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Top 5 Winning Tricks To Be A Crossword Puzzle Champ

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

So maybe you’ve completed a few crossword puzzles in your time or you’ve been a ‘crossword consultant’ to a partner or friend enough times that you consider yourself a contender? If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to take your game to the next level.

There has never been a better time to become a crossword puzzle expert because now you can take your smarts online where they will be appreciated!

What are Crossword Puzzle Games?

The version of the crossword puzzle that most of us are familiar with is the traditional paper-based version that Arthur Wynne invented back in 1913. Right from the start, it was a sensation, quickly getting published in national and then international papers where it became a staple for word heads the world over. The traditional version generally takes the shape of a rectangular grid made up of rows and columns with either open white spaces or shaded black spaces. The aim of the game is to fill the open spaces by solving the clues provided by the game makers and filling in the words and phrases.

These days, there are so many different types of word games that you can play on your computer or smartphone and they’re evolving all the time! Did you know that, aside from being loads of fun, word games can also help with your mental health if you know what to look for? New versions of the game push all the boundaries like changing the grid structure, incorporating number codes, or using a theme for all the clues. The options are endless. One of the best examples of online word games is Word Clash. Let’s take a closer look!

Top Mobile Crossword Puzzle Game: Word Clash

If you’ve enjoyed playing in old magazines or scrunched-up newspapers, Word Clash will blow your mind. Not only will you see your own skills go through the roof, but you’ll also be able to challenge your friends or like-minded opponents from around the world. That’s right, Word Clash includes all the best of the 2022 mobile gaming market trends, especially in the way that it enables users from all over to join their social gaming community where they can play against real people in real-time!

You’ll recognize the familiar grid format, but there are a few curve balls that can either give you the edge or take you down. The aim of the game is simple; solve the word puzzles faster than your opponent. At the beginning of the game, you draw seven tiles with letters that you’ll use to construct words or phrases. You get points for words by adding up the values of the letters used. After your turn, you’ll draw an equal number of tiles to get back to seven. Each game has 3 or 5 turns, and the player with the highest score wins after the final turn.

Something you may not be familiar with is the use of points. You earn points as you play, which unlock power-ups to use against your opponents. You can play Word Clash on your phone any time, for free! And the best part is that you can earn real cash while you play.

If you want to win at games like Word Clash you have to learn the tips and tricks that will make you a champ. You likely already have a few tricks up your sleeve, but let’s explore a few more to add to your collection.

Be A Crossword Puzzle Champ: 5 Tips to Win

Aside from the obvious like having a killer general knowledge, spelling superpowers, and practicing like you mean it, these 5 tips will set you up to win.

1. Letter values matter

A lot of word games use numbers to give values to certain letters, like in Word Clash. So keep in mind your letter values when you are thinking about your next move. It’s a good idea to construct shorter words with higher-value letters so that you can get points on the board as quickly as possible. Winners know that you don’t win for knowing fancy words, you win for valuable words.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail

That’s the beauty of online games, you can mix and match your letters a thousand times without running out of ink or messing up the page. Sometimes, the best thing is to experiment to see what works. Remember, if you’re playing against another word-head, they’re not going to wait for you to figure it out. So hustle!

3. Start small

It can be tempting to go for the long words first, but they take up precious time. It’s the short, sharp words that are easier to fill in because there are fewer words in the English language that are 3-5 letters long. They also allow you to get those difficult letters out and onto the board. Once you’ve got a few down, you’ll start to see what you have available for the longer puzzles.

4. Be plural smart

Unlike Word Clash, not all games have power-ups, but plurals are like superpowers in any word game. The trick is to use them wisely. An “S” can sometimes be a saving grace when you’re stuck or the connector you need when your words just aren’t matching up. So don’t be tempted to use an S on its own unless you’ve got something special in mind.

5. Commit

Just like anything in life, the more time and focus you put in, the better you get. It’s as simple as that. So give yourself time to train your mind and hone your skills. The best way to learn is to challenge people that are better than you. It also doesn’t hurt to be in a quiet environment with no distractions… but that might be asking too much.

Now that you are equipped to be a crossword expert, there is nothing left to do but get out there and start winning! Download Word Clash now to start putting your skills to the test against real opponents. The more you play the better you get because there is no substitute for experience.

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