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Pocket7Games App: 3 New Fun Updates Now Available

Ready, Set, Play: 3 New Pocket7Games App Updates You Don't Want to Miss!

Great news for the avid fans of the Pocket7Games app! There are 3 new app updates that will boost your earning potential in our real cash app games. From Bonus Pass to Cash Guard, these updates offer exciting new features that will enhance your gameplay experience and help you earn more rewards. These updates come at a perfect time for Pocket7Games app players looking for new ways to increase their income potential from playing our mobile app. The app has become increasingly popular over the years, with its unique selection of real cash games and user-friendly interface. With these new updates, our app developers are continuing to deliver on their promise of providing a fun and rewarding gaming experience for their players. So don't miss out on these exciting new updates and start playing today!

Pocket7Games 3 New App Updates:

Pocket7Games App has introduced three new updates - Bonus Pass, Multispin, and Cash Guard - to enhance your gaming experience. These features provide you with the opportunity to win more prizes, spin multiple slots at once, and protect your cash winnings. Please continue to read to learn how each of these features works and how they can help you level up your gaming experience on Pocket7Games App.

1. Bonus Pass

The Bonus Pass feature on the Pocket7Games app is an exciting new way for players to earn bigger rewards while playing their favorite casual games. This new update allows users to deposit a certain amount to unlock a "battle pass" style feature with delayed but much larger cash bonuses. Upon depositing to unlock the Bonus Pass, players will receive the deposit amount in their account balance instantly. This means that players can start playing with their deposited funds right away. Once the Bonus Pass is active, users will receive a "free entry" to a cash game every day during the event period. These free-entry matches have prize pools that can be upgraded by accumulating points. Points can be accumulated by playing cash games, with 1 point awarded for every $1 spent on cash game entry fees. As players accumulate points, a progress meter increases. If a player reaches certain levels on the progress meter, their next "free entry match" prize pool will be upgraded. It's important to note that Bonus Pass prizes are awarded in Bonus Cash. At the end of the event period, players will be able to see how much Bonus Cash they've earned from the Bonus Pass and can use it to continue playing their favorite cash games on the app. Read more information about Bonus Pass here.

2. Multispin

When players enter a cash game, they now have the option to choose between the Standard mode (no bonus prize wheel), Spin mode (bonus prize wheel available once only), and Multispin mode. In Multispin mode, players will have the chance to spin a bonus prize wheel spinner before the match starts to determine the bonus prize they'll receive if they win. What's unique about Multispin mode is that if players are not satisfied with the bonus prize they receive, they can spend tokens or tickets to refresh (respin) the wheel up to a certain number of times. This means that players can have multiple chances to spin for a better bonus prize, making the gameplay experience even more exciting. With Multispin, players have more control over their bonus prizes and the potential rewards they can earn from real money gaming. By spending tokens or tickets to refresh the prize wheel spinner, players can increase their chances of winning bigger rewards. This feature offers an additional layer of thrill to cash games and encourages players to keep playing and testing their luck to earn even more rewards.

3. Cash Guard

Cash Guard is an exciting new feature in the Pocket7Games real cash app games that allows players to protect their entry fees in cash games. With the Cash Guard, players can get back a portion of their entry fee or what we usually call as "money back guarantee" if they lose the match or receive a bonus if they win. The bonus or returned entry fee will be accumulated during the event period and awarded to the player once the Cash Guard period ends. What's even better is that players can upgrade their Cash Guard by depositing at the end of the event period, which will increase the prize awarded. Prizes will be awarded in Bonus Cash, which can be used to play more cash games and win even more rewards. With the Cash Guard feature, players can minimize their risk and maximize their earnings, making real money gaming even more exciting and rewarding. For more information about Cash Guard, read our other blog here.


In conclusion, these 3 new updates to the Pocket7Games app offer exciting new features that will enhance your gameplay experience and help you earn more rewards. With Battle Pass, Multispin, and Cash Guard "money back guarantee", you'll have more opportunities to earn more cash bonuses and protect your winnings. So what are you waiting for? Update your Pocket7Games app today and start playing! Don't miss out on the chance to increase your chances of earning cash in your favorite Pocket7Games app games. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, these app updates provide unique features that make gameplay more thrilling and rewarding. Take advantage of these new updates and watch as your earnings grow. Update your app now and get ready to experience the fun and excitement of Pocket7Games like never before.



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