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What Is The Best Solitaire App For Beginners

Are you new to social gaming and want to try it out for yourself? Have you heard about solitaire and its different variations but never had the opportunity to play?

Social gaming is experiencing an explosion of popularity, and it’s little wonder. It’s fun, it’s very accessible, you can play anytime and anywhere, and there is huge earning potential.

One of the most common types of games played in these social gaming apps is solitaire.

Never heard of it? Don’t fret! We put this blog together specifically for you.

In this post, we review the different kinds of solitaire games, the best solitaire apps available on the market, and how you can play solitaire for money safely and conveniently.

Different Types of Solitaire

The beauty of card games is that there are so many different variations, and with a little creativity it’s easy to make a unique version of your own. Over the centuries that the standard 52-card playing set has been around, a few solitaire game variations have stood the test of time:


Also known as “Classic” solitaire or “Patience,” you organize 52 cards in descending order and alternating colors. Move the cards from their random placement on the stockpile columns into four separate “foundation” piles organized by suit, starting with an Ace. The game ends when you’ve completed all four foundation piles or have no moves left.

It’s simple to pick up, but challenging to master!

Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid solitaire is another popular single-player card game that has you laying cards down in a (you guessed it) pyramid formation, with the top row having a single card and the seventh row having 7 cards.

You clear cards by matching them with another card so that they add up to 13 (except for Kings, which already have a value of 13 and can be cleared right away.) You can match cards with other “open” cards in the pyramid, or with cards dealt from your hand.

Monte Carlo Solitaire

This is a fairly complex and yet popular solitaire variation. Here, you start with a 5x5 grid of cards and the remnants of the deck as your hand.

You would then remove adjacent pairs from the board. Once those pairs have been removed, consolidate those cards by moving them to the left and fill in any gaps left behind with the cards from your hand so that you’re back up to 25.

The process continues until it’s no longer possible to remove pairs, or if you’ve cleared the entire board.

The Best Solitaire App That Pays Real Money

A quick search on the app store will show you literally hundreds of solitaire-style card game apps. But just as there are dozens of cards in a deck and only a few aces, so too are there only a small number of top-quality solitaire apps among the throng of available downloads.

Introducing Solitaire Clash

Solitaire Clash by Pocket7Games takes a traditionally solo game played in isolation and turns it into a highly competitive match against other humans.

In Solitaire Clash, players participate in a Klondike-style game where you try to complete the foundational stacks by filling them with cards of ascending value. The game awards you points as you clear the card stockpile and gives you a higher overall score the faster you finish the game.

Other solitaire apps run this type of game, too, but Solitaire Clash stands out due to its competitive nature. You race other players to finish the game as fast as and use the fewest moves possible. You can compete in either one-on-one matches or multiplayer tournaments. There are even different game modes to keep things interesting.

But what kind of competition doesn’t have a prize? In Solitaire Clash, you can play solitaire for money一real money, not the fake game currency you can only spend in an app. If you place high on the Solitaire Clash leaderboard, you’ll be able to win real cash and prize rewards!


What Makes Solitaire Clash The Best Solitaire App?

Solitaire Clash by Pocket7Games is the best solitaire app that pays real money available in the market today.

  • With this app, you’ll be able to join skill-based competitions and tournaments that match you with players of the same skill level as you, for a fair and exciting competition. These are real players, not bots like you would find in other apps. If you want to train your skills before entering the real competition, you can play some solo practice games first.

  • Unlike freemium games that are littered with ads, Solitaire Clash is completely ad-free, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

  • You can win real money and prizes by winning head-to-head games and tournaments and placing on the Solitaire Clash leaderboard. Even practice games can net you rewards, as you will be awarded tickets that you can use in various ways throughout the app or eventually exchange for prizes.

  • Payouts are 100% safe and secure, too. Your cash winnings can be withdrawn using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or debit. We even allow electronic checks.

If you’re looking to play solitaire for money, and want to explore more games to play, there are plenty of legit cash games you can play for free! Check out and download Pocket7Games and start earning!

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