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Avia's Most Popular Mobile Games With New Features for Summer Fest

Explore the top-rated picks and the most popular mobile games from Avia. Discover the fan-favorite game titles and their awesomeness. Download now for endless fun and excitement!

Avia perfect summer games

As summer begins, the special season focuses on leisure and relaxation. To celebrate and to get ready for the season, we developed the top mobile gaming apps like "Bingo Tour," "Solitaire Clash," and the Pocket7Games social competition platform, which is launching new features and exciting in-game events. Our CEO and founder, Vickie Chen, pointed out that our primary focus is creating mobile gaming apps that are not only entertaining but also relaxing and enjoyable. We take pride in providing a positive outlet for people, whether it's connecting with loved ones during quality time or seeking a moment of calmness on a busy day. The most popular mobile games titles serve as a source of joy and relaxation for players in various ways.

Most Popular Mobile Games and Top - Rated Picks

We offer a variety of prize-winning, fan-favorite apps perfect for honing bingo skills, exploring a unique spin on classic billiards, or diving into captivating card games. The summer fun features of these apps provide endless entertainment and opportunities to challenge your skills while enjoying the season's vibes.

● 8 Ball Strike

play 8 ball game for money

This 8 ball pool inspired game boasts an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating on the App Store which offers a refreshing twist on the classic pool experience that's accessible anytime and anywhere. Each quick round lasts under three minutes, which makes it challenging for players to pocket every ball by strategically using multipliers in every pocket to increase points per shot. The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest score and claim victory along with their well-deserved prize in the 8 ball pool game.

● Solitaire Clash

play solitaire for cash

Solitaire Clash is currently holding the prestigious No.2 spot among skill-based Card Games on the App Store. This game is designed for card fanatics who enjoy competitive gameplay in simultaneous multiplayer tournaments as well as offering exciting chances to win fantastic rewards throughout the summer season. For those who prefer a more relaxed approach, there's also a solitaire free to play option to sharpen your card skills with a few practice rounds while staying cool under pressure.

● Bingo Tour

play bingo for cash

Experience a modern take on classic bingo games with Bingo Tour, a top-rated skill-based game that delivers stunning visuals and a user-friendly interface to mobile devices worldwide. Enjoy quick-to-play sessions and fantastic rewards as you match colors and numbers to Bingo balls on the grid. Whether you're by the pool competing in lively tournaments with fellow players or just relaxing in the shade for a solo game, Bingo Tour offers endless entertainment and excitement.

● Bingo Clash

play bingo for cash

Checkout the excitement of Bingo Clash, another standout skill-based Bingo game known for its easy to navigate design, quick loading, and engaging gameplay. Compete to complete a full house on your bingo game cards using smart strategies. Bingo Clash adds an extra layer of amusement with active power-up tools like GIMME MORE, DAUB IT, and EARN DOUBLE, intensifying the competition against other sharp and high-scoring players.

● Bubble Buzz

play bubble shooter game

Unwind effortlessly after a long day of travel with a modern twist on the classic free bubble shooter arcade game. Bubble Buzz offers a blend of quick reflexes and strategic gameplay. Simply move your finger to aim and release a bubble, aiming to clear the screen of all bubbles. Use special bubble pop like Bomb, Rocket, Lightning Bubbles, and Rainbow Bubbles to earn bonus points. With its basic mechanics and captivating play, Bubble Buzz is perfect for relaxing after a busy day.


We always offer the best source for casual mobile gaming excitement and created a hub for our most popular mobile games like Bingo Clash, Bingo Tour, and Solitaire Clash. These games are quick and rewarding which are suitable for players of all skill levels, from casual to hardcore. With over 15 unique skill-based games under one membership, we let players switch effortlessly between puzzles, action, cards, and strategy games. Their goal is to create an inclusive gaming platforms where everyone can enjoy their favorite games to the fullest.

Download your favorite games now and join the lively "Sweet Blast" event with new characters and bonuses. Our popular mobile games and summer additions are designed to make your downtime more enjoyable whether you're waiting for a flight, on a road trip with friends or relaxing after a busy day playing on their mobile gaming apps.



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