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The Rise and Impact of Esports Games

Updated: Jun 3

Explore the rise and impact of esports games in our modern era. Discover how competitive gaming is changing entertainment, culture, and professional sports.

The Rise and Impact of Esports Games

In the past few decades, the gaming industry has completely evolved from just a favorite pastime into a global phenomenon. Esports games, the competitive face of gaming, have been at the frontline of this revolution, transforming into a billion-dollar industry, gaining millions of dedicated fans and players globally. Battle royale games, such as Fortnite, are prime examples of popular genres within esports, known for their engaging gameplay modes, stunning graphics, and availability on multiple platforms.

Filling the stadiums with cheering spectators and millions of viewers attracted to online streams, esports is not just modifying the entertainment sector but also empowering the culture and advancing technology. This new era of playing video games in digital battle is rewriting the rules of traditional sports and entertainment. Online gaming creates new opportunities and challenges that are reshaping the future of gaming.

The Impact of the Esports Industry on Esports Games

The Impact of the Esports Industry on Esports Games

Esports is known worldwide, captivating millions of players with its competitive edge and dynamic gameplay. StarCraft II, for example, has had a significant impact on the esports landscape. This new frontier had an impact on various aspects of the gaming community as well as on the whole entertainment industry.

In the present generation, advancements in our digital technology such as having new mobile devices with high-speed internet or data capacity. Also, gaining access to virtual games and various streaming platforms for entertainment are just some major factors that contribute to the growth of esports.

Major online tournaments are now being enjoyed by many viewers and gamers, competing with traditional sports, especially in viewership, sponsorships, advertising, merchandise, and ticket sales revenue. Esports is generating a powerful new chapter in the world of sports and even beyond earning capabilities and channels like esports betting.

Career opportunities and earnings

Career opportunities and earnings

There are many avenues and a big field of opportunity and earnings in the esports games. So if you are planning or interested in shifting your careers, or interested in making money by going pro, then this section is for you!


Got inspired while watching tournaments? Are you wondering if you can make up a career in esports as a pro gamer? Here are some of the most well-known careers in the gaming industry.

1. Professional Gamer: Good at playing a specific skill-based game. Competes in tournaments and leagues, earn money and sponsorships.

2. Streamer/Content Creator: Want to stream games and earn through ad revenue, donations, sponsorship, and subscriptions on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

3. Esports Coach/Analyst: Helps players improve their skills and develop strategies.

4. Event Organizer: Manages logistics, marketing, and broadcasting for tournaments.

5. Esports Journalist/Broadcaster: Cover news and provide commentary on matches.

Earnings in E-sports

Earnings differ by career roles and success level. Top gamers aim to play real money earning games using their good skills, while some of the pro players can even earn millions from prizes and sponsorships. Streamers can generate substantial incomes from ads, donations, and sponsorship. Coaches, analysts, event organizers, and journalists also can earn competitive salaries.

Career Shifters in E-sports Athletes

In a different perspective, career shifters can also find opportunities in the world of esports by utilizing their skills acquired from related fields like sports, media, and technology, or simply by composing abilities like amateur gamers. The esports industry welcomes those who are dedicated to honing their capabilities and building their reputations. As the gaming scene continues evolving, most people tend to try and capture the benefits of it. Some of the well-known online games offer real money earning games where people can just sit and relax in their own comfort zone away from the stress of their current work environment simply playing in their home.

Professional Tournaments and Leagues

Professional Tournaments and Leagues

Esports have totally reshaped and made an impact on professional gaming tournaments and leagues. Joining forces with traditional and digital sports and creating new opportunities for competition and fan engagement. Major events like the F1 Virtual Grand Prix, ASEAN Games, League of Legends Worlds, and The International (DOTA 2) clearly represent its transformative influence, securing esports’ place in the competitive world of entertainment.

This opens up the opportunity for a new path through online gaming tournaments even in the most classic games that are well known all over the world. Here are some of the most well-known professional tournaments and leagues that most people are watching and participating in right now to earn money and a career.

  • F1 Virtual Grand Prix

Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, the F1 Virtual Grand Prix featured real drivers in virtual races, keeping fans engaged and demonstrating the feasibility of digital racing.

  • ASEAN Games

The inclusion of esports as a medal event in the ASEAN Games highlights its growing acceptance and cultural impact. Putting esports athletes balanced with traditional sports competitions in which they will also require real-time strategy and skills to be competitive in order to win a medal of honor for their own country.

