just by playing your favorite games and that is 100% true on the web platform too. To start making money, you just have to:

  1. Create an account

  2. Load up some spending money or start with free money-making games

  3. Pick your money-making game

  4. Get matched with another player

  5. Win!

You can withdraw your cash and winnings whenever you want with legit payment partners like Venmo, Paypal, and Visa.

Pocket7Games web games are legit

The fact that Pocket7Games has been around since 2017 shows that they have a proven record of being legit. But more than their history, Pocket7Games has prioritized putting fairness first. When you join Pocket7Games you will see a great user policy and will benefit from their anti-cheating mechanisms. More than anything though, the real test of legitimacy is how gamers feel about their experience. You will see that Pocket7Games’ titles all score above four stars in user ratings and are chock full of awesome reviews. If the app experience is any indicator, you are bound to live the web experience.

Pocket7Games Web Games is social

Pocket7Games has always been about creating naturally social games. Their games are not built for playing against bots or in isolation because games are better when they’re shared. Pocket7Games online continue this principle by enabling you to play against people from across the US. All games give you the opportunity to play one-on-one against someone else and some games go further by offering you tournaments. Tournaments allow you to play against multiple opponents in a series of games.

Pocket7Games Web Games already offer a number of games like Bingo Clash, Solitaire!, Tile Blitz, 21 Gold, and Match n Flip, with more games being added all the time.

Time to choose

Now you know that you’ve just been given more options! More games, on more platforms, with all the same benefits. You can experience casual games online in a whole new way or for the first time. Check out Pocket7Games Web Games today and choose for yourself. With Pocket7Games web games there’s no need for downloads, just a few clicks and you’re up and running!

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