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Online Card Game Strategies: Solitaire + Black Jack

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So you like playing online card games, but you're ready to up the ante and play games that pay real money. Hey, we're with you there. Online card games are cool and all, but there's gotta be a better prize than bragging rights, am I right?

(Psst, there totally is—over at Pocket7Games. Before entering a cash-prize competition, you can play for free and practice as much as you want!)

But, of course, you probably want to sharpen your skills and nail down your strategy first. If that's the case, you're in the right place.

12 Strategies for Acing Online Card Games

Alright, huddle up. We're dealing out our top strategies for three mobile card games: solitaire, and blackjack. Keep these close to your heart and you're bound to win the next showdown.

Four strategies for winning mobile solitaire games

1. Expose large stacks of hidden cards first: When trying to expose hidden cards, target the biggest piles first. Odds are high that you'll uncover useful cards, so focus on whittling down those piles early in the game.

2. Don't empty a tableau spot without a king: While you may feel victorious for emptying a whole pile, it's a rookie mistake to do so without a king handy! Think of it this way: you have seven piles in the tableau to juggle cards around. If you don't have a king to fill this empty slot, you'll have fewer piles to work with.

3. Consider color when filling empty tableau spots: Sometimes, you'll have multiple kings at your disposal when a tableau spot frees up. Choose the color wisely. It'll dictate the color order for that pile for the rest of the game. So before throwin' down a card, plan a few steps ahead and check which queens and jacks are available to you first.

4. Build your foundation piles carefully: While the object of the game is to build your foundation piles, don't rush into it. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but you could lock in cards that could help you maneuver piles in the tableau.

From here, you can read up on solitaire games for beginners, or put these strategies into action and try Solitaire Clash. (Go on, win some cash and make us proud!)

Pocket7Games’ Solitaire Clash: An Online Solitaire Game

Solitaire Clash puts a twist on the classic by pitting you against other players—in real time!

Unlike the traditional "Klondike" solitaire, Pocket7Games’ version is designed for quick and easy play.

Five minutes is all you need to stomp the opposition and win some real cash along the way!

The goal of the game is simple: move all of your cards into the foundation piles at the top of the screen. You win once all of your cards are in the foundation.

But there’s a catch: your opponent can do the same thing. Whoever completes their foundation piles first wins the game!

That's what makes Solitaire Clash so exciting. It's not just you against the clock—it's you against another player. We match you with players of similar skill levels so the playing field is always fair.

Download Solitaire Clash today to show off your skills and compete for real cash prizes!

Four strategies for winning mobile blackjack games

1. Don't split tens: We know it's tempting to split a pair of tens. Why run with one good hand when you could have two? Even if the dealer has a weak card (like a five), we advise against it—especially if you're a beginner. Chances are you have the winning hand. So why risk it?

2. Double down when your starting hand is 11: Unless the dealer shows an ace, always double down when your starting hand is 11. Your next card will likely be valued at ten, which means you'll finish at 21. If you're putting cash down, this is an easy way to increase your winnings.

3. Be comfortable to stand with 12 or 13: While you may think these hands are too low, don't rush to hit. Remember, blackjack is a game of known quantities. If the odds are high that the dealer is hiding a card valued at ten—and reveals a four, five, or six—then we can assume their hand is 14, 15, or 16. Standing will force them to take another card and possibly bust.

4. Never take insurance: Some online blackjack tables offer insurance if the dealer shows an ace to offset your losses. In the long run, this isn't worth it. The odds of the dealer making blackjack doesn't justify the price you have to pay and the return from insurance. Hard no from us!

Time to flex your new blackjack skills. Here’s a quick link to download and play 21 Gold for free.

Pocket7Games’ 21 Gold: An Online Blackjack Game

Any veteran casual gamer knows that Blackjack is the ultimate game of skill.

We wanted to keep that feeling alive in our own blackjack game, 21 Gold!

Combining elements of both blackjack and 21 Gold ditches the dealer in favor of a fast-paced, card-flipping battle against yourself—and other players!

Your goal is to clear the four columns by hitting 21 in each of them, with bonuses for clearing back-to-back columns. Earn points with every cleared column, but be careful: going over 21 in any column earns you a strike! Get three of those, and it’s game over.

Earn real money prizes, tournament tickets, and mini-game bonuses as you rise up the leaderboards!

Our fair matchmaking system ensures you'll never be in over your head. We guarantee an exciting and challenging game every single time!

Download 21 Gold for Apple or Android to see if you've got what it takes to be a Blackjack master!

Ready to Play Games that Pay Real Money?

With these 12 strategies in your back pocket, you're an online card game champ in the making. Download the Pocket7Games app for free to show off your new skills一and win some money while you're at it!

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