  • League of Legends Worlds

The League of Legends Worlds Championship attracts millions of viewers, often surpassing traditional sports events in popularity, showcasing the strong community and fanbase of esports. Riot Games a video game developer created a huge trend when it comes to setting high-profile tournaments in the gaming scene which can be shown in this world championship.

  • Legends Championship Series

The League of Legends Championship Series is another major tournament supported by Riot Games, with a prize pool of over $2 million, highlighting its significance in the esports landscape.

  • The International (Dota 2)

The International Dota 2 brags about having the biggest prize pool rewards in esports, funded by the community. This prize pool setup produces only the best esports athletes' talent and lifts up the competition’s standing. It sets the standards for other tournaments in the esports industry and motivates esports players all over the world due to its grand prize.

  • Rocket League

Rocket League is an esports phenomenon known for its fast car-based gameplay, explosive hits, thrilling shots on goal, and incredible maneuvers performed by professional players.

The Rocket League Championship Series is the official competitive tournament where the world's best players showcase their incredible maneuvers and compete for a substantial prize pool.

  • Online Tournament

Talking about accessibility and technology, there are gaming platforms where people can easily join online tabletop games tournaments and play against players with the same skill levels to earn money.

The Impact of Esports on Professional Streamers

The rise of esports has entirely changed professional streaming, offering enhanced visibility, new revenue streams, and professional opportunities. Esports teams created jobs that inspire other people as well.

Enhanced Visibility and Audience Reach

Esports tournaments charm a lot of followers, providing streamers with wide exposure and expanding their fan base through online play. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming are essential to this growth, connecting streamers globally.

New Revenue Streams

Streamers benefit from numerous revenue streams, including ad revenue, viewer donations, and moneymaking sponsorships from brands targeting the esports audience. They can also earn through affiliate marketing and selling merchandise.

Professional Opportunities

Esports opens its doors for streamers to become commentators, analysts, or hosts for major tournaments, enhancing their credibility and income. These roles can help further elevate their careers.

Community Engagement and Skill Development

Esports promotes a strong sense of community, with streamers playing an important role in involving fans and creating loyal followers. The competitive nature of esports directs streamers to improve their gaming capabilities and content quality, upgrading the viewer experience. Gaming not only develops the needed skills for playing the game, but it also rewards those who are good at the game by winning in tournaments and offering a good amount of potential earnings.

Collaboration and Networking

Esports events give the opportunity to streamers to collaborate with other professionals, expanding their reach and networking possibilities. These collaborations can open up new audience participation and professional partnerships.

Personal Branding

Esports emphasizes the importance of personal branding, helping streamers stand out with their unique personalities and content themes, and hoping to attract sponsorships and collaborations. For example, Avia is known for providing the best online tournaments and free online games for tabletop games that can be played on mobile to earn real money rewards.

A good game may passively create its branding without the need for too much advertising. For example, when it comes to MOBA genre games, there are actually games that stand out and may come to mind, such as Dota or League. Avia, also developed games that created its name as well in the Tabletop games category.

The solitaire and bingo game are the most sought-after mobile games and web games in the category not just because of their gameplay but also because of the earning potential that they can create just by participating and winning in video game tournaments for real prize money rewards.because of their gameplay but also because of the earning potential that they can create just by participating and winning in video game tournaments for real prize money rewards.

Channels where to watch pro-gaming scene

YouTube and Twitch are the top 2 platforms where you can watch the pro-gaming scene. YouTube is great for highlights, replays, official content, and on-demand viewing, catering to fans who want complete information on gameplay and flexible watching options.

On the other hand, Twitch excels in live streaming, chat involvement, exclusive tournaments, and personal streams from professional gamers, providing an active and irresistible viewing experience. Together, these platforms deliver multiple alternatives for esports followers to stay connected with the pro-gaming esports world.


The rise and impact of esports games have been revolutionary, turning gaming into a global community with huge career opportunities and useful earnings for gamers and professionals. As the industry grows, it will continue to create possibilities for both career shifters and enthusiasts, turning a passion for gaming into a rewarding profession. This transformation is evident in the appearance, influence, and popularity of professional tournaments and leagues, which have redefined traditional sports events into competitive video gaming.

In addition to this, professional streamers have benefited significantly from esports, gaining exposure, new revenue streams, professional direction, and broad chances for community engagement and skill enhancement. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch play crucial roles in the pro-gaming scene, giving a complete and wonderful viewing experience for audiences worldwide through online multiplayer games competing with same skill levels.



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