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Ready, Set, Win: Discover Top 5 Easy Games to Win Money

Updated: May 20

Unlock the fun and thrill with our top 5 easy games to win money. Discover Avia simple yet engaging games to earn money in your free time!

top 5 easy games to win money

Do you want to relax and spend your precious time playing in the competitive gaming scene but are still, stuck with the same games? Are you also one of those who are tired of playing complicated games because you paired up again with toxic and random teammates that might stress you out? Doncha' worry! Avia offers you some of the most relaxing, simple, and easy games where you might have the chance to win money!

 Whether you are competitive or just a seasonal gamer who's looking for an easy minute to win it games that are not complicated and that you can have fun with on your mobile or in the web browser, check out the Avia's game list below!

Top 5 Easy Games to Earn Cash For Real

You might want to check out these simple games to play online that we at Avia can offer. Try out some of our basic games that are not complicated. Uncover your fun and check out which easy game might be the best fit for your liking, which will give you the chance to win real money.

  1. Bubble Buzz

easy bubble game

Participate in the thrill and challenge of popping bubble games with Bubble Buzz. Dare yourself in free online tournaments against players worldwide. Match bubbles by color, pop them, and use power-ups when needed to achieve high scores. The rules are very simple! Enter the fun and vibrant world of bubble game, where free colorful bubbles await your supersonic popping skills.

Download now and launch into a quest filled with thrilling bubble bursts and awesome bonuses. Don't miss out on the fun and potential money prizes - play Bubble Buzz today! To learn more about this Bubble Buzz, check out this bubble pop game tutorial video.

  1. Blockolot

easy block game

Be prepared for fun and easy block puzzle challenges with Blockolot, the leading block puzzle game out there. Check your skills by strategically placing blocks to clear lines and gaining some points. This game might be addictive to some, due to its simple gameplay. Blockolot offers fulfilling attention that makes the players keep playing for more. If you like to play the best easy games and brain games, don't wait any longer – download this puzzle game for free to earn real money! Try our Blockolot game now! To learn more about this game, check out this puzzle block game video tutorial.

  1. Word Search

easy word game

Word Search is a well-known puzzle game, perfect for those who pursue fun and brain exercise. The rules are simple. Find the list of words from a grid of jumbled letters. Easy right? You just have to find these words quickly! The faster you are, the more points you earn, increasing your chances of winning cash prizes. To anyone who is looking for entertaining puzzles and simple brain games, Word Search is the best option. Jump into the world of word puzzles, available on the Pocket7Games app. Download now and start playing this engaging word puzzle game online! To learn more about this game, check out this quick word search game video.

  1. Tile Blitz

easy tile game

If you happen to know and love Tetris, you'll also be hooked on Tile Blitz, the ultimate tetris experience online for free! With its nice graphics and enthusiastic gameplay, Tile Blitz takes the typical free tetris game to the next level. Match tiles to complete rows and columns, just like in Tetris. This game is available on the Pocket7Games app, you can download it or play it online. Feel at ease with this simple and good game. Download this tile game now and explore a world of exciting games to earn real money rewards! To learn more details about this game, check out this quick tile game video.

  1. Fruit Frenzy

fruit game

Stay in the field of fruit matching game, Fruit Frenzy, for a refreshing gaming experience! Enter upon and enjoy a fruity adventure, matching colorful fruits to unlock levels and attain high scores. Simply swipe to link similar fruits, generating explosive combos and collecting points.

Assess your skills in this challenging and energizing game and release your strategic abilities to achieve victory on each level! Download the Pocket7Games app now and play Fruit Frenzy! To learn more about this game, check out this fruity matching game video.

What makes a game easy to play?

What makes a game easy to play

There are a few things that we need to consider for us to categorize if a game is good or not based on interested gamers, casual gamers, friends, or even a newbie's perspective. Here are some of the several factors that will come into play:

Simple Controls

A good mobile game should have simple and basic controls that are easy to grasp and easy to understand, especially those with touchscreen options or clicks-and-go. All kinds of players should be able to easily navigate the menus and interact with the game effortlessly.

Overall Short Learning Curve

We at developer Avia understand that all people are not the same especially when it comes to gaming. So for us, a simple game should have a minimal or short learning curve. The game should allow players to jump right into action without being overwhelmed by the complexity of the game's mechanics or tutorials.

Short Playing Sessions

In life, one of the most valuable things is our time. Avia develops short and quick session games that can be finished in a short amount of time. We can proudly say that our games are often played in short bursts, so if you are a casual gamer, busy person, parent, or even competitive, we make sure that our games are designed and built for quick play sessions.


In the modern world of technology right now we progress, especially with the huge spike in usage of our mobiles and worldwide access to the internet. Avia made sure that we are not being left behind when it comes to advancement, as we dedicate ourselves to making our games accessible as long as we have a mobile device and the internet. We also do not require you to use high-end devices with good specifications just to load and play our games. We only have simple yet colorful graphics to give you enjoyable gameplay that you can still enjoy even if you are using an entry-level device.


There are a lot of factors that we've considered for us to determine these simple and easy games to play with. We tried to give an honest answer based on the factors that we listed above. So if you are a casual player with limited time or a competitive player who loves to compete in tournaments, all of these easy games below are worth trying. Try our simple games online now! These easy game lists are basic to understand and give you the potential to earn money while spending your precious time!


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