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Why Are Casual Games So Popular Today?

Discover top casual games for stress relief. Explore 4 popular picks to relax and unwind. Must-try favorites for soothing gameplay!

why are casual games so popular today

In the world of modern entertainment, casual games have come to popularity, amusing viewers globally. They are known for their user-friendliness, convenience, and short-play sessions. These games are played online, on smartphones, and on different gaming platforms like social networks and consoles, which is why they have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

These main factors can contribute to their universal impact, making it a part of modern leisure activities for almost everyone. You can join in and drop out of the online game whenever you want to, which helps people multitask. Nowadays, these kinds of games are in demand for example because of their accessibility. The worldwide use of modern technology like mobile devices, social media platforms, and web browsers, has made gaming more convenient, helping increase the popularity of casual gaming. It is also getting a lot of favorable reviews since it grants players instant pleasure and easy gameplay suitable for kids and adults of different ages and skill levels.

What are Casual Games?

what are casual games

Casual games come in various types of video games that are easy to understand, quick to play, and accessible to the general public, so they appeal to a lot of people with different gaming backgrounds. They are designed to have simple gameplay mechanics, short play sessions, and for leisure instead of having advanced skills or needing much concentration. Examples of these may include popular card games, casual merging games, brain training games, and sports-inspired games. Moreover, these games create a community among other players with shared interests by engaging in 1v1 games or multiplayer tournaments with friends, making it more fun and exciting.

Reasons Why People Love Casual Gaming

reasons why people choose casual gaming

There are certain reasons why people choose casual gaming more than the usual hardcore ones, especially when it comes to certain aspects such as mental health. According to research, here are some of the most well-known reasons why:

  • Accessibility

The evolution and adaptation of board games to digital formats have made them more accessible to a wider audience. The games are designed to be easy hobbies to pick up and play, making them accessible to a broad audience. They often have simple mechanics and don’t require a significant time commitment or specialized gaming skills.

  • Mobile Gaming

The widespread adoption of smartphones and mobile gaming has fueled the popularity of casual gaming. People can play these games anytime, anywhere, whether waiting in line, commuting, or during short breaks.

  • Short Play Sessions

The games are ideal for short play sessions. Many people prefer quick games they can enjoy in brief intervals during breaks rather than investing hours in complex gameplay.

  • Free or Low Cost

Most are either free to play games or very affordable. This low barrier to entry encourages more people to try them out.

  • Stress Relief and Entertainment

This is the most well known reason why people love casual gaming. The general function or purpose often serves as entertainment in the form of stress relief games. They provide a way to unwind and escape from daily life pressures without requiring deep mental investment. It staves off boredom, keeps their minds sharp and recharge their mental batteries by stimulating at such a level that the players might think about life issues.

Popular Games to Try for Casual Gaming

Here are some of the most casual and popular games that we offer here at Avia that you may take a look at. Popular titles in this category include Mahjong Connect and Mahjong Classic. Check which genre of games you want to play or explore in different niches to see which genre is best fit for your gameplay.

1. Popular Card Games

popular card games

A popular card game is one that is widely enjoyed by many people around the world. Some of the most popular card games include solitaire, online blackjack, and uno card games. Check out the list of popular card games that we have here in Avia:

Solitaire Clash: Card Games

Solitaire Clash is a free solitaire game that offers easy solitaire gameplay. Join matches, flex your solitaire skills, and get high scores. Experience the fun of competing for real money as you make your balance grow with every win! Have fun playing real money solitaire games to win cash. What makes this app stand out? Solitaire Clash is a popular card game app in both the card and real money categories in the Apple Store and Galaxy Store.

You can start playing Solitaire Clash for free using tickets, then ultimately fight your way to real money tournaments! If you are looking for more in-depth gameplay about Solitaire Clash, watch this solitaire tutorial to get more insight about gameplay to get ahead of the competition and become the best player!

solitaire play now

Solitaire Venture

The classic solitaire online game is available to play on Avia, too.

Enjoy classic card playing fun with Solitaire Venture! Guided by a friendly tycoon fox, you can win real cash in exciting solitaire matches. Expand your island empire and compete in skill-based games for real money rewards. Explore beautifully designed islands, defend against other players, and hunt for treasure. Download this solitaire game app now and experience the ultimate online solitaire game!

solitaire venture play now button

Match n Flip

For those of you looking for a chill and easy-to-understand card game, then our Match n Flip is the perfect match for you! The gameplay of Match n Flip is like playing an uno card game. Match cards by numbers or colors until you get rid of your pile and win the most points! In solo mode, find and match all the pairs of identical cards on the game board within the shortest possible time, or in 2-player mode, find as many pairs as possible.

