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Wordcash Search: Free Word Search Game with Cash Prizes

A promotional image showing Wordcash Search’s in app experience.

As far as mentally stimulating, language-based games go, is there anything that beats a good old-fashioned word search? It’s a fascinating game that can be played anywhere along the spectrum of simple to highly complex. It’s not just fun, but a great way to keep your mind sharp and your language skills up-to-date.

The question you may ask yourself is, can the traditional word search game be improved upon? The answer to that question is up to you. By the end of this article, equipped with new knowledge and resources, you just might be able to decide.

Word search got a makeover

The picture that comes to mind for most people when they think about a word search is a black-and-white page hidden toward the back of a discarded magazine or newspaper. The page is often a bit crumpled, and there are scribbled pencil notes all over the page. There’s something nostalgic about it for sure. But, like so many other things in life, technology has injected some life into the game and added some awesome new dynamics.

Specifically, technology enables games to be far more accessible and available than a printed page. Online word games have become fast-paced, social, and convenient.

Let’s compare and see how technology has (literally) changed the game:

Traditional word search

Online word search

One player


One game per page

Infinite iterations of the game

Available when printed

Available 24/7

Completed over any period of time

Timed rounds

Not competitive

Able to compete for cash and prizes

Introducing: Wordcash Search

Wordcash Search by AviaGames is the best example of an online, mobile word search game. It’s the best place to start experiencing the new generation of word puzzle games. For starters, it’s made to be social, which means that you can choose to play against real people from across the US in tournaments. You need to have sharp wits and a competitive streak to challenge your opponents, but you will reap the rewards if you win!

How do you play Wordcash Search?

It takes literally no time to start playing Wordcash Search - no complicated rules and guidelines to memorize. Here’s how it works:

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the game app and created a profile, you can start playing.

  2. At the beginning of a new game, you can either play a free game using game tickets or select your entry bid.

  3. You will automatically be matched with other players.

  4. The gameboard shows a grid of letters for you to analyze.

  5. You will swipe the letters horizontally or vertically to identify a word.

  6. Once a word has been identified, it creates a word cloud that causes the letters to fall off the grid.

  7. Each word you identify corresponds with the blank words at the top of the screen which gives you a clue about the words you need to find.

  8. You earn points every time you identify a word.

  9. Each time letters fall off the board, the letters on the grid get reordered in their place until there are no more letters left on the grid.

  10. Each game is timed and lasts around 3 minutes.

  11. The player with the most points, or the first player to find all the words, wins the game.

Can you win cash playing Wordcash Search?

This is one of the defining features of online word search games: it's a social format that allows you to play for real money against gamers just like you. Wordcash Search is a tournament game that enables you to play against multiple players (5-10 other players) at the same time. The top three players in the tournament win cash prizes.

There are essentially two ways to win rewards as you play. Firstly, by taking the pot which means winning some or all of the money from the entry fees put down by players. Or, secondly, by winning rewards, cash prizes, and more just by playing the game or through minigames like Scratchers, Dice Cruise, and others.

You can decide to withdraw your cash from your account at any time using Apple Pay, Visa, Venmo, and more.

Is Wordcash Search legit?

An online game is only as legit as its maker, which is why it’s a good idea to do some research before you start. Wordcash Search is made by AviaGames and is just one of many awesome games in their portfolio. All of AviaGames’ titles benefit from their fair matching algorithm that ensures that players only go up against opponents with similar skill and experience levels.

Besides the user policy, rules, and anti-cheating measures that have been put into Wordcash Search, people also seem to love it which is one of the best ways to see if a game is legit. The game consistently performs above a rating of 4.5 stars from users, and the reviews speak to the quality of the game and its ability to deliver winnings to players.

The best judge of whether a game is legit is you. It’s a good idea to download Wordcash Search and just experiment. Try a free game first, then a low entry fee game, and then take on more as and when you feel confident. If you get stuck, you can email at any time to get the assistance you need.

Start winning Wordcash Search

The key to winning word games like Wordcash Search is training your mind to see patterns fas