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Solitaire Clash Review: Everything you need to know

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

When taking a look at the wealth of different digital solitaire games on the market, it’s important to know everything about any one of these games before getting into them. For a game like Solitaire Clash, fans want to find out if it is worth playing and how the skill-based winning system works. Here is everything that players need to know about Solitaire Clash, and how they can make it their next game of choice.

What is Solitaire Clash?

Solitaire Clash is an online digital solitaire app developed by Avia Games. Players who pick up this game will immediately notice the fast-paced gameplay that will pit them against other players in order to win real money. Fans of the game will engage in tournament style gameplay with others from all across the United States. For players to come out with winnings, they will need to reach the top of the leaderboards. Doing so will require skill and speed in this refreshing take on solitaire.

How to download Solitaire Clash

One of the best things about Solitaire Clash is that it is available to download for free. In addition to being free, it can be downloaded on multiple platforms for both Android and iOS devices. Players who want to download the app only need to follow the simple steps below for their device. Depending on the type of device the player has will slightly change the steps necessary to get the game.

Downloading Solitaire Clash on an Android device

  • Players should first head to the Samsung Galaxy Store or directly download from this link

  • In the Galaxy Store, search for Solitaire Clash

  • Click on the link to start the installation process

  • Install the app to your device

  • Open the application

  • Create a user account and complete the starting tasks

  • Compete with other players in skill-based tournaments to win real money

Downloading Solitaire Clash on an iOS device

  • Players should first head to the App Store store or directly download from this link

  • In the App Store, search for Solitaire Clash

  • Click on the link to start the installation process

  • Install the app to your device

  • Open the application

  • Create a user account and complete the starting tasks

  • Compete with other players in skill-based tournaments to win real money

Gameplay in Solitaire Clash

When a player logs into Solitaire Clash for the first time, they will be greeted with a brief tutorial that will explain to them how to play Solitaire. Once they finish the tutorial, they will then be able to enter a real cash tournament completely free of charge. Players will then compete with between 5 to 10 players in order to win their first real money prize. Upon finishing the tournament, the game opens up and players can then enter as many tournaments and challenge as many players as they want in skill-based gaming.

Skill-based matchmaking

A very important aspect of making Solitaire Clash feel as fair as possible is having a skill-based matchmaking system that puts players of similar skill levels together in the tournaments. Because of the way the system pairs players together, competitions will feel much more balanced, without the frustration of facing opponents that are too advanced at the game. This is great for both newer and more experienced players as the level of challenge will increase as the ability to get better scores in the game increases.

Real cash prizes

Being able to win real cash money while playing Solitaire Clash is one of the best parts of the game. In fact, the way the game is set up allows those who desire to compete in tournaments to have a greater chance of winning, depending on the tournament they choose to play. How this works is that players can choose from brackets that consist of as low as 5 players and up to 10. In the larger brackets, the earning potential will be higher, but the competition will be more fierce.

This kind of setup is great for those who want to choose how to play. No matter what size of tournament that players join, they will be sure to have a great time. In Solitaire Clash, tournaments allow gamers to prove who is the best while winning money in the process.

Cashing out

Being able to have quick and easy access to their money is important to many players. Another factor that makes a game trustworthy is having a safe and secure method of transferring payments. Players should only play cash games that have safe methods of payment transfer. For Solitaire Clash, these methods are PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Visa. This means that every time a player transfers their money to their account, it will be done so in a way that is 100% safe, fast and efficient.

Replay value

Variety and replayability are paramount to the overall replayability of any game. Giving players something to do each day and keeping the game feeling fresh and exciting is important. The way that Solitaire Clash does this is by having special daily events that players can participate in. These events let them unlock special in-game currency and items that they can use to unlock tournaments and other minigames. These daily events, combined with the true excitement of the skill-based tournaments gives digital solitaire fans almost unlimited replayability.

Get started with Solitaire Clash today

Overall, Solitaire Clash provides players with a truly amazing and exciting experience in the palm of their hands. Fans of digital solitaire, old and new will appreciate the gameplay, graphics and activities contained in the app. On top of being fun, it also lets players win real cash prizes. Earning money while playing a game is truly one of the best experiences a player can have. And those who want to join the countless others who have won in Solitaire Clash should download the app and get started today!



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