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The best Bingo Clash codes for 2022

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Gamers who love skill-based gaming know that the best way to win real cash is to stay a step ahead of the competition. Bingo Clash, a game developed by AviaGames is a fast-paced take on the classic game of bingo where players can compete against each other for real money prizes. Skill-based gaming is a fantastic way for players to prove themselves and have fun in the process. But some players want to know if there are special codes or ways that they can stand out from the crowd in Bingo Clash?

Are there codes in Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash has a few different types of codes that players can use. The first type is a special code that can be exchanged for in-game rewards. These codes will vary over time and can give players valuable resources to spend in game. The next type of code that players can use is a friend invitation to earn bonuses just for playing Bingo Clash with their friends. In order to enter the codes, players can head over to the Shop and locate the option to Enter Code.

While there are no actual codes that players can put in to enhance their gameplay, there are indeed tips that they can follow if they wish to get better at the game. In fact, by following a few of the strategies listed below, they can ensure they win a lot more - and can greatly increase their cash winnings!

How does Bingo Clash work?

Bingo Clash is a skill-based game based on the classic bingo game. How Bingo Clash differs from other online digital bingo games is evident from when players first launch the app. First, when players join a game, they will notice that there is a timer in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This timer will tick down as players daub their ticket and the numbers are called. In addition to this fast-paced action as the numbers are rapidly called, players will be able to use power ups that can greatly increase their chances of winning.

Playing matches in Bingo Clash

When a player first logs into Bingo Clash, they will need to complete the tutorial. Once this is completed, they will be taken to the main menu of the game where they will see all of the available matches. In Bingo Clash, matches are arranged in tournament style. This means that players will compete in matches in order to win real cash. Once the player has selected the match they wish to join, they must then do their best in order to place at the top of the tournament. The higher that they place, the better their prize will be.

Skill-based matchmaking in Bingo Clash

With Bingo Clash being a skill-based game, this means that players will only be competing against others that are of the same skill level. No matter if a player is a beginner or a pro, the skill-based matchmaking system will find them a match that is both fair and fun. This means that no matter how many games a player chooses to compete in, there will always be fun to be had in Bingo Clash. Not only does the matchmaking ensure that the competition is balanced, but it also allows players to win more, which translates to more real cash prizes!

Tips for getting better in Bingo Clash

There are certainly tips that players can follow in order to become better at Bingo Clash. For those that want to improve their game, simply follow these tips and watch the cash add up.

Learn the flow of the game

In Bingo Clash, learning how the game runs from start to finish is one of the most important things a player can master. Each game has a set time limit and because of this, the speed at which the announcer calls out numbers can seem overwhelming. Since players are awarded points for how quickly they hit their numbers, learning how fast the announcer calls numbers can really help. Once the player is more comfortable with the flow of the game they will be able to hit all numbers in stride and start winning a lot easier.

Use power ups effectively

When playing a match of Bingo Clash, players will notice that there is a small experience bar in the bottom left of the screen. This is the powerup meter. As players daub their numbers, the meter will fill up. The faster that players daub, the more power that is generated. However, when players make a mistake, it will subtract power from the meter. While speed is important, accuracy is key. After filling up the bar, players will receive one of 3 different power ups.

The first powerup is called the G powerup. This lets players select from 4 different bingo numbers. The one they choose will be the next one the announcer will call. The second powerup is the free space diamond. When players use this they will be able to select any spot on the board as a free space. Both this and the G powerup can help players land bingo effectively.

Lastly, the final powerup is the x2 powerup. This increases the amount of points that players can earn by 2 times. However, the powerup only lasts a short period of time so players should only use it when they know they can get a few bingos.

Log in daily for free rewards

There are always new daily events for players to participate in. When logging in, players can earn in-game currency that they can spend on entering matches. These matches not only allow the player to practice their gameplay, but they can earn real cash from them as well. In addition, there are limited-time events that players can earn even more money from, so players should log in each day and check out what’s new in Bingo Clash.

Download Bingo Clash for free

If winning real cash on a smartphone or tablet sounds great, download Bingo Clash today. Compatible with almost any Android or iOS device, winning real cash from skill-based gaming has never been easier. The app can be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store on Galaxy devices or the App Store on iOS devices. In addition, players can visit the official Bingo Clash website to download the game on all other Android devices and start earning real cash today!



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