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Pocket7Games’ Games Tutorials

Heard all about Pocket7Games’ fun and want to get in on the action? Our Pocket7Games tutorial will get you started with a snapshot of our intuitive gaming experience.  Learn how to make side cash while having fun playing mini-games like - Bingo Clash, Solitaire Clash, and other skill-based, online games!

Pocket7Games’ Games Tutorials

Pocket7Games offers reward games that pay out real money to winning players. Unlike other gaming sites, you can play for free or for cash. That’s right! When playing Pocket7Games, you do not need to deposit your own money to win free cash but if you play with cash you can make more, more quickly!

What is Pocket7Games?

There are about 10 mini games within the Pocket7Games app. For first time users, all games will not be available at the beginning as some games are rewarded after playing time, and cash or tickets are accumulated. 


The mini games consist of Solitaire Clash (link), Bingo Clash (link), and more! Gamers can switch between casino, puzzle, card, math, and brain games. There’s something for everyone and all skill levels. There are Pocket7Game tutorials inside of each game that emphasizes scoring goals and objectives, highlight bonus opportunities, and general playing rules. 


Each game can be played in approximately 3 minutes. There are no ads so gamers can have an uninterrupted gaming experience. Pocket7Games are fun and enjoyable for all ages - including those who enjoy downtime, travelers on the go, or anyone looking for a fun distraction from the daily grind.

Getting Started with Pocket7Games

Ready to join in on the craze?! How do you get started with Pocket7Games? The first step in the Pocket7Games tutorial is to download the app and create your profile. Once you create your profile, you will access the main screen that contains all the mini games. Select the game you want to play. After choosing your game, there is a menu with 4 sections within it. Those sections are:

  • Events

  • Tournaments

  • Cash Games

  • Ticket Games

Events and Tournaments are the type of forum that users play within. The Ticket Games and Cash Games are the foundation for playing with cash or with tickets. Read on in this Pocket7Games tutorial to see how ticket games and cash games differ.

Pocket7Games - Ticket Games

Ticket Games consist of prize pools with users needing only tickets, not cash, to play these games. Ticket games range from 2 to 4 players with different amounts of tickets to enter, and different levels of players per game. If you do not have the required amount of tickets to enter a game, you will not be able to enter the game. Prizes in ticket games include cash prizes or more tickets. So, you can win or lose tickets or cash in these games.


To enter a Ticket Game, go into the game that you want to play, select the category Ticket Games and enter the game by clicking on the play button. If you win you get the number of tickets that were on the prize pool winnings and if you lose you lose the number of tickets it cost to enter the prize pool.

Redeeming Ticket Games for Cash

If you lose cash games but redeem a lot of tickets you can redeem tickets for bonus cash. This is a great way to make money without spending your own money. While it does take more time to make money this way, if you build up your tickets you can convert them into cash.

Other Ways to Win Cash in Pocket7Games


Spin Coins

Cash Miner
(Refer a Friend)

From time to time, the game will reward you with Scratchers. It is a free event that allows you to win up to $10 for free. Look for your Scratcher notifications in your Deposit section.

Spin Coins are another great way to get some free tickets and bonus cash for free.

In addition, you can acquire more money by inviting your friends to join the game. Earn cash when friends get on the Pocket7Games app. If a friend you refer deposits money in the game when they download the game you get additional chances to earn up to $500 in cash.

Cash Games

Cash games consist of cash prize pools with different amounts of players per game and different player skill levels. To enter the games you need the cash amount listed as the entry fee. Players can only enter the cash games and events if they have enough cash to enter them. 


Select your game in Pocket7Games and then which cash game you want to enter. Based on the entry fee and your current cash allotment you can enter the game. Hit the play button on the right-hand side to enter the Cash Game.


If you win a Cash Game you get the amount of cash listed in the Cash Prize Pool. If you lose the game you lose the amount of cash you paid to enter the game AND you don’t earn any of the cash prize. Even if you lose cash games, you won’t leave empty handed - you will earn some tickets instead. 

How to Get Cash Out of the App

After you win some money - you can go to the Withdrawal tab and open up to see the amount of money you have accumulated in your account. Your earnings are displayed here. Bonus cash can’t be withdrawn. Only money within the area of “Available to withdraw” can be taken out of the app account. 


When taken out of your account, the money is subject to processing fees and there is a minimum withdrawal amount. Money withdrawn will not be immediately available for use and can only be converted into accounts, such as PayPal, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, gift cards, and checking accounts.

Pocket7Games Tutorials on Facebook

For additional information and up to date Pocket7Games tutorials be sure and check out our Pocket7Games social media channel. We have published Pocket7Games tutorials on our Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook to learn about stats and specs from the devs.


Q: Why do I have to wait for someone else to complete a game?

A: In 1-on-1 games and tournaments, we allow up to 24 hours for players to finish a game in case that player experiences connection issues or other interruptions. We hope to provide flexibility in matching. You can always start another game while waiting to be matched.

Q: Why is Bonus Cash forfeited after a withdrawal application is approved?

A: Bonus Cash is gifted through deposits, spinning wheels, scratchers, and other events. Bonus Cash removal is designed to prevent players from exploiting the feature to get large amounts of Bonus Cash (e.g. by cashing out immediately after depositing).

Q: How am I matched with other players? Why do I sometimes have to wait for a long time before being matched?

A: Pocket7Games guarantees fair competition. We only match players of similar skill levels, regardless of how many games the players have played. You may have to wait a while during non-peak hours, if there aren't many players playing a particular game or prize pool, or if your skill level is significantly higher than that of the current player pool.

Q: Why aren't chip options offered for all games?

A: Chips cannot be converted to other currencies or redeemed for prizes.  Therefore, we are considering only offering Ticket games and Cash games. Free games will still be offered using Tickets, which can be redeemed for Bonus Cash and other items in the Ticket Store. We hope this change will improve your Pocket7Games experience.

Q: Will there ever be tutorials on YouTube?

A: We have published Pocket7Games tutorials on our Facebook page. Follow us here to learn about stats and specs from the devs. Thank you to those who suggested a YouTube channel— we will consider it!

Q: Is there Voice and Text chatting in the App?

A: No, there is no voice or text chatting within this app.

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