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The Best Games on App Store 2024: Your Must-Play List

Discover the best games on App Store in 2024 with our must-play list. From action-packed adventures to relaxing puzzles, find your next favorite game today!

best games on app store 2024

Welcome to the exciting world of mobile gaming in 2024! The App Store is filled with a various collection of games that appeal to every taste and interest. Whether you thrive on strategic challenges or enjoy unraveling complex puzzles, there's a game waiting for you to discover its wonders. Are you searching for the best games on App Store for 2024? What are you waiting for?

Check out this hand-picked selection of titles that have captured the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide. From top-rated masterpieces to hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, our journey will uncover the best of what the mobile gaming arena offers this year. Come along as we explore the captivating world of gaming, participate in epic adventures, solve complicated puzzles, and experience the thrill of gaming excellence. Gear up for a broader gaming experience and create unforgettable memories with the must-play addicting games online of 2024!

The Best Games on App Store 2024

Be the first to explore the top games on the App Store and unlock a world of endless entertainment specialized just for you! If you're looking for cool casual games or mind-boggling games, there's a game in store waiting to capture your imagination. Join me and a vast community of players in discovering the most enchanting and addicting games of 2024.

 Be prepared to occupy yourself with action-packed gameplay, stunning graphics, and inviting storytelling that will keep you coming back for more. Let's dive in together and experience the best that mobile gaming is offering this year!

Puzzle and Strategy Mobile Games

puzzle and strategy games

If you like brain training exercises and love the feeling of accomplishment when you figure out something, then this is the perfect genre for you as these games require the utmost focus. Here are the best strategy games and puzzle games that can be downloaded in the app store.


Get ready for the supreme challenge with Blockolot, the premier block puzzle game. Test your skills by strategically placing blocks to clear lines and earn points. As far as block puzzle games go, Blockolot is the most addictive and satisfying to play with. With its obsessive gameplay, Blockolot offers a satisfying experience that keeps players coming back for more. Navigate through creatively challenging levels that demand quick thinking and strategic planning to earn money. If you love brain teasers and block puzzles, Blockolot is the perfect game for you. Don't wait any longer – download it now for free and start your puzzle-solving adventure!

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Bubble Buzz

Experience the excitement of Bubble Buzz, a captivating blend of classic and modern bubble-popping games. Compete in free bubble pop online tournaments worldwide, aiming for rapid bubble bursts to unlock valuable power-ups. Turn your top scores into real cash rewards, adding an extra layer of thrill to your gameplay.

Experience the colorful world of Bubble Buzz, where vibrant bubbles await your speedy bubble pop game skills. Download now and embark on this shooting bubble game adventure filled with exhilarating bubble bursts and attractive bonuses. Don't miss out on the fun, play this free bubble pop game - Bubble Buzz today!

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Bubble Venture

Love playing bubble shooter game? Try Bubble Venture, a free bubble shooter game! Bubble Venture fuses classic free bubble games shooting with a wide meta gameplay. Compete against others for real cash while building your islands in build mode, dig for buried treasure containing real cash and raid other islands or fend off strikes from other players in Attack Mode! You can also get your revenge and strike back against those players that attacked you! Bubble Venture is a fantastic experience for those gamers who love bubble pop game mixed with strategy games. Stroll the depths of ancient civilization and build your empire as you explore the wonderful fairy tale world with the lively fox tycoon as your companion and guide. Experience the best free games of bubble shooter in the app store today!

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Candy Crush Saga

An iconic puzzle mobile game that has captured the hearts of millions of players globally. Players dive into a vibrant world where matching candies unlocks thrilling victories in a range of game modes, from easy to challenging levels catering to all skill levels. Compete with friends, climb leaderboards, and enjoy daily free games rewards in this addictive adventure. Sync across devices for uninterrupted gaming and savor the sweet thrill of Candy Crush Saga anytime, anywhere.

