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Solitaire Clash vs Solitaire! From Pocket7Games: What are their differences

Digital solitaire is a game that has remained popular for many years. In fact, many may remember playing the game on the older Windows PCs. The game has certainly come a long way since then, being ported to many different video game systems including the smartphones and tablets of today. With the game being so popular, it has brought in some heavy hitting contenders into the digital solitaire arena. Two of the best games available for digital solitaire are Solitaire Clash and the Solitaire! game that is part of the Pocket7Games collection. But what are the differences between them?


Both Solitaire Clash and Solitaire! via Pocket7Games are available for free in the App Store for iOS and the Samsung Galaxy Store for Android or through the official Pocket7Games website. One would say that the free price is a selling point for these apps, and that is very true. Both of the games can be downloaded easily on both smartphones and tablets. This makes them easy to justify downloading to grab and go when looking for a fun and easy to play game.


Both of the games can be downloaded and played for free, there is something to be said about being able to really get into the game by way of fantastic graphics. Both Solitaire Clash and Solitaire! feature fantastic colors, smooth animations and a pleasing atmosphere. Each game has slightly different graphics, however as Solitaire Clash has a brighter and more cartoonish field, while Solitaire! is darker and more realistic. Each of these themes combine to create a very solid and appealing experience that can make periods of prolonged play a worthwhile experience.


Gameplay is paramount to a good user experience. There’s no doubt that these two titans in the digital solitaire world both have their fair share of great gameplay. However, there are certain aspects that set them apart. Solitaire Clash offers numerous ways to play, including skill-based tournaments where you can win real cash prizes.

In addition, both games also offer daily events and rewards for loyal players who log in each day. While Solitaire! does also offer skill-based tournaments, there is also the ability to play 1 v 1 matches against anyone the player wishes to prove themselves against. This can also lead to much more enjoyable matches where competition feels balanced. Winning matches in any game feels satisfying and provides a much better overall experience in general, but it’s even better when those wins mean real cash prizes, which both games offer.

Skill-based cash winnings

When playing any online cash game, such as Solitaire Clash or Solitaire! via Pocket7Games, the ultimate goal is to be able to win and collect some cash. While this may be possible in both games, ultimately it comes down to having a satisfying user experience that allows players to feel as though they have been treated fairly. In Solitaire Clash and Solitaire!, the tournament brackets are broken down fairly by player skill. This leads to much more fair gameplay in regards to the tournaments.

For players of Solitaire Clash, when they place in the top 3 of the tournament, they are able to collect their hard earned winnings. In addition, for Solitaire! players there are both the tournament style matches, as well as 1v1 matches where players can win cash though skill-based gameplay.

Safe cashing out of money earned in-game

One of the most important aspects of any online game that offers cash prizes is the game’s ability to securely transfer the winnings to the player. This is because no one would want to play a game that is untrustworthy or one that takes too long to get the money. In order to securely transfer the winnings to players, both Solitaire Clash and Solitaire! use all the popular payment processors such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Visa. In addition, Solitaire! features even more secure payment methods in addition, including Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. The reason for these games having these popular payment methods is so that player’s money can be handled securely, and moved quickly into their own account.


One of the main driving factors for what can make a good game even better is for it to offer replay value. This can be done in a few different ways, but for these solitaire games, something has to keep the players coming back for more each day. Both Solitaire Clash and Solitaire! offer great games to attract players, and both feature solid daily events. These events change over time and give the players something to look forward to each day.

On top of these events being a great way to pass the time, they also award players with the in-game currency, diamonds. Players can use these diamonds for in-game items and to register for special events. These events can help to keep the game fresh over time. There is always something new going on, and it is well worth it to check on the game daily, even if just to finish the daily tasks.


Digital solitaire will always hold a special place in gamer’s hearts around the world. For this reason, the game will always be in high demand. This makes for some stiff competition for what makes up the best online cash digital solitaire game. Ultimately however, both of these games offer players the ability to win real money through skill-based gaming. While Solitaire Clash is a standalone solitaire game, Pocket7Games features much more variety and gives players over 13 different games to choose from on their smartphone or tablet.

Players who are looking for the best way to have fun while making money for winning skill-based games should head to the App Store for iOS or the Samsung Galaxy Store for Android, and download Solitaire Clash or Pocket7Games for free today.



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