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Top Free Bubble Shooter Game + 7 Tricks To Win

Bubble shooter games are one of the fastest-growing ways for people to connect online for fun and win real money. Not only is it enjoyable — it can also be relaxing! It’s no wonder that many people use games like these to de-stress in the doctor’s office, on their breaks, waiting in line at the store, or even during a little “me time” while they’re hiding in their cubicles at work.

In fact, mobile games like these are so fun that they’re driving more women than ever to join the gamer revolution. One reason for all this enthusiasm is because some bubble shooter games allow you to earn actual money.

Yes, you heard it right — you can win cash just by playing a fun, addicting game on your phone! But is there a bubble shooter game free online?

Look no further than Bubble Shot.

If you’re looking for fun things to do to “waste” time with something productive that could even earn you a little money, Bubble Shot is the bubble shooter game you’ve been looking for.

What Is a Bubble Shooter Game?

Free stress relief, if nothing else. They’re also a fun way to train the mind. After all, bubble shooter games are awesome, but they also require you to be strategic and observant.

The object of a bubble shooter game is to clear your screen of every bubble of a specific color. If you shoot a yellow bubble, it pops any yellow bubble you shoot, along with any other yellow bubbles that are clustered around it. Using these methods, you can clear a staggering number of bubbles with a single shot.

You can bank shots off the walls, change the color of the bubble you’re shooting, and race against the clock, all while trying to manage your available ammunition.

Meet Bubble Shot

Bubble Shot from Pocket7Games is a free bubble shooter game that is taking the world by storm! If you’ve never played it, one of the best things about it is the fact that it comes with a thorough tutorial, making it easy to learn the game fast. It’s also super easy to download and get started with.

Bubble Shot includes a practice mode, too, so you can play without any pressure until you’re ready to compete. And compete you can, with opportunities to win real money against real, human competitors. These people are algorithm-matched to your skill level, ensuring safe and fair gameplay.

As you get better, so does your competition!

In a race against the clock, you can win by clearing your level of all bubbles before the clock ticks down to zero. If you’re facing overwhelming odds, don’t forget that you can clear same-color clusters of three or more with a single shot.

If you’re nervous that you may not have the mad gamer skills to play this amazing game, one of the most helpful features is a dotted line denoting your bubble’s trajectory. This comes in super handy for those all-important bank shots, which really allow you to get in behind bubbles that would otherwise block access.

And once you get into cash game mode, you may find that the clock becomes your primary focus. Lots of players are able to clear the board; the question is, who will clear it fastest?

Is this bubble shooter game free? It sure is! And it’s a great way to win real money too, which is why you might need a few pointers on how to secure the win for yourself.

Bubble Shooter Game Tips and Tricks

It’s one thing to log in and play a fun little bubble shooter free to play game in your spare time. It’s another to play for actual money against real people. So without further ado, here are a few pointers to help you get the W at Bubble Shot.

1. Make Clusters

You score points by directly hitting bubbles, but you score more by detaching clusters and letting them fall to the floor.

2. Take the Bank Shots

By bouncing your bubble shots off the walls, you can access obstructed bubbles and release huge clusters for big scores.

3. Bounce Your Shots Multiple Times

Banking a shot more than once, making it bounce from side to side, is a great way to make a short-range shot that would otherwise be impossible.

4. Build a Path

You’re not sure when you’ll get a certain color, so build your clusters wisely and leave easy access paths to them to clear them out quickly when you’re able to do so.

5.Keep Your Walls Clear

The best and most efficient strategy is to allow most of your bubbles to gather in the center of the game board. This means that you can not only bank your shots but also drop huge clusters.

6. Swap Colors

Don’t forget! Unlike some lesser bubble shot games, you can change the color of your shot. This often means the difference between a win and a loss. You have to be observant about which shots need to happen first in order to make this strategy work well.

7. Don’t Stack Your Bubbles

Wasting ammo because it’s the wrong color usually means building huge vertical formations that threaten you with a frustrating loss. Instead, spread your shots wide and shallow to give yourself the best possible chance of a win.

Win Real Money

Once you’re winning with our hit strategies, you can turn your skill into real money!

You’re matched up with a real player with similar skill. It’s all based on our fair, skill-based algorithms to ensure there’s no cheating or scamming.

We’re the go-between, and all transactions are secure. You simply make a deposit securely through PayPal, and that gives you access to cash games. When you win, you get paid! And you can withdraw from your account at any time (minimum of $2).

If you’ve been bored with standing in line, waiting for your prescription, or just sitting around with nothing else to do but watch paint dry, for goodness’s sake, stop! Download Bubble Shot today, and do something that could actually earn you a little extra cash! It’s what today’s multitasking moms do best.

Shoot your boredom away with Bubble Shot, a fun way to win real cash! Dow