Participate in 1v1 games or engage in multiplayer cash tournaments. Battle against the clock while you gain as many points as you can to win cash rewards. Learn the gameplay of this exciting card matching game by watching this short video about Match n Flip. So if you are up for a fun and exciting uno game, download Match n Flip for free now via the Apple Store and Galaxy Store!

match game play now button

2. Casual Merging Games

match and merge games

Casual merging games are those that merge or match objects of the same color or form to clear them. These games are popular for their vibrant graphics and satisfying gameplay. Check out this list of games if you are fond of merging games genre:


Be prepared for an easy block puzzle challenges with Blockolot, the leading block puzzle game out there. Check your planning skills by placing blocks to clear lines and gaining some points. This block game might be addictive to some, due to its simple and fancy gameplay. Blockolot offers fulfilling attention that makes the players keep on playing and playing for more! If you love to play easy merging games, don't wait any longer – download this puzzle game for free to earn real money! Try and explore our Blockolot game now! To learn more about this game, check out this puzzle block game video tutorial.

play now button

Bubble Venture

Play the epic bubble shooter game adventure in Bubble Venture! Pop bubbles and get a chance to earn real cash. Be amused by dozens of wonderful levels and participate in skill-based matches for real cash prizes. Dive into Bubble Venture's amazing world, where every match takes you to stunning islands. Relax with our free bubble-popping game compete in various match modes and unlock treasure chests with real cash! Download Bubble Venture now and play the best free bubble shooter game!

play now button

Fruit Frenzy

Searching for the best matching game there is? Engage yourself in the fruity world of Fruit Frenzy for a refreshing gaming journey! Begin your fruity adventure now by simply matching colorful fruits to advance through levels and get high scores. Just swipe to connect similar fruits, creating explosive combos and earning points. Test your skills in this exciting fruit merging game and unlock your strategic abilities to beat every level! Get Fruit Frenzy from Pocket7Games for free online now!

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3. Casual Brain-Training Games

best brain game apps

A casual brain-training game is a type of video game designed to improve cognitive functions through various exercises and puzzles. These brain games are typically easy to pick up and play making them popular among adults.

 So if you are looking for the best brain game apps out there, explore some of the games that we have!

Bingo Clash

If you are looking for a fun and exciting bingo game experience for real cash, try checking out this bingo for cash game called Bingo Clash! With our awesome and easy-to-use interface, you'll find it easy to dive into the thrilling world of online bingo. Bingo Clash offers a seamless and enjoyable experience, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the game and the potential to win real cash.

Whether you're a seasoned bingo player or a newcomer, Bingo Clash provides an engaging and rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more. Download Bingo Clash today and discover why it's the top choice for bingo enthusiasts everywhere!

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Word Search

Word Search is a popular puzzle game. This game will test your skills for potentially earning some really good cash prizes. You can earn more points by quickly completing the stages and at the same time, increasing your opportunities to win monetary rewards. If you are looking for an entertaining brain exercise, this game is the perfect one for you! Dive into the world of word puzzles, available on the Pocket7Games app. Download now and start playing this captivating word puzzle online!

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Searching for fun math games online? Check out 2048 Blitz in the Pocket7Games App, an exciting evolution of the classic 2048 game. All you have to do is merge tiles with matching numbers to reach 2048 quickly. It's a challenging math puzzle that enhances your problem-solving skills. Whether you're a seasoned 2048 fan or new to the game, the 2048 Blitz offers a cool math game. Play now for an entertaining experience!

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4. Casual Sports-Inspired Games

sports games online

Sports-inspired games are sports games online versions of popular sports like pool games and basketball. Check these games out if you are a fan of playing sports.

Cash Pool

Upgrade your pool game online with 8 Ball Strike: Cash Pool! Compete in 1-on-1 matches for real cash, using special cues to outplay opponents. Dominate the billiard tables and win real cash, playing matches against other players in real time!

Use different special cues to sink billiard balls, out-wit your opponents, and walk away with real cash, just like hustling in a real pool hall! Show off your sense of style with one-of-a-kind cues that come to life with stunning animations as you sweep the table!

With stunning animations and easy cash-outs via Paypal or Visa, download this pool game now from the Apple App Store or Samsung Galaxy Store!

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8 Ball Strike

All set to conquer the pool table and win real money? Pick up your cue, raise the rack, and begin playing 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash! Compete against other players to get the highest score and earn cash rewards. Achieve streaks to earn power-ups and use them to maintain the lead. Show off your skills with one-of-a-kind, stylish cues and be the star of the online pool hall! Cash out your winnings securely through PayPal and Visa. Download 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash from the Apple or Galaxy App Stores and start winning today!

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Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is a basketball game online where you can upgrade your shooting skills and embrace your love for the sport. Gain points by shooting the ball into the hoop and battling against players worldwide. Even if you're an experienced player or hoping to improve, Dunk Shot is perfect for you. Play Dunk Shot on the pocket7games app and enjoy basketball shooting game balls anytime, anywhere!

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In conclusion, accessibility and convenience contribute to the popularity of casual games. In the developing world of technology and gaming preferences, it will probably stay popular because people enjoy their easy and fun gameplay.

 Additionally, these popular games can act as effective stress relievers and mental stimulants as well, providing not just logical but also therapeutic benefits that can be put to use as an escape from daily pressures.


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