Experience the addictive joy of Candy Crush Saga as you strategically match candies, creating delightful rainbow-colored cascades and tasty combos. With its engaging gameplay, vibrant visuals, and social features, Candy Crush Saga provides a sweet escape for players of all ages, making it a timeless favorite among mobile gamers worldwide for IOS games and Android games.

Block! Hexa Puzzle™

The best game to enhance your dimensional intelligence and geometric skills. This innovative twist on the classic puzzle challenges you with unique hexagonal pieces, offering a fresh and addictive gameplay experience. Enjoy the satisfaction of perfectly fitting pieces into place like in tetris, filling the board with vibrant colors. As you progress, the puzzles become more challenging, pushing your limits and growing your skills. With over 300 unique levels, Block! Hexa Puzzle™ offers endless fun and amazing play games challenges.

The tetris game is easy to learn and master, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience without any time limits. You can play anytime and anywhere, even offline. Striking visuals, soothing sounds, and universal support for both phones and tablets make this game a must-play.

Casual Mobile Games

casual mobile games

If you love strategic planning with limited moves, then this section is for you. Here are the best casual games on the app store right now based on classic tabletop games.

Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash is a super popular bingo game that takes the bingo world in a snap. So if you love to play bingo for cash, then Bingo Clash is the best app for you that will provide you the chance to earn real cash prizes while enjoying hours of free bingo games entertainment. Bingo Clash quickly stood out from other bingo games out there due to its user-friendly interface, engaging gameplay and fun mechanics. So, what are you waiting for? Let's play bingo and explore the thrill of getting matched with other gamers of the same skill level! Download this bingo online now and enjoy endless fun anytime and anywhere!

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Solitaire Clash

Jump and dive right into the captivating world of solitaire with the Solitaire Clash app game! This is one of the best free solitaire in the app store right now that gives you the opportunity to play solitaire for cash rewards. Play along against players of similar skill levels in solitaire online in multiplayer games. This fast-paced solitaire game can easily fit on your day-to-day schedule. With its classic card game gameplay for simple quick and easy-to-understand mechanics, it will keep you occupied and play solitaire for long hours. Download Solitaire Clash and play solitaire free now! This solitaire for free app is available on the Apple Store and Samsung Galaxy store.

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Match N Flip

How about playing uno games online? If yes, then Match n Flip is for you! Match 'n Flip, play the classic uno card game to win real cash and prizes! Match cards of the same number or color to clear all piles! Enjoy a unique puzzle game with exciting features to get a new gameplay experience. Match N Flip is one of the card games like uno that offers you the option to participate in 1v1 games or engage in multiplayer matching game competition playing along with the same skill levels. In this matching card game, you will compete against the clock to get as many points as possible. So if you like to play card game for money or just for fun, then Match n Flip is the best fit for you! Download Match n Flip now and start playing this uno card game online today!

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Uno is a video game based on the card games of the same name. It has been released on several platforms. UNO makes its return with new exciting features! Match cards by color or value and play action cards to change things up. Race against others to empty your hand before everyone else in Classic play or customize your experience with House Rules.

 The classic game can be played with multiplayer features offering playable time with other people. If you love playing uno games with friends and family, then go for uno card game!


Earn MONOPOLY money, interact with your friends, family members, and fellow tycoons from around the world as you explore the expanding universe of MONOPOLY GO! It’s the new way to play - board flipping cleanup not required! Monopoly Go is a 2023 mobile board game that is good for playing in multiplayer mode. Discover world-famous cities, fantastic worlds and lands of riches on themed boards guided by the most famous Billionaire: Mr. Monopoly. Monopolize the market, control the game and accomplish many things as you roll the monopoly go free dice.

Sports-Inspired Mobile Games

sports game

Love playing sports inspired games in the palm of your hand? If you are looking for the best sports games online in the app store, then this is the section for you.

8 Ball Strike

Discover the thrill of 8 Ball Strike, designed for game enthusiasts like you! Whether you're a seasoned player or new to billiards, this game offers the perfect platform to hone your skills and enjoy the classic game of 8 ball pool. With 8 Ball Strike, you can compete in cash tournaments against players from around the world, breaking free from local restrictions and embracing global competition.

Each game is crafted to be quick and engaging, ensuring that you can plunge into the action whenever you crave a round of exciting 8 ball gameplay. If you're eager to learn more about billiards and the rules of 8 ball pool, look no further. Download now and indulge yourself in the world of 8 ball pool online, where every shot is a chance to showcase your capabilities!

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Cash Pool

Love playing billiards game where you can play to win real cash? If yes, try this Cash Pool recommended by App Store. This fast-paced billiards games is so fun to play that it will keep you occupied and will keep you to play for long hours. It offers the proper platform to hone your skills as you aim the cue ball while you enjoy the classic game of 8 ball pool. With Cash Pool, you can compete in cash tournaments against players from around the world, breaking free from local restrictions and embracing global competition being matched with the same skill level on iPhone games.

If you're a seasoned player or someone who is still new to the game and want to earn and learn more about billiards, look no further. This billiards pool games free is easy to understand due to its gameplay and low difficulty mechanics. So what are you waiting for? Download now and indulge yourself in the world of 8 ball pool online, where every shot is a chance to showcase your capabilities!

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Subway Surfers

Step into the nostalgia of Subway Surfers' classic edition! Join our biggest season yet, filled with fantastic new content, exclusive offers, and the introduction of the Player Profile feature. Race through the subway as fast as you can, evading oncoming trains to help Jake, Tricky, and Fresh outrun the grumpy Inspector and his trusty dog.

Experience the rush of grinding trains alongside your crew, enjoy colorful and vivid HD graphics, and master hoverboard surfing and paint-powered jetpacks. Perform lightning-fast swipe acrobatics and challenge your friends to join you in the thrilling chase, making Subway Surfers the most daring game on the App Store and iPhone games.


Explore the world of Bowmasters, the top archery arcade shooting game that's taking the gaming world by storm! This multiplayer game offers a fresh twist on bow and arrow action, delivering a top-notch aim-and-shoot experience that's perfect for competitive gamers. With over 60 characters from various dimensions, Bowmasters ensures endless fun and new game excitement.

Participate in online team-based battles with friends, showcasing your skills with a selection of weapons that guarantee chaos and epic duels. Whether you're shooting down birds, fruits, or challenging enemies, Bowmasters provides multiple game modes and endless rewards for your archery skills. Don't miss out on the excitement! Enjoy gripping combats and prove your worth as a master archer in this entertaining arcade shooting games adventure on IOS devices iPad and iPhone games!

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), the NBA Live Mobile Basketball is the official game of the NBA. It is considered one of the best mobile basketball games out there. It brings the realistic nature of the NBA basketball game live to your mobile device with online multiplayer, various game play modes, NBA live events, realistic player movements and actions, accurate basketball team rosters, in-app purchases and great graphics. So if you love playing basketball and still want to do some awesome moves even on your own mobile phone, then try and download NBA Live Mobile Basketball now. This game requires a good device to enjoy its high-quality graphics, but if you want to get more info, it is available on the App Store and Google Store.


The best games on App Store 2024 depend on the niche and category that you are looking for, some loves the old games setup while others want a new iPhone games gameplay. This list invites those gamers to dive into the world of mobile gaming.

If you're a fan of strategic conquests, adrenaline-pumping action, or brain-teasing puzzles, there's something for you in this curated collection of top games. Explore a range of game categories, including Casual Matching and Strategy Games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale, Brain Training and Puzzle Games such as Bubble Venture and Blockolot, and sports-inspired games like Subway Surfers and Bowmasters. Involve yourself in compelling gameplay, vibrant visuals, and exciting trials that will keep you entertained for hours.

Download these top games on the Apple App Store using a Mac and iPhone device and start playing now for an unforgettable gaming journey!



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