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The New Online Tetris That'll Award Cash Prizes

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

online teris

Brace yourselves, as we introduce an extraordinary application that lets you earn money while playing online tetris with Tile Blitz. Stay alert! This new free tetris game offers cash prizes, and online play, and is also available on the Pocket7Games app for iOS and Android. Well, we all know that people have been playing tetris for a long time now and many versions emerged, but Tile Blitz will surely elevate your experience. AviaGames, the developer of the Tile blitz, created sets of games in one app called Pocket7Games. We made sure that every game has unique gameplay and features that players will surely enjoy. With the Tile Blitz, you will feel like you are playing the classic tetris but with the touch of modern gameplay and interesting bonuses and rewards. Imagine yourself looking at the colorful tiles and stacking them up with the chance to win cash prizes. Isn't it exciting? I know you are curious about the different power-ups and how to cash out your winnings. If I were you, keep reading this blog and get a chance to play tetris online with Tile Blitz.

Tile Blitz as the best Online Tetris

Playing Tile Blitz makes you remember the classic Tetris online game, where players are challenged to strategically fit various tile shapes together to clear out rows and columns. However, thanks to its modern and unique feature, this free tetris game takes that concept to a new level with its vibrant and captivating graphics, adding a splash of color to tetris pieces and background. With its engaging and immersive experience, players can expect a delightful twist on the familiar Tetris mechanics, making Tile Blitz a truly enjoyable and visually stunning rendition of the timeless tetris theme.

The Gameplay of Tile Blitz VS. Classic Online Tetris

As mentioned in this blog, Tile Blitz is the new online tetris, but I know that you are curious about the rules and if there is something new about Tile Blitz from the classic tetris. Let's try to delve into tile blitz and classic online tetris in terms of gameplay and features.


Tile Blitz and Online Tetris share several similarities in their gameplay mechanics. Firstly, both games feature colorful tetris pieces that players manipulate and stack on the game board. Both games aim to strategically clear out columns and rows by placing the tiles in a way that creates complete lines, causing them to vanish. This requires skillful directing of the tiles and planning to make efficient use of the available space. Both Tile Blitz and Online Tetris offer an engaging puzzle-solving experience that challenges players to think quickly and strategically. Whether it's the vibrant array of Tetris pieces or the satisfying satisfaction of clearing lines, these shared elements contribute to the timeless appeal and enjoyment of both games as you.

Varied Features

Tile Blitz and Online Tetris exhibit notable differences in gameplay. In online tetris, players encounter a single tile shape with each move, where all shapes possess the same size. Furthermore, online tetris lacks any bonuses and multiplayer functionality. On the other hand, Tile Blitz offers a more dynamic experience. With a lineup of seven standard Tetris shapes, as well as additional larger shapes, Tile Blitz keeps players on their toes. Each move presents three sets of different tile shapes, elevating the chances to plan your move ahead. Moreover, Tile Blitz introduces a multiplayer setup, allowing players to engage in thrilling head-to-head competitions. The game also rewards players with bonuses for clearing multiple rows simultaneously, amplifying excitement and strategic depth. In summary, Tile Blitz stands out as a captivating evolution of the classic Tetris formula, introducing a diverse range of shapes, multiplayer options, and bonuses for an exhilarating gameplay experience. Now you know why Tile Blitz is the best online tetris, because not only do you get to experience the classic tetris, but many exciting features are developed and one of them is earning money as you win. Once you play tetris online with Tile Blitz and earn money, you won't stop at just one win

Cash Out Winnings From New Online Tetris

Tiles Blits is under the Pocket7Game app, so you might want to download this app and sign in to play. Here are some bullet points for you on how you can cash out your winnings.

  • Engage in cost-free gameplay using Tickets or take part in cash games for a chance to claim actual cash prizes! Accumulate complimentary rewards by logging in daily and engaging in a range of in-game events.

  • Connect with players who possess comparable skills and enter into thrilling skill-based cash games that are both classic and entertaining.

  • Participate in diverse tournaments featuring an array of match modes. As you climb the ranks, the magnitude of your rewards grows exponentially! Begin by honing your skills through complimentary practice sessions using Tickets. Once you're ready, brace yourself to claim actual cash winnings and indulge in the allure of extravagant prizes as you engage in Cash Games!

  • Rest assured, there's no need to fret about receiving your cash prizes! We have collaborated with esteemed allies such as Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Venmo, ensuring seamless, secure, and hassle-free deposits and withdrawals. Your financial transactions are safeguarded, granting you peace of mind throughout the process.


In conclusion, both Tile Blitz and Online Tetris offer captivating experiences rooted in the beloved world of Tetris. While Online Tetris showcases the classic gameplay we know and love, Tile Blitz adds a fresh twist to the formula, introducing additional shapes, multiplayer features, bonuses, and even the exciting opportunity to earn money while playing. This new dimension of gameplay elevates the excitement to new heights, allowing players to not only enjoy the timeless joy of Tetris but also potentially reap financial rewards. Whether you prefer the simplicity and familiarity of Online Tetris or the dynamic challenges and strategic depth of Tile Blitz, both games provide hours of entertainment, puzzle-solving satisfaction, and the added thrill of potentially earning money as you play. So, regardless of your preference, dive into the world of Tetris and embark on an engaging journey that combines fun, strategy, and the potential to unlock financial gains. Play tetris online now with Tile Blitz or download it through the Pocket7game app. Happy Stacking!



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