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Survey Says: Competition and Prizes Motivate Today’s Mobile Gamers

Updated: Jul 21

In Honor of Video Game Day AviaGames Surveyed Pocket7Games Users to Learn More About Where Their Gaming Started and Where it is Today

survey says about mobile gamers

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 6, 2023 – With Video Game Day right around the corner, AviaGames, creator of the award-winning “Bingo Tour” app and Pocket7Games social competition platform, conducted a survey with Pocket7Games players to learn a bit more about players’ history of gameplay, what motivates them and how they play games today. Dating back to the 1940s, video games have come a long way and mobile gaming alone saw a massive boom in the early 2000s as smartphones became a primary avenue for taking on the competition and winning prizes. Incidentally, over 80% of survey respondents are driven by competition and more than 40% turn to mobile games for prize satisfaction.

“At AviaGames, we love any opportunity to celebrate gaming and it’s nostalgic to take a look back at where it all started and see how far the industry has come,” said Vickie Chen, CEO and founder, AviaGames. “Games have always played an important role in my life, from playing in person as a child to diving full force into mobile gaming startup territory with AviaGames. We are at an exciting space in the industry right now and I look forward to what the future holds for gamers.”

Parallel to digitization, advancements in technology and innovation in hardware and software, the gaming industry – mobile in particular – has aged at an attractive rate. While the pandemic played an immense role in recent gaming popularity, numbers aren’t slowing down. In fact, according the Newzoo’s latest Global Gamer Study, 79% of today’s total online population are games enthusiasts and mobile devices remain the most common way to play video games, mostly attributed to lower barrier to entry and more accessibilty.*

What may have started on consoles and arcade games has now primarily shifted to playing on smartphones with competition and prizes being heavy drivers behind game motivation, following are a few key takeaways from the recent AviaGames Pocket7Games survey:

  • Competition and Prizes for the Win: While time to relax was high on the list as a reason for diving into mobile games, the opportunity to win prizes was at 34% and more than 40% say the prizes are what make or break the fun and quality of a game. In addition, the number of respondents who prefer competition over cooperative games was over 80%, solidifying that Pocket7Games users crave a challenge with prizes in the end.

  • Making Friends in Similar Game Genres: We asked players what type of games they prefer and over 68% of participants favor casino or card games and a little over 47% prefer testing their skills in puzzle games. Those who play together, stay together. The survey also concluded that while playing their favorite genre of games, over 50% of respondents have picked up new friends along the way.

  • Evolution Moved Them to Mobile: Stepping back in time, almost 45% of respondents have been playing video games for more than 10 years and nearly 30% have been playing for over 20 years. While more than 62% of respondents started off gaming on consoles and arcade games, now 80% of respondents turn to mobile as their preferred gaming platform.

The informal survey demonstrates that while people have been playing video games across different platforms and devices for decades, mobile has, and continues to play a crucial role in the growth of the industry as the leading platform choice today. In addition, competition with a chance to win prizes are key factors to consider when looking at what players are looking for in terms of game quality and what motivates them to return for more game time.


The SurveyMonkey audience survey was conducted in June 2023 and includes Pocket7Games mobile gamers who are at least 18 years old with respondents primarily between the ages of 18 – 46 and in the United States. More information surrounding the survey finding is available on an infographic here:

About AviaGames, Inc.

Founded in 2017 by Vickie Chen and Ping Wang, AviaGames is a mobile, social competition gaming company and publisher of Pocket7Games, a unified gaming platform. The platform features 15+ unique, skill-based games linked to a single membership and wallet, allowing players to seamlessly switch among casino, puzzle, action, card, casino, math, and brain games. AviaGames is committed to providing an inclusive competition platform where everyone can play, make money, and have fun. To date, AviaGames has awarded more than $1.4 billion in prizes to its players. Select titles are available as individual apps for download, including Bingo Clash, Bingo Tour, 21 Gold, and Match 'n Flip.

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*Source: How consumers engage with video games today, Newzoo’s Global Gamer Study 2023